The next day-

Hanna woke up at the break of dawn panting, her dark hair damp with sweat as she bolted upright in her bed and took a moment to look around. Nightmares, it seemed, were the price one payed to live. And god knew that she had been having a doozy of a nightmare.

She dreamt of her former life, her children. About how they died, feeling such fear and terror.

And then there had been Goku and his horror at finding them dead. She dreamt that she could vaiguely hear the sound of his voice- wafting softly on the breeze as their home had gone up in flames with him and her babies inside...

Unsettled by the nightmare she shook her head as if to clear it and didn't seem to realize at first that she was crying until she felt a large hand suddenly start rubbing between her shoulder blades, startling her into throwing herself against the closest wall. Looking up in surprise she found herself staring at the person who had snuck up behind her through wide wild looking eyes, and saw Piccolo standing there with his hand hovering in mid air, palm up.

His expression conflicted, he quickly unfastened his cape and slipped it from his shoulders and stepped forward to wrap it around her slender shoulders. Hanna flinched at his nearness but didn't say anything as he wrapped the silky clothe around her shivering frame.

Then stepped back and studied her silently for a moment as she muttered a soft apology for flinching and a 'thank you' for the warmth of the cape. Piccolo gave her a small, half hearted smile and nodded then vanished.

Apparently wanting to give her some time to pull herself together before breakfast since she'd be under the scrutiny of Goku and the others. Something that she appreciated from the namekian, perhaps more than words could say at the moment since she would need ample time to pull herself together before going to breakfast.

Sighing tiredly she lifted a hand and ran it through her damp hair and then frowned and scrunched up her nose. Ew. Maybe I should take a bath before breakfast. She thought as she dropped her arm and pulled Piccolo's cape a little more tightly around her as she made her way towards the bathroom.

(************************************************* ************************************************** ****************)

Goku lay on his bed, staring blankly at the ceiling of his room with his hands folded over his stomach. He'd been like this since yesterday when he had let Hanna leave his room and had remained so for the rest of the day while his mind wrestled with his dark nature. It was only sometime after six a.m. when he felt himself returning completely to normal.

Dark eyes flickering to towards the arched windows, he gauged the time to be around nine a.m. by the glow of the sun. And decided that now was as good a time as any to get up and shower before breakfast.

(************************************************* ************************************************** *****************)

Hanna sat on her bed looking down at the clothes that she had chosen for herself to wear for the day and wondered briefly with a slight cringe if maybe she should wear some makeup since her outfit made her look a little bit on the side of...well, juvenile? No, that wasn't an accurate description.

Jailbait seemed more like the word she was looking for.

Especially with her dark hair up off of her nape and held in place by a hair clip leaving her bangs to frame her face. She looked so young, like a high school girl. It was irritating to her, really. Given the fact that she was older than a kid in high school, that was.

Sighing she stood up and made her way to the large oval mirror over on the dresser and looked at her reflection. The long sleeved black shirt she wore was form fitting and had soft delicate black lace ruffles around the collar and hem. The black cotton skirt she wore over her form fitting pants completed the outfit nicely.

But she still looked like a kid and that was a problem since she didn't want anyone thinking Goku robbed the cradle when he married her. Looking down she found a small box of cosmetics lying on the dresser among the perfume bottles and brushes, and opened it to see what she had to work with. It wouldn't take much, just some blush and lip gloss.

Maybe some neutral colored eyeshadow.

Scattering the contents of the box across the dresser so that she could see it all. She found several shades of rose and peach colored lipstick and gloss. Some matching blush. And multi green and blue shades of eye shadow. Choosing a nice shade of flattering pink and then she applied the color to her lips and cheeks.

Once she was done, she stepped back to survey her handy work and sighed. She still lookedd like a kid.

But at least she didn't look like a tramp.

Glancing towards the window to gauge the time, she noted that it was thirty minutes after eight. Time for everyone to gather in the dining hall for breakfast. Lifting one hand, she placed it over her chest- right where her heart was and let out a shakey breath. Time to go, she thought as she made her way to the door and quietly pulled it open and nearly ran right into Piccolo who was standing in the doorway with his hand raised to knock.

The namekian blinked down at her for a second, wondering if the time he had given her to pull herself together and get ready to face the others was sufficient. When he noticed that she looked a little off and dropped his hand just enough to catch her chin and tip her head back so that he could more closely examin her appearance, taking note of the distinct coloring of her lips and cheeks before releasing her and taking a step back away from her.

"Are you wearing makeup," He asked curiously, his tone perhaps a bit harsher than it should have been considering how strangely she had acted earlier. She flushed a bit and he muttered something under his breath before saying, "Nevermind. It doesn't matter-" Before asking in a gentler tone, "Are you feeling better now?"

Hanna nodded her head slightly and bit her lower lip as he gave her a wry smile. "Good. But just in case you ever need to talk-"

"I know where to find you..." Hanna said as he started to walk away. Quickly falling into step behind him the two lapsed into an awkward silence until they met up with Gohan a little ways down the hall from her room.

The boy had just been coming out of his room, his hair still damp from a shower, wearing a cream colored turtleneck, and faded jeans. His long hair pulled back into a ponytail at his nape. He looked up at them and gave them both an excited wave as they got nearer.

Amused by Gohan's antics both Hanna and Piccolo chuckled as the boy closed the door to his room and then ran up to them. "Mr. Piccolo, Hanna- Hi!"

"Hello Gohan." Hanna greeted.

"Sleep well?" Piccolo asked as he looked down at his student as the boy more or less wedged himself into place between them as they walked.

"Mmm. I slept okay, but I had a little trouble dozing off at first because I was worried about dad." Gohan said, his tone thoughtful. Understanding where he was coming from Hanna reached out and placed her hand on top of his head and ruffled his dark hair affectionately as she said.

"Don't worry, squirt. Your dad should be back to normal by now."



"Sooo if we sparred again today would he-" Gohan started to ask but stopped himself when Hanna pulled him to a halt by placing her hand on one of his shoulders and kneeling down so that she could look him directly in the eye and said gently.

"Gohan, do you believe that you're father is a man of so little discipline that he would consciously endanger you or anyone else he cares for?" Piccolo paused in mid step to half turn and look at Hanna as Gohan got a startled look on his face before silently shaking his head no.