Chapter 1

Co- written with "Mazula"

I can't see. It feels like I'm floating. It's very dark. "Where am I?"

Hello Matoro.

"Who said that? Where are you?"

You made a great sacrifice.

So I am dead. But that's not an answer. Where are you? Where am I?

I'm nowhere. You're nowhere, for now.

For now? What was he saying? He has to be somewhere, or he wouldn't be talking to me. That, or I'm crazy.

Your not crazy, Matoro.

"Then what's going on?"

I'll answer that question, if you answer me one.


Do you miss him?

For some reason, those words, those simple four words struck me like lightning and stung just as bad. The once numb floating sensation suddenly filled with a light pain in my chest. It was strange because I didn't know if I had a body or not. It was a harmless and vague question, but my 'body' seemed to respond almost through instinct.

"Yes, I do."

I see…

"Is he alright?" I couldn't help but ask.

Physically, yes.

"What does that mean? I wish I could see and feel… normally. I wouldn't mind knowing where we are, either."

It means, he's alive, but emotionally, and mentally, he's dying.

"What! i-I don't understand!"

he's just lost someone close to him. he was holding a secret about the person he's lost.

" your not making sense."

Would you like to see Nuju again? and live the life you never got to live?