Chapter One: A New World A New Mistake

1 mouth has past and Watzit some how found a way back home, and I think I final mastered this powers and I may be able to open the portal early then my mystery voice in my head says. Every time I master something she says I'm always do it to fast but I think I may be able to go home this time other then last time. Then I told Robin that I think I mastered my powers and I'm going home. Then Robin says.

"Are you sure your going to make it ok?" Said Robin

I paused for a moment and I hand Robin the Titans communicator and I final answer.

"I'll be fine Robin." I said then focusing all my powers and a portal opened up and I take one last look at Robin before I leave him and the others forever. I whisper "Good bye." Was the last word he'll ever hear from me again after I enter the portal.

As I was flying throw the portal I hear the voice in my head again. It said.

"You should have stayed there Frankie." Said the voice

"I figured out my powers early! And I proved you wrong, doesn't that count as something?" I said really annoyed

"No! Because there is now going to be more –" The voice gets cut off by me.

"Wait I think I see the end ok now will talk about this later ok." I said

As I left the portal I look around and then I realized I'm in another world. I knew what my voice would say I told u so. Then I find a giant shadow over me and I look up to see a green dragon, with no wings. I couldn't believe it then I hear voices.

"DoJo what Shen – Gong – Wu are we looking for any way?" Asked a kid that sounded like his from Brazil

"It's the Sphere of Yun. It traps there enemy in a cage and the person who put there enemy in the cage has control of there possessions." Said the dragon that I'm guessing is DoJo.

I follow them to see whats going on. So I flow up there and turned myself invisible. So they wouldn't see me then they land and the dragon an became small. I was shocked how the dragon can do that. Then I see a red head boy with make up under his eyes and robots with him then the girl who was with the dragon says.

"Oh great it's Jack Spicer." Said the girl

"Ya the prince of darkness is here to take the Wu." Said the boy with all the make up

I wanted to laugh at that thought because he looks more like a weakling then a prince. Then I accidentally laughed and then Jack said.

"Ok who's laughing?" Said Jack

"Not me." Said a kid about 9 or 11 years old who's baled and has a really big head.

"Hey I was about to till someone else laughed." Said the Brazilian kid

"Come on lets yall, lets get the wu before Jack dose." Said a cowboy

"You are right Clay we must focus on the wu." Said the baled kid

"Well your to late I got the wu first and u lost ha ha ha ha HA HA!" Said Jack

Then DoJo became big again and flow those four back. But I followed them till it was getting dark and I found a forest and then I see then land at a temple and they go inside while I was stuck outside. Later that night as I was trying to sleep I feel as thought someone is watching me someone I will soon met. In the dream I had or nightmare it was horrible and it awaken my powers without me never knowing.


"What in tare nation is going on here!" Asked Clay

"Hey I like to know that to guys." Said the Brazilian kid also known as Raimundo

"Maybe it's Chase Young's doing." Said the baled kid also known as Omi

"I would have but I didn't." Said Chase Young

"What do you mean you didn't do this?" Asked Kimiko

"I mean if it was me you would have bin destroyed along time ago." Said Chase Young

Everyone was puzzled on how or who was doing this till Jack Spicer's voice groined the conversation.

"Hay, I want to know what's going on right now!" Said Jack

Then everyone glared at him.


Then I couldn't take it anymore so I woke up to the horror around me. It couldn't be real it just couldn't be, I close my eyes and hope that it will end but I knew it wouldn't go away, I just couldn't believe what was happening then I look at the temple and I hear screams of terror and a new voice in my heads says.

"Look at the things you where made to do Frankie, can't u feel the evil go through you." Said the evil voice

"NO! I can stop this, I know I can." I said

"Believe what you can Frankie but you can never go back again to the life you once had." Said the evil voice before leaving my head

As tears started to run down my face I quickly wiped them away and flow to the Temple and stop what my powers have done. I landed at the Temple and there I see people avoiding rocks, ice, fire, and this is new lightning. I focused my energy and say the three words.


Then my eyes, and white part of my hair glowed, and then the phoenix came out and flow around and took all the stuff that was harming everyone and I turned everything back to normal before my powers got out of control. And then the phoenix came back in me and my hair and eyes where back to normal.

Then someone was coming up to me and he said.

"Thanks for helping us, I'm Rai-." He said before he realized I was running away and the next thing he knew I was gone.

"Hmm she save us then leaves us, that makes no scenes!" Said Omi

"I Sort a wish she told us her name." Said Kimiko

"Hay where's Jack and Chase?" Ask Clay

"Let's go check the volt!" Said Raimundo

As I was watching them I they had no idea that I was invisible, as they ran to there volt I followed them and I see Jack careering some wired looking things and he says.

"Your to late I got the wu I need right here!" Said Jack

"Let the wu go Jack!" Said Kimiko

"Oh let me think, um never HA!" Said Jack

Right when they where about to attack Jack. I took off his jet pack and he hit the floor and dropped the wu and I picked it up and gave it to them. And they where confused as much as Jack was confused. Then Jack said.

"Hay how did you guys do that?" Asked Jack

"We didn't do that." Said Omi

"Ya they didn't I did." I said then I kicked him out of the volt and then I throw his jet pack at him and then he just flow away.

"Hey you're the same girl that saved us." Said Raimundo

I know just realized I showed myself to them but they already see me so I guess I have to tell them who I am and stuff.

"Um yes, yes I am. And u guys are?" I Asked

"We're the Xiaolin warriors, I'm Raimundo, this is Clay, Omi, and Kimiko. Oh and this our dragon DoJo." Said Raimundo

"It's nice to meet u all, oh I'm Frankie by the way." I said

"Do you need a place to stay or something?" Asked Kimiko

"Yes but you see I don't have my charger and I need it so I can be charged. Do you guys have an electric sours and jumper cables?" I asked

"Well we have the Eye of Dashi and will try to find jumper cables." Said Raimundo

"Ok." I said

"Here I'll show you to a room." Said Kimiko

"Ok." I said again

Even thought I'm in no danger I feel as thought someone is still watching me.

(The end of chapter one)