Hey guys! Another oneshot from me using a couple from Total Drama Revenge of the Island!

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Sam knocked on the door of the Rats girl cabin door. He wanted to talk to a girl. The last time a girl was with him he farted, making things super awkward.

"Dakota?" Sam called.

"Don't come in here! I look hideous!" Dakota called out.

"I really doubt that! You're always beautiful!" Sam said.

"Alright I'll let you in but you have to promise not to laugh!" Dakota said.

"I promise," Sam assured.

The door opened to reveal a normal looking Dakota. Sam walked in, confused at what Dakota was complaining.

"It's not too bad, is it?" Dakota asked, looking at him for assurance.

"What is?" Sam asked, still confused.

"This zit!" Dakota shouted, pointing to a small pink dot on her forehead. She had tears forming in her eyes.

"It's barely noticiable, Dakota," Sam shrugged, putting a hand on her shoulder. "You look fine and still as pretty as ever! Besides, can't you cover it up or something?"

"Then people will know I have it!" Dakota sobbed, covering her crying eyes with her hands.

"No, they won't," Sam consoul her. Or tried to.

"Yes, they will!" Dakota sobbed even more.

Dakota sobbed even more for little longer. She didn't want anyone to know how ugly she was.

Sam didn't get the whole zit thing. All worked up over one little tiny zit?

Dakota continued to sob until she felt someone grabbed her shoulders. Although she was still crying and her hands were still on her eyes.

"Dakota! You getting all worked over a zit?" Sam exclaimed. "It's not even noticiable! Here's the thing: You're beautiful and no zit can change that!"

Dakota stopped sobbing and put her hands down from her eyes. She wore water proof mascara so it wasn't running. But she still had tears.

"Really?" Dakota asked, with hopeful look into his eyes.

"Yeah," Sam answered with a smile.

"Oh thanks!" Dakota exclaimed, wrapping her arms around Sam.

Sam blushed and accepted the hug. Dakota pulled away while Sam still had a blush.

"Uhh Sam? Do you have a fever? You seemed hot all of a sudden," Dakota said, feeling Sam's forehead, which made blush even more.

"Uhh...no," Sam said nervously.

"Hey you two lovebirds," a voice rang out. Sam and Dakota looked at the door. Scott and Lightning were standing there, arms crossed.

"Come out!" Lightning called as he and Scott walked away. "We have a challenge!"

Sam was about to walked out when he felt something wrapped around his wrist.

"Sam wait," Dakota said. Sam looked at her. "Thanks for the statement!"

"No problem," Sam said before heading out.

Sam couldn't beieve he talked to her and without farting or embarasing himself.

Now he was ready to ask her out and to be turned down all season.

And done!

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