As Ichigo sat on log in front of the campfire his feet dug in the sand and feeling the warmth of the fire radiate and spread over his legs. Smiling he tilted his head back looking at the millions of stars twinkling in the sky as he heard the sound of the waves softly crash into the shoreline. Tonight was a night at the lake that he and his friends had put together. Everyone had tents set up around the long sandy beach. There was Rukia Kuchiki who was dating Renji Abaria. Shiro Kurosaki who was dating Ggio and currently had boyfriend in between his legs, as well as Ulquiorra Cifer who rested his head on Orihime Inoue's shoulder as the smiled and laughed as they roasted marshmellows. There was also Grimmjow Jaegerjaques and he was best friends with the twins Ichigo and Shiro. Both Grimmjow and Ichigo were infatuated with each other yet they could not admit their secret love for each other. Youth and it's ignorance.

"So ya wanna pass me a drink?" asked Grimmjow.

Stretching back against the log Ichigo opened the cooler digging through the ice until he found a can of Budweiser for Grimmjow and for himself Ichigo grabbed a mickey of whiskey. Ichigo threw the can at Grimmjow and he opened it, automatically having his lips go to the can as form began to form from the hole.

"Me and Rukia are gonna retire now," announced Renji as he picked Rukia up in his arms.

This made perfect sense because the two had been making kissy faces, and lovey dovey looks while kissing each other passionately for quiet some time. No one objected but their group of friends could show a lot of public displays of affection one they had a few drinks to loosen them up. Orihime and Ulquiorra had soon joined because the two of them looked as if they were about to fall asleep. Ulquiorra carried Orihime bridal style to the tent where they would rest. While Ichigo looked at the glass container in his hand he began to screw open the cap but was interupted by the wind whispering by him having the smoke go in his direction and burn his eyes as well as his nose.

"I want to make love to white rabits," said Ichigo.

His revised way of I hate white rabbits. He figured it would work because of a white rabbit heard that it would surely want to run at the attempt of beastality. Rukia had hated the I hate white rabbits thing only because of her love for the annoying creation called chappy the rabbit. Everytime he make fun of chappy it was a direct beating. Sighing in happiness as the wind died down and he could finally breath he began to ingest his drink. The hot liquid sliding down his throat and landing in his stomach.

"Hey," said Shiro and began acting like a child," lets play true or dare."

"Where not in elementary school anymore, idiot," said Grimmjow.

"Aw c'mon Grimmy it'll be fun," whined Shiro.

"Yeah Reaper," said Ichigo," or are ya chicken."

Grimmjow snorted at being called a chicken and Reaper.

"Fine," said Grimmjow," but I go first."

"Tch,"said Ichigo," what ever."

A evil smile formed on Grimmjows face as he took in everyone choosing who his victim was. It was dead silent and the only thing heard was the crackling of the wood.

"Ichigo," Grimmmjow drawled," truth? Or dare?"

Ichigo sighed knowing he would regret this," Dare."

"Strip naked and skinny dip," said Grimmjow nochlantly.

Grimmjow enjoyed this because he was allowed to see the orange haired man he'd always wantedto see completely naked. Ichigo glared and began scolwing as he began removing his clothing. Shiro whistled and Ggio chuckled.

"Like what you see?" asked Ichigo and winked at Ggio.

Shiro flipped Ichigo the bird.

"Yo, King, fuck off. Fang boy is mine,"said Shiro.

"Like I'd ever want him," said Ichigo and slipped out of his pants.

"Hey!" protested Ggio.

"Don't worry babe I'm soooo much better than him," Shiro purred in Ggio's ear.

Removing the last article of clothing Ichigo planned on running straight through but one he put his right foot in he jumped back feeling the goosebumps form all over his body sending shivers down his body.

"Cold!" shouted Ichigo.

"Shut up puss and get in!" commanded Grimmjow.

"Fuck you," replied Ichigo.

"Not until you do your dare," Grimmjow.

Grimmjow wore that shit eating grin and Ichigo looked away and ran in only to snarl swear words until he jumped in. The cold water covering his body in a blanket for a few seconds as his body adjusted to the change in temperature. He swam a little farther out enjoying the feeling and once he knew he was nearing the last of his breath he emerged from the water to see he had gotten at least twenty feet out.

"Oi baka get back here!" called Shiro," I wanna play the game."

"Don't get yer condoms in a wad!" yelled Ichigo

"Those are for dirty people!" Shiro yelled back.

Ichigo began swimming back but hating how his skin had chills crawling over his body that was exposed to the hot summer air. Once he managed to touch the floor of the lake he began to walk. Increasing in how much of his body was being revealed as the water level decreased. Wehn Ichigo had been moving into the water he could feel Grimmjow's gaze on him and this is exactly what he was feeling now. Looking away from everyone he began to place on his cloths disliking that they would be somewhat damp and if he tried to get closer to the fire it would only burn his skin. Shaking his head water shook around him.

"Kay guess it's my turn," said Ichigo," Ggio truth or dare?"

"D-a- fuckign re," said Ggio.

"Hmmm," said Ichigo pondering on what to think," I say give Shiro a wedgie and sack him."

Shiro's jaw droped as he covered his manly parts.

"Aw cc.C'mon Ichigo," said Shiro," ya can be more reasonable...They're my family jewels. How can you be so cruel?"

Ichigo smirked," Easily."

Ggio leaned into Shiro with an apologetic look before standing up. Grabbing his lover's underwear and hiking it up having Shiro squeak and then groan as he toppled over holding his manly parts. Leaning forward Ggio whispered something that wiped the anger off his face but there was pain that still remained.

"Well Berry boy truth or dare?" asked Ggio," ya know fuck truth or dare .This is just gonna be dare."

Ichigo shrugged," I don't back down and you know it."

"Give Grimmy hear a kiss," said Ggio," make him get real into it and once he's down ta nothing he's going boom in the lake with you. Naked. Ya gotta stay naked for the rest of the game too. Ya can sit on yer clothes so ya don't get sand in yer ass so I guess this is pay back, ne?"

Ichigo's eyes widened at that. Kiss Grimmjow. Grimmjow the guy he was basically trying to deminish any feelings for and Ggio want him to kiss Grimmjow. Just like elemntaty students. Grimmjow was smirking at this and lightly chuckling. He was finally getting his kiss with Ichigo. As Ichigo began to remove his shirt it once again reveal his marvolous chest that had a six back and was bfollowed of by showing his pecs. After placing it beside him, Ichigo moved to unbutton his pants and grabbed the wasit band taking both off at once. Nonchalantly Ichigo moved to Grimmjow.

"Yer gonna strip to Reaper," commanded Ichigo.

Before Ichigo even remotly thought of kissing Grimmjow he was going to strip him naked. He had hte posistion planned out and since he was strong enough he knew he could manage to throw the tall blue haired man into the water. That is if Grimmjow didn't hold on to him for dear life and make him fall in to the sand. Pealing off his shirt there revealed Grimmjow's muscles that were more than Ichigo's. Grimmjow wore shorts so after moving the shirt he noticed that his friend wasn't wearing boxers but it had no concern for him because he knew Grimmjow wasn't one for boxers. He was forced anytime he stayed at Ichigo's. It was a rule since he had siblings unlike Grimmjow who could parade around the house only to teasingly get scolded by his mother to put on some underwear at least. The last of their clothing was removed and Ichigo felt a slight blush creeping on his face because he was doing this in front of his brother and his lover. Leaning forward Ichigo's lips brushed over Grimmjow's in an innocent kiss as his hand lifted to cup Grimmjow's cheek in one hand as the other snaked up and held the back of Grimmjow's neck pulling him closer turning the kiss into a fierce dominant one. Plunging his tongue into Grimmjow's the two tongue's clashed and Ichigo could feel the heat gathering in his chest creating a pressure that also shot down to his groin. Grimmjow's hands gripped Ichigo's hips and pulled him into his lap. His semi erect member pressed against Ichigo's thigh only to be moved having their centres pressed together. Grimmjow closed his eyes as he moaned. Ichigo's fingers played with the tips of Grimmjow's hair. Ichigo then chose the time to place one hand on Grimmjow's butt and the other on his muscled back and got up forcing Grimmjow to removed his hands from Ichigo's hips and fly to wrap around his neck while his legs wrapped around Ichigo's hips. His hardened member up against Ichigo's stomach. Ichigo was now knee deep in the water as he got ready to throw Grimmjow.

"One,"said Ichigo," two..."

Throwing Grimmjow into the water and soon joining he heard Grimmjow's loud yell of frustration about how "God damn fucking cold this fucking lake water is". Shiro and Ggio howled with laughter as they tried to tell them to come back in between laughs.

"You two are assholes," said Grimmjow as he made it back to them.

Fuck this,thought Grimmjow.

Grabbing Ichigo by the wrists he took the man to the tent he and Ichigo were sharing.

"Oooooooo" said Shiro.

"Face down as up thats the way Grimmjow likes to be fucked," sang Ggio and Shiro.

"Tch as if," said Grimmjow," if it's anyone its Strawberry who's gettin fucked."

"Excuse me?" said a flabbergasted Ichigo.

"Don't be such an idiot," said Grimmjow.

Grimmjow and him finally entered the tent and zipped it up so no one could see them

"Your the idiot," said Ichigo.

"No you are," said Grimmjow," wanna know why. Why?"

"Because I love you," they both said at the same time.

After that was spoken the two looked away from each other in sheer embarrassment for the confession of emotions. It took a few moments before Ichigo sighed and decided to take action.

"Well if you ain't gonna do anything," said Ichigo.

Leaning forward Ichigo began to kiss Grimmjow as he went back to straddling Grimmjow's waist. Grimmjow moved down to lay on his back. Ichigo's bangs covered his amber colored eyes as they kissed but Grimmjow could tell Ichigo was looking at him because Grimmjow was looking at him with his azure colored eyes. Even though it was pitch black fiery orange and electric blue hair could be seen. As the two kissed roughly Grimmjow growled with pleasure. This was something he had been waiting for , for a few years now and now it was finally his turn to have Ichigo. After this Ichigo would be his and no one would deny him, not even Ichigo himself. One of Ichigo's hands moved up Grimmjow's chest leaving a fiery path and as he plucked and rolled the dusty colored nipples it made Ichigo smirk as Grimmjow arched his back and could see pleasure stretched out over his face. Ichigo flicked out his tongue and winked at Grimmjow until they closed once again when Grimmjow brushed his hand up Ichigo's thigh,sending that electric feeling through his body.

"Why are you only me tonight?" asked Ichigo.

Grimmjow smirks disappeared and he looked away from Ichigo.

"I'd ask you the same," Grimmjow whispered.

Ichigo grabbed Grimmjow's face in his hands and Grimmjow's eyes slowly moved up, azure meeting amber.

"Because I like you," said Ichigo.

"Because I love you," whispered Grimmjow flinching at what he said.

Grimmjow was afraid he'd get laughed at or have Ichigo disappear. The last time Grimmjow had admitted that he had gotten laughed at, called immature and the person he thought he was suppose to be with walked out of the door chuckling as if he had just heard a good joke. He was wrong for loving that person because clearly Ichigo was there and it was what was meant to happen. To him it felt right having Ichigo in his arms and he was ready to feel the rejection surprising Grimmjow he felt Ichigo move away. However what happened next surprised him.

"Silly Grimmjow," said Ichigo," I don't know if I love you yet but I'm gonna start."

Ichigo's lips csme in contact with Grimmjwo's erect member making him gasp.

I knew he was the one thought Grimmjow.

Gripping Ichigo's hair tightly with one hand he guided him down his shaft moaning. With his other hand he grabbed Ichigo's fingers and placed them in his mouth and lightly nibbled on the tips. The tip running up and down his finger then hsi tongue danced around the finger before adding in a second and sucked on it. Ichigo whined and Grimmjow smiled down at his friend. Ichigo was older than Grimmjow but he never let that bother him since he had height over his friend. Ichigo pulled his hand back after Grimmjow coated his third finger. He could of sworn he heard a protest from Grimmjow but when his hand moved to Grimmjow's ass and his thumb and ring finger to spread open Grimmjow's cheeks and slowly pushed his index finger in. Grimmjow stiffened but a quiet moan escaped from his lips. Ichigo removed himself from Grimmjow's cock and moved up his body as he continued to thrust his finger inside Grimmjow and straddled Grimmjow's hips. Loving the feeling of the two of their hips moving and grinding against each other. Leaning over to Ichigo his lips were were close to Grimmjow's ear and Grimmjow shivered at the hot breath.

"Don't ever think your stronger than me Grimmjow," Ichigo said darkly," rememebr what happened last time."

Grimmjow's breath hitched when his prostate was struck roughly. Now his breath was heavy.

It's been to long thought Grimmjow far too long.

Ichigo grinned as he licked Grimmjowès collar bone loving the reaction he got as he kissed the skin. Kissing it long enough to give him a hicky. One of Ichigoès hands moved to Grimmjow's ribs and pinched them. Gasping Grimmjow could only say what he was thinking at the moment.

"Not enough," whispered Grimmjow huskily," more."

Smirking instead of scowling Ichigo added a second finger.

"Gready little bitch aren'tcha," Ichigo whispered darkly in Grimmjow's ear," guess I'm going ot have to teach you a a lesson."

"Please," moaned Grimmjow.

Flipping Grimmjow around he pinned Grimmjow's arms over his head being able to hold both wrists with one hand. Grimmjow's face was pressed into the mattress and Ichigo used one hand to guide his begging cock into Grimmjow's entrance. Snapping his hips forward, he began his powerful and quick rhythm. Loving the reaction he got but he knew if Grimmjow continued they would definitely be found out. While continuing his thrusts Ichigo leaned over and placed the hand that he had holding Grimmjow's wrist now on his mouth.

"Can't have that pretty loud mouth of yours getting us busted," said Ichigo and bit Grimmjow's upper ear and licked it.

"Fgh yow," said Grimmjow behind the hand.

"Oh Grimmjow I am," said Ichigo.

Pulling almost out Grimmjow whined but when he move his hips powerfully and struck Grimmjow's prostate in one fluid motion Grimmjow yelped. Ichigo got an idea

"Thats right," purred Ichigo," your under my mercy and you love it. Now your gonna ride my cock like the slut you are."

Stroking Grimmjow's chest his fingers toyed along making numerous detours before he switched positions. Easily flipping Grimmjow, Ichigo was now on his back as Grimmjow was on top of him his face flushed and eyelids practically closed from lust as his breathing was heavy and ragged. Ichigo's hands had been removed from Grimmjow's mouth before they had switched positions but were now on his hips. Lifting his hips invitingly Ichigo raised his eyebrows when Grimmjow hadn't moved at first. ichigo sat up and looked at Grimmjow with pleasure.

"i thought you were gonna please me," growled Ichigo as he kissed Grimmjow's lips fiercely.

Grimmjow moaned wantonly as his hips began moving. Ichigo's hands on Grimmjow's hips as he helped Grimmjow. Grimmjow had one arm draped around Ichigo's neck as the two kissed and the other slide down Ichigo's chest until Grimmjow made it to his cock and groaned as he began jerking his member. Growling Grimmjow began more furious and fierce movements. Ichigo thought he'd never see his cock again when Grimmjow's ass tightened around him as he came all over Ichigo's chest. Once Grimmjow finished Ichigo came hard and deep in Grimmjow's ass. This was the first time he ever topped a man. He'd always bottomed when being with Szayel. There relationship had been terminated a few years back when he assaulted Ichigo and was now serving a life time sentence in prison. Grimmjow landed on Ichigo. His hair sticking to his face from sweat.

"Kinky," said Ichigo and breathlessly laughed.

"Tch," said and annoyed Grimmjow," s' only cause i'm drunk. You'll always be my bitch Ichigo."

"Grimmjow," said Ichigo and moved to kiss Grimmjow sweetly and passionately.

Yes that's right I made Ichi the seme and Reaper the uke xD idk if this is a one shot or not depends on how da viewers want it..I don't really know where the story takes place. It's kinda so far just a lake but idk where. Maybe they'll all just be on vacation in Canada or America or Europe and will be headin back home sometime. Either that or it'll just be about their camping trip. Hope you liked it.

Until next time, Briar