There was nothing to do in the cramped spherical ship as it raced through space. He had tried to look out the window for a while, but after about ten minutes he'd gotten a little sick. The stars may be beautiful in their natrual states, but he preferred them in a nice velvety blue/black sky with grass at his back and a soft breeze whipping through his long dark hair.

It had been two years since the incident on Namek where he'd fought and killed the tyrant known as Freeza. Two years since he had crash landed on another alien planet and immursed himself in the culture while training and trying to repair his ship so that he could go home.

Two long lonely years that he'd given anything- his arm, his legs, even his life just to see his family and friends again and now that he was going home... He couldn't recall some of his freind, and families names or faces.

He recalled Piccolo, who the hell wouldn't? He was just so tall and green and mean spirited. And he was such an amazing person with such potential. Then there was Krillin and Yamcha, Tein and Chozu.

His son- Oh god his son! He thought as his heart gave a painful sqeeze in his chest. Gohan must have been terribly disappointed in him for being gone for so long. I bet he's grown at least a foot. His hair is probably longer too. He thought with a faint smile before thinking. I bet he's been driving his mother nuts.

His smile faltered a bit. Gohan's mother... What was her name again? He'd been married to her for well over thirteen years. He'd shared a bed with her, laughed and cried with her... Yet, why couldn't he recall her name? Or her face? He loved her, didn't he?

Maybe I've been gone too long. I'll need to bunker down and spend more time with her and Gohan once I'm home. He thought as he unfolded his arms and used one hand to rub the skin just above his right eyebrow. A nervous/anxious gesture that he'd picked up from his adopted late grandfather Gohan when he was a kid. He did it more out of habit than anxiousness or nervousness, though he figured that he had plenty to be nervous and anxious about.

His wife wasn't exactly the most forgiving person.