Hey all! I'm back (finally) with an all new T/K fic. I know it's been forever since Not Really Good but in all honesty it's taken me that long to get back into writing mode. As some of you know, I have moved to Japan (from the US) and have been very VERY busy lately. To be quite honest this story isn't quite finished yet. Well it's mostly finished...I still have to tweak the last two chapters so for now you will all be getting weekly updates until I do. When I am satisfied with them I'll be uploading two or maybe three chapters a week (depends on how many I have left). Ok so without further ado please enjoy the prologue of my story. I know it's really short...I wanted it to be my summary but it didn't fit lol. Trust me the other chapters are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay longer (especially when you get further into the story).

Also...just for anyone who's new to me...my fics are completely AU (no ranger-ing) and the characters are a bit OC...this is the way my friend and I have been writing them for forever now.

One more thing...I DO NOT OWN MMPR...I really don't care who does now but I have no ownership of their characters and am in no way trying to steal them unless they want me to lol.

Where We Are Now ~Prologue~

"You have your choices. Make your decision." Tommy said hatefully as he held his sword steadily at her chest ready to plunge it deep into her heart if she made the wrong decision. Kim was exhausted. Their battle had left her bloody and emotionally drained. She held her hand over the sizeable gash on her shoulder and looked up at him. She had never seen a face so full of anger and hurt in all of her life. What was more terrifying was the fact that it was all directed at her. If a stranger were to look upon the scene it would be nearly impossible to believe that the two were once friends. They would wonder what could have brought these two young people to where they were now.