So this is a (sort of) sequel to All I Want is You. Umm, kind of need to read that first to get this I think. I really suck at choosing titles, this one is a very small quote from one of my favorite plays. Don't think it really has anything to do with the story lol.

This begins right before the end of the last chapter of All I Want is You. Recap: Angel turned Buffy. She lives with him now and most of the events from Surprise and some of Innocence have happened. Spike and Dru are defeated along with the Judge, the warehouse burning to the ground just as Angel and Buffy run out to rejoin the group where they both collapse to the ground in pain. Aaannnddd that's where we are now lol.

This is for ba2006 for the ego boost lol.

"What's going on?" Willow cries, kneeling next to her best friends bent body and watching horrified as Angel collapses. "Giles!"

"I-I don't know!" the watcher says in distress.

Buffy gasps in air, her hands clutched into tight fists. Her mind can't think of anything past the burning in her lungs and the roaring pounding of her heart in her ears. Sucking in another gulp of air she opens her eyes and vaguely realizes that her vision is not as sharp as it was just a few moments before. A large hand in the corner of her vision draws her attention and she follows it up to the face she has fallen so deeply in love with.

"Angel," she wheezes, fear shoving aside any concerns for herself.

She crawls over to his prone body, ignoring the commotion around her. The squeezing pain in her chest is fading fast, the expansion of her lungs no longer a shock. In an instant her gaze takes in the hint of color he now has to his skin.

"Oh god," she says, laying her head on his chest. She listens for a second, just long enough to prove her thoughts right.

The group around the pair all exchange startled and bewildered looks as they watch the blonde slayer connect her lips to those of her lover and breathe into his mouth.

"Buffy," Willow says hesitantly, scared for her friend. "What are you doing?"

"Come on Angel," Buffy ignores her, bending again to breathe into Angel's mouth.

"Buffy stop," Xander says firmly, kneeling next to her and grabbing her shoulder. "He's a vampire. You're a vampire! You're not doing anything."

"He's warm! Touch him he's warm," Buffy protests, shoving away from her friends to push air into Angel's lungs.

"The fire from the building transferred its-its…" Giles reasoning trails off as Angel's chest rises on its own, shuddering as he chokes in air. "Oh my…"

"Angel," Buffy smiles in relief, tears springing to her eyes as she cradles his head in her lap.

"Buffy," he whispers, still coughing his breaths. Slowly his eyes open, looking into her green pools with shock. "My heart…I'm..."

Buffy laughs, brushing her lips over his mouth. "Yeah, how about that?"

Okay, so this story is going to fill in the time between this and where I ended the last chapter of the other story and probably go further. Or I might just go way off and make this something different. Not too sure at this point exactly where I'm going here, so any and all suggestions are welcomed lol. Oh, and I still haven't seen beyond half way through season 2, FYI. Thanks so much for reading!