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"It's a baby."

"No, it's a monkey. Why would there be a dead baby zombie in the middle of a highway?"

"Because it's a zombie!"

"A baby zombie wouldn't be able to walk around and say 'oh, y'know what, I'll go to the middle of a frickin' highway!' It's not natural, okay?"

"Well obviously the baby didn't say that. That'd be stupid."

"This is stupid!"

There was a beat of silence. "Whatever."

"Shoot it."


"Shoot. It."

Despite his unceasing fear of zombies and their saliva, Columbus wouldn't have been able to live knowing that he'd shot a baby, or watched a twelve-year-old shoot one. He wouldn't think of it as a zombie with a likability that it would've killed him, he'd still think of it as… a baby. With an astonishing method of eating.

"Why do we have to shoot it? That's—that's stupid. Honestly."

"Because," Little Rock rolled her eyes and dragged her words as if she were speaking to a handicapped. "If we don't kill it, it could be alive. And if it were alive, it could attack us. Like, sneak into our car or something."

"How could it sneak into the car?"

"Look, like you said, it ended up on the road pretty weirdly! Who the hell knows what this thing is cable of?" She nudged the baby-monkey-thing with the edge of her shiny blue sneaker.

He pressed his lips into a tight, thin line. "I'll see you in the car."

The heard the gunshots behind him before he felt the padding of skipping footsteps beside him.

"You've woken up Christa." He furrowed his eyebrows as the redhead jolted from her sleep whilst whipping out a small gun. They all had that same tendency by now.

"She'll get over it." Little Rock said nonchalantly, popping open the shotgun car door and slipping inside, waiting for the driver to do the same.