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No One POV:

"Locomotor Mortis!" Harry shouted at the ones following him. It wouldn't last very long but it would give him some time.

Then he ran, away from Hermione and Ron, away from the other Gryffindor's, away from their expectations. Voldemort was dead, Harry killed him; but his duties never left him – he never got the freedom that had been promised to him with Voldemort's death.

Harry wanted to run away completely, to never have to look at Ron and Hermione ever again. Leave the UK and go to France, or perhaps America; but when did Harry ever get what he wanted? Never is when!

When did what he wanted ever take a factor in anything? Look at any time during his life and see that he was always made to help someone else, always made to put them before himself; to be the hero. No one ever asked if wanted to be the hero – and if some one had, the answer would have been an immediate no.

Because being a hero is hard, and no one knows that better than Harry Potter.

The only place Harry could think to run to was the Chamber of Secrets; since Voldemort was dead he was now the only one who could get down there. The first time he went down in his seventh year he had stayed there for two full days, just thinking.

Harry loved it down there – with more books than all of Scotland in one little room. Not to mention that as Salazar Slytherin was a great Potions master there were many vials of potions for anyone to use.

He wasn't only running down there now to escape his 'friends', but he was running to escape his thoughts – he could very well understand why Snape loved brewing potions; as you have to focus so intently on them you have no time to think about anything else.

A blessing to those with a crap life (cough*Harry*cough). So that's specifically where Harry was headed today, the potions lab so that he could continue inspecting all the different potions. Some times Harry would leave for a day or so, when every think got just too much; but he never missed potions. Ever.

Potions had actually become much of his life; well, along with his three best friends, Seamus, Neville and Luna. Even though Seamus was almost always drunk, Neville was so shy and nervous even after his great spectacle in the last battle, and Luna seemed to know everything all the time – even if she wouldn't say it.

The potions allowed him to do away with expectations, red heads who think that he'll marry them, a certain Headmaster's plans to have him take Defense Against The Dark Arts position, and a Transfiguration teacher who thought he should learn to be an animagus.

He already knew what the animal was, said Transfiguration teacher had helped him find out – he was a kitten. A cute little black kitten no bigger than a foot long with midnight dark fur and his killing curse green eyes. This was something that put him off being an animagus.

After a frustratedly hissed, "Open," Harry was sliding down the darkened pipe into the chamber entrance. Harry loved the slide down - it was exciting, and thrilling. He was grateful that it was still not the kind of excitement and thrill that came with near-death experiences.

Passing the long snake corpse, Harry nodded his head to it, as he had done so many times before; honoring the death of a great snake. Walking up the small walkway that had towering stone pillars entwined with carved serpents rose to support a ceiling lost in darkness; casting long black shadows through the odd greenish gloom that filled the place.

Harry thought of the first time he was here, talking to the young Tom Riddle, worrying over Ginny Weasley's body. If he knew how much trouble and how annoying she would be later, he might not have saved her. But he shook his head roughly at the thought; no matter how much he hated her and her youngest brother, he couldn't do that to Mrs. and Mr, Weasley, or to Fred, George, Charlie and Bill. He would never forfeit another's life over something like that – it wasn't their fault that they annoyed him, right?

Okay, perhaps he was being to nice.

Harry didn't really give a damn about Percy, who had really just said, "Screw the family, I'm going to work with the Ministry!" Which was one of the reasons Harry wanted to become a teacher or Healer, he didn't want to have to get involved with politics and the Merlin damned Ministry; and every other job had at least something to do with them which Harry found ridiculous.

Besides, if he wanted to work in the Ministry, he was sure he could run for Minister and win; even at the age of eighteen- if he wanted to do it he could. Good thing for Scrigemour that he didn't want to.

He was also sure he could become headmaster of Hogwarts in a few years time, when Dumbledore died or retired, something he actually wouldn't mind. There were some things about Hogwarts that he felt should be changed, but on a whole it wasn't so bad.

For one, the prejudice against Slytherins, not all of them were evil. Many had been spies in the war for the Order or had stayed neutral, pulling out of the war completely. Right now though, he just wanted to focus on being Harry, not Harry Potter, and how to fix his life problems so his life didn't completely suck.

Even though no matter how many times he thought upon this subject he always came up without any ideas.

Harry, nearing the large head carved into the wall, hissed at Slytherin's face, "Open your mouth for me, great and all mighty Salazar Slytherin!"

There was a deep rumbling as the stone lips moved to create a small entrance way. The dark haired teenager used the Wingardium Leviosa spell to levitate himself up, going in without looking back at the now resealed entrance. As Harry stood in the living rooms, that he had cleared of dust, a very happy and relaxingly smile spread on to his face. Sometimes he would sit here and read for hours on end, only getting up to eat.

Yet he continued on, pass the kitchen that had a fridge spelled to have whatever you want inside it. Pass the library where Hermione would either have a heart attack or faint if she saw it – probably both. The idea made Harry chuckle to himself until he reached the door he wanted, the potions lab. Opening the door and walking with great drama, Harry pretended to be Snape, robes billowing about behind him.

Snape had retaken the position of Potion's Master after the end of the war, knowing that 'Potter' was expected to get the position of Defense Against the Dark Arts Position next year anyway. Harry didn't want to be a DADA teacher, he wanted to be the Hogwarts Healer after Madame Pomfrey- a healer that was well accomplished in Potions.

Honestly, he wouldn't mind taking Snape's position as Potion's Master either – but the man would probably not be leaving the school for some time; and Harry wasn't going to be that mean to the person who had saved his life numerous times.

To the empty room, having had Snape's speech memorized from that very first day he said, "You are here to learn the subtle science and exact art of potion making. As there is little foolish wand-waving here, many of you will hardly believe this is magic. I don't expect you will really understand the beauty of the softly simmering cauldron with it's shimmering fumes, the delicate power of liquids that creep through humans veins, bewitching the mind, ensnaring the senses... I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, even stopper death- if you aren't as big a bunch of dunderheads as I usually have to teach." Harry finished with a great impression of Snape, in all his bastardly glory.

Then Harry had to sit down as he smirked to himself. How he loved making fun of the teachers; not only Snape too, sometimes he walked in here and pretended to be tight lipped McGonagall, or cheery Dumbledore with his lemon drops. But whenever he did that, he had trouble not breaking out into a fit of giggles which completely ruined the feeling.

Harry looked around the room. It was a standard size, the same size of most of the classrooms at Hogwarts, but without all the tables and chairs and there was no black board. One main table stood alone in the middle of the room, cutting boards and knives hanging up on the stone walls. There were large shelves that hung above a counter filled with every ingredient you could ever need; both legal and illegal.

In a supply cupboard held all different sizes of cauldrons; made out of all different materials, from gold to silver to platinum. Only a few of them were standard pewter and black; Salazar wouldn't have used them for but the simplest of potions. Harry didn't really feel like brewing today, he just wanted to look at the other potions Salazar Slytherin had already made for other's uses.

On the left side of the room, opposite the supply closet, counters and shelves was a door that led to a storage room. All different kinds of potions were there, legal, illegal, dangerous, and simple. They were every different color too, a green one that changed eye color, a blue one that gave the drinker gills for an hour, a red one that replenished blood, a silver one that told you your patronus animal, and a black one that was one of the worlds strongest poisons and would kill you instantly if your tongue had but one drop on it.

Thank Merlin Voldemort hadn't gotten his hands on that when he was at Hogwarts.

Harry had used a few of them – one to correct his vision, another to grow out his hair so it kept out of his face. One allowed him to talk to spiders; which he used to get said spiders to freak out Ron. Harry was trying to create a catalogue of all the potions, names, colors, functions, and warnings; so far he had only finished one wall, two more to go!

After a few minutes (or maybe it was twenty, Harry could never keep track), he came across one called 'Elämän Muuttaminen Potion'. The name was strange to Harry, as most of the potions were named after what they were used for, the color, or the person that made them; and Harry shouldn't think of a potion's master who's name was 'Elämän Muuttaminen'. There were directions to use it in a different language, which was probably why he didn't understand the name. Here's what the instruction's read:

Elämän Muuttaminen Potion: Ensin toteutettava potion reaktiopulloon ja sijoittaa yhtenäisen hiukset. Odota potion silmäsi värin muuttaminen. Kun se on tehty, otettava potion. Hiukset sallii potion voidaan ottaa riippumatta tarvitset, niin se muuttuu juuri sitä; riippumatta tarvitset. Ottamalla se onneaan on lisääntynyt; mutta se on eri kuin Felix Felcis, koska että vain tekee olet onnekas, tämä potion on valta muuttaa elämäsi ja antaa sinulle, mitä sinun on eniten. Se antaa oman sydän eniten toiveen, että kuolema ei sisällä.

Harry ran his wand over it to translate it onto another piece of parchment; the potion intrigued Harry- the only other potions he had seen in other languages had been in Parsletongue, which he was certain was not the language. After a few minutes, Harry read the in-English translation on a newer piece of parchment than had been set with the potion. It read:

Life Changing Potion: First, take the potion vial and put in a single hair. Wait for the potion to change to the color of your eyes. When it is done, take the potion. Your hair allows the potion to take in whatever you need, so it changes to just that; whatever you need. By taking it, your luck has increased; but it is different than the Felix Felcis because that only makes you lucky, this potion has the power to change your life and give you what you need the most. It gives you your heart's greatest desire that does not include death.

Now it piqued his interest even more, a potion that gave you your heart's greatest desire? It was to good to be true, and, thinking of the Mirror of Erised, he realized it was indeed to good; his greatest desire was to have his parents back – and the potion didn't deal in death.

Still, it would give him his next greatest desire which was unknown to him; and his life did need to start looking up. So, writing down everything on his catalogue, he dropped one hair into the vial. It turned the Avada Kedavra green quickly, which was when Harry drank it.

He didn't feel any different, and looked down at himself; didn't look any different. He had thought that his next desire was to not be so popular with the paparazzi, and not to be as famous, too be not so noticeable. Maybe it took a few days to come into full effect? The paper didn't say anything about that, or any side effects that might happen.

The raven haired wizard was starting to think that he had been a bit foolish, a bit Gryffindor to just take the potion, without thinking of the consequences. But there was nothing he could do now, nothing but wait for whatever was going to happen to happen.

He slipped the potion vial into his cloak pocket with his wand, making a mental note to ask Snape if he would look at it for him. Or if not, too come back down to the Chambers and see if he could find out by himself. Right now, he wanted to get out into public so if the potion did something bad to him he wouldn't be alone.

Luna always seemed to find him when he was in trouble, but even if she somehow knew he was down here she would never be able to get in. Quickly, Harry almost ran to the stairs that led out of the Chambers, an uneasy feeling growing in the pit of his stomach. The stairs resembled Dumbledore's, but instead of a Phoenix there was a Basilisk taking him up out of the stone rooms.

It would be preposterous to think that Salazar Slytherin would use a Phoenix on his staircase.

Harry was now in a small room that did not to appear to exist on the other side of the door, you couldn't even see the door unless someone was inside; and when Harry was inside it just looked like a broom closet, and, as usual, Harry waited for the moving staircase to disappear.

Taking a look around him at the cleaning supplies that looked used though were never actually touched, Harry fiddled with the potion vial in his pocket. Maybe he should get Snape to check it for him sooner rather than later. Though that would be a rather difficult explaining session.

The moment he took a step out of the door, there was a flash of black light and the door slammed behind him. His cloak fell off his shoulders as his last thought was, "Luna...", praying Luna would find him as she normally did.

He didn't know that Luna was a seer, or he did, but subconsciously, deep down he realized why she knew these things that she did. There are of course many things that we know in our subconscious that we don't know and understand in our conscious – who we love often being one of them.

Consequently, he didn't know that the Ravenclaw knew what was happening to him, having been keeping a special tab on him lately sensing something important was going to happen. He didn't know what she did – that what was happening might have some twists and turns and bad things to go with it, but would, in the end, help him and give him his utmost desire – what he wanted even more than his parents to be alive.


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