Prologue: Man the Sails.


The chime to the captain's ready room cut through the still air of the quiet room, disturbing the blonde captain sitting behind the desk. He looked up from his padd, throwing it across the table as he stood up pulling down his uniform jacket like Picard and smoothing down his blonde hair.

"Come in." He called as he walked over to the replicator. The door slid open with a hiss revealing a tall female figure wearing the red uniform of command; she was tall with a pale ivory complexion her dark hair pulled back into a tight braid. A smirk started to play on her bright red lips and she took in his state of drowsiness.

"Ah, Commander what can I do for you? Coffee, Black." He asked as he ordered his coffee from the replicator.

"Careful Captain too much Coffee and you're going to turn into Admiral Janeway." She chuckled as she sat down on the bench near the window looking out onto the stars and bellow to the earth." I can't wait to get out of space dock; I can't help but see space dock as a bad thing. Nothing should be able to hold in a star ship like this." She sighed as she tapped the padd she had brought with her against the window.

"Careful Morgana, too much wisdom and you might turn into Captain Picard." He teased as he handed her a cup of her normal tea.

"So I just got a communication from Star Fleet, Apparently the rest of your Senior Staff is set to arrive tomorrow." She said handing over the padd to him as she started to sip her tea still staring out the window.

"You would think that I just ordered a shipment of robots on how well, robotic this report is!" He scoffed until he got to the end of the report," Oh well at least that explains it, It was written by Admiral Daddy." He sighed as he tossed it back to Morgana.

"Oh what does he want? I mean really, Morgana Lefay, First Officer of the New USS Albion and you! Arthur Pendragon Captain or the USS Albion! What more does he want from us!" Morgana finished with a shout banging the window.

"For you to get anger management lessons maybe?" He dead panned as he took her mug from her putting them both back underneath the replicator watching them turn back in molecules. "So, who is my new Senior Staff? Anyone good?"

"Two words. Leon. Knight. Very good." She purred a full blown smirk on her red lips.

"Oh god, stand down commander, no need to scare the pore man, but really Leon? Haven't seen him since, oh what was it, the fencing tournament When He was just a Lieutenant, and me a Lieutenant Commander?"

"That's the one; And Lance Du Lac is going to be our chief engineer? Isn't that great? You two became good friends until Admiral Daddy came and screwed it up? He is a Commander now too did you know?"

"Really? Man this is just going to be a big family reunion isn't it? And let me guess Gaius Magister is our doctor?" He asked with a grin sitting down cross-legged in his new chair.

"Right in one." She grinned coming to sit across the desk from him laughing as his jaw dropped open.

"You're kidding! That old El-Aurian came out of retirement? Admiral Daddy must have requested him personally!" He grinned as he felt excitement build up in him at the thought old Gaius being in charge of his ships health, which gave him a bit more faith in their upcoming mission. "So I who's going to be on OP's?"

"Gwaine Green? Remember the bajoran with the human name? Would flirt with a tree if it moved and breathed for long enough?"

"Ahh yes, and I've always wondered and of course you know everything-"

"Yes I do."

"Then you should know why he has a human name when he is bajoran?"

"His Father died in an accident on a star ship and his mother could no longer support him so he sent him when he was quite young to a family of human friends living on Deep Space Nine and they changed his name to a human name after they got him." She said finishing off the story with a huff as if she disagreed with the mother and what she did.

"Sometimes I wonder if you stalk people and research their entire life before you allow them to serve under me and you." He mumbled as he signaled her to tell her the rest of the crew.

"Oh and we have two ensigns as well joining our ranks."

"Well of course Star Ships do need people who actually do work."

"Well one of our Ensigns is our new counselor, Guinevere 'Gwen' Thomas, a Half Betazoid, apparently she graduated with excellent marks, so they gave her this posting."

"Lovely, just what I need on my first command, someone beaming themselves into my soul." He sighed as he ruffled his hair obviously contemplating all the bad things about getting a Betazoid counselor.

"Oh if you think that's bad than I'm pretty sure you're going to go through the roof when you hear who your new Science Officer is." She smirked as she scrolled down the padd.

"Oh god, who is it?"

"A new Ensign just graduated from Star Fleet."

"Morgana." He growled leaning forward onto the table leaning toward Morgana.

"He graduated top of his class, he is extremely smart, a genius even. A lot of ships tried to get them for themselves; I know Captain Morgause tried to snatch him up for one." She smirked obviously drawing it out.

"Morgana Lefay who is my new science officer?" He whispered

"Merlin Emrys, half Human, half Romulan."

§ Author's Note §

So I started this story in my head about a few days ago after reading the Merlin AU story slightly similar to this one. And I loved the idea of a star ship crew of the Merlin Cast. I'm hoping to start posting the next few chapters here soon, although it's almost near the end of the second quarter for my school and my teachers may start telling me Exams are more important the fan fiction. Pssh ya right.