When Ichigo woke up he no longer felt Shiro's arm around him but now it was only Grimmjow's. Rolling over Ichigo noticed Ggio and Shiro snuggled up. The only thing Ichigo could think was that it was cute.

Maybe Shiro's not feeling so bad thought Ichigo.

Feeling warm lips on his neck Ichigo began smiling as Grimmjow kissed his neck and grabbed his chin only to place a loving kiss on Ichigo's lips.

"Morning Berry," said Grimmjow.

"Morning Reaper," replied Ichigo.

Feeling gutsy, Grimmjow slipped his tongue inside his lover's mouth. Hearing a sound of lust coming from Ichigo, Grimmjow got more braver and placed his hand down Ichigo's shorts. Gasping at that Ichigo pulled away from the kiss but Grimmjow pulled him closer.

"Let's see how quiet you can be," Grimmjow whispered in Ichigo's ear," don't want snowman to ruin the run now do we?"

Ichigo shook his head and bit his lip as Grimmjow began to move his member up and down, bringing it to life with those powerful, yet slow thrusts. Placing his own fingers in his mouth he began coating them. His eyes half closed but when he looked at Grimmjow he saw that lustfully shocked look. Opening his eyes just to wink, Ichigo could only smile at how hot this scene was getting. If he didn't get a nosebleed he's sure get one thinking about this later. This wasn't the first time he had done thing to himself and he wasn't embarrassed by the fact that he enjoyed being kinky every now and then. It spiced sex up in Ichigo's point of view. After thoroughly coating his fingers Ichigo moved his hand behind himself and slipped his hand down his shorts. They already had blankets covering themselves a little over their hips but Grimmjow decided to pull the blankets up higher in case Shiro or Ggio woke up. Keeping his teeth biting his lips as Ichigo pressed a first finer through the tight ring of muscles, his body arched into Grimmjow's hand as he moved in and out of himself. Trying to keep his breath low, yet heavy it was working until Grimmjow went below the blankets. Ichigo was unaware until he felt a hot breath against his erection. Grimmjow's tongue moving up and down his shaft. A one hand was used to finger himself, Ichigo found his other hand in Grimmjow's soft locks as he guided him. Ichigo almost gasped when Grimmjow throated him but managed to control himself. Adding a second finger, Ichigo moved his finger roughly, managing to reach his his hips, his cock was far inside Grimmjow's hot mouth. Grimmjow's sucks were hard, but slow. Sometimes his rhythm would change to where he fully took Ichigo in only to barley have him in and slowly and roughly suck him in more. It felt so good and before Ichigo knew it he added a third finger as his release was looming over him. His entire body felt like it was on fire and as he felt himself ready to come Grimmjow took him all in and Ichigo bit his lip as he moaned quietly.

" I love you Grimjow," Ichigo moaned.

Pulling Grimmjow up for a kiss, his tongue invaded his lover's mouth, still tasting his seed. Ichigo helped by taking some in and pulled back so they could swallow. Grimmjow looked at Ichigo.

"Loev you too Ichigo," said Grimmjow.

Putting himself back in his pants Ichigo smiled up at Grimmjow. Grimmjow pulled Ichigo into his arms, holding him there, hearing the even intake and out take of breath Grimmjow could tell Ichigo had fallen asleep. Smilling, Grimmjow grabbed Ichigo's ass so he could hold Ichigo tighter to his body. Enjoying how well Ichigo felt in his arms. Putting his head on top of Ichigo's the next thing Grimmjow knew was he was back asleep.

Waking up for the second time this morning Ichigo could feel himself in a tight grip in Grimmjow's arms. It wasn't uncomfortable and it sure as hell didn't hurt. It was quiet the opposite. It felt good.

Maybe he is worth bottoming for thought Ichigo.

Ichigo shook his head. No. Though he thought no his brain was also screaming fuck yeah. Somewhere along his internal battle , Grimmjow had woken up and kissed Ichigo's lips.

"Morning..Again," greeted Grimmjow.

"What time is is?" asked Ichigo.

Grimmjow pulled back to look at his watch.

"7:54," relied Grimmjow.

"Wow," replied Ichigo.

The two were interrupted by Ichigo's stomach protesting that it was hungry as well as the rustling of blankets.

"Hey asswhipes I heard what time it is," snapped Shiro," time for you two to shut the fuck up 'cause I'm tired."

"Shut up Shiro," retorted Grimmjow.

"If you're nice I'll make bacon," bribed Ichigo.

"Bacon? Really?" asked Shiro slightly more happy.

"Yes bacon," replied Ichigo.

Shiro scooted over to Ichigo hugging him.

"You're the shit," said Shiro.

"Gee thanks I'm shit," said Ichigo faking hurt.

"You know what I mean," said Shiro and punched Ichigo lightly on the arm.

"Oi Ggio!" shouted Grimmjow.

"Erm, what Grimmjow?" asked a tired Ggio.

"You and Shiro sleep in your own tent," said Grimmjow," and fuck each others brains out okay."

"You're not in control of my sex life," protested Ggio.

"Just do it," replied Grimmjow," and if you don't so whatever you to do at night when it ain't sex. I want Ichi all to myself and not have to worry 'bout sharing."

"Pft fine," said Ggio.

"C'mon King lets go make that bacon," said Shiro and lifted up Ichigo.

Ichigo was dragged out of the tent leaving Ggio and Grimmjow alone.

"We better get going 'cause of Shiro tries Ulquiorra's gonna be mad when the propane tank blows up curtsy Shiro's shitty cooking skills," said Ggio.

Pulling off the covers all the way, Grimmjow stood up and began walking out to the law chair and began a small fire for warmth. The crisp morning air surrounded him giving him goosebumps. Right now their part of the campsite was mainly shade as the sun rose into the air. After grabbing kindle, newspaper and some logs Grimmjow started his fire. It took no longer than five minutes to have the flames flaring up and the warmth hitting his skin.

"Uh King?" said Shiro.

"yeah?" asked Ichigo.

"what do you do when the stove is on fire?" asked Shiro.

"What!" exclaimed Ichigo.

Turning around Ichigo saw that Shiro had a little fire on the stove from trying to make oatmeal. There was small flames on the burner. Ichigo ran to the stove lifting off the pot and using a wash cloth to swat away the flames.

"Shiro you're lucky this wasn't a grease fire," said Ichigo," and the fact I have a different stove for the bacon."

"The stove deserved it," said Shiro with a pout.

"This little thing we have for a stove did not deserve it," said Ichigo.

"Maybe I'll go into cooking," suggested Shiro.

Ichigo tried not to laugh," And I'm already feeling bad for the instructor. Sorry Shiro but stick to writing sex stories."

Shiro huffed out a breath," The stove so deserved it."

Ichigo rolled his eyes at that and grabbed a spoon tasting the oatmeal. It was fine but it still amazed him why his brother could not cook.

"Here eat your oatmeal old man and I'll finish the bacon," said Ichigo.

"You're just jealous of my super clean colon," said Shiro.

"Yeah 'cause I'm so jealous of that," Ichigo retorted with thick sarasm.

Shiro blew a raspberry and began pouring milk in the pot and began eating it.

"Ulquiorra's gonna get mad if you scratch his pots," said Ichigo.

"That's why I'm using a plastic spoon duh," said Shiro.

"Hope it doesn't melt," said Ichigo as he flipped the bacon.

Shiro ignored his brothers comment and continued to happily eat his oatmeal. Everyone began waking up to the smell of breakfast. Rukia jumped out in her chappy the rabbit pajamas while renji came out with only pants on. Orihime wore a tank top and denim shorts. Her face was a little red and when Ulquiorra came out he was as well. He wore green and black board shorts.

"Shiro," said Ulquiorra," must you eat out of the pots?"

"It's saving a dish," said Shiro," makes me environmentally friendly."

Renji scoffed and walked over to Shiro lightly hitting the back of his head as he went to sit on the picnic table. Once breakfast was finished everyone ate. The boys were loud while the girls chatted among themselves and Ulquiorra. He preferred speaking with the girls for they were far more quiet than the guys. After breakfast everyone did their own thing. Ichigo sat on an inner tube and had a stick shoved in the sand very well and tied a rope to both the inner tube and stick so that he couldn't float away. He placed waterproof sunscreen on and had sunglasses on. He nodded on and off all day. Though Grimmjow thought it was funny to pull him through one time, earning a hard punch from Ichigo. Besides that Grimmjow mainly went fishing on the docks. He caught a few trout that would make a great dinner. Fish was Ggio favorite food, sometimes Grimmjow thought Ggio hung around those cats too much. The girls played volleyball and had Ulquiorra referee. Renji snacked on and off all day. He ended up hiking up the moutain taking pictures. He managed to reach the top after a few hours, managing to look down at the lake. Taking a picture of where his friends where. They were not noticeable in the pictures, all you could see was the trees and water as well as the beach. He ended up sitting on the rocks while looking out at the water scape, sipping his drink. Everyone was enjoying their vacation time.

A few hours later.

Everyone had finished dinner a whie ago. Ggio was pleased that they got to roast their fish on sticks over the fire. He thanked Grimmjow for such a lovely treat. It was now night time and Grimmjow smiled. Following Ichigo to the tent, Grimmjow had prepared a surprise for Ichigo while he was laying on the inner tube all day. Ichigo only got darker, which in Grimmjow's point of view made his lover all the more sexy. Grinning, Grimmjow closed the flap door and grabbed a pair of leather cuffs. Making sure Ichigo wouldn't see them, Grimmjow kissed him with passion as he slipped the leather around him before he could move his hands. When he did Ichigo jerked.

"What the fuck?" asked Ichigo.

Grimmjow licked Ichigo's collar bone before blowing his hot breath along the saliva.

"I'm gonna pleasure you tonight," Grimmjow whispered huskily in Ichigo's ear," and I'm gonna show you how much lovin I can give ya."

Ichigo new what that meant.

"Don't worry I'll be nice," said Grimmjow," I won't hurt you."

Ichigo had never told Grimmjow of him and Szayel but Grimmjow had a feeling the bubblegum haired freak had done something to Ichigo. Ichigo had tried to conceal the bruises and marks but Grimmjow could tell his friend was hurting. Grimmjow had even tried to help Ichigo but it ended up with Ichigo snapping at Grimmjow. With that in mind Grimmjow had decided if the two had ever got in a relationship and to sex that he would never treat Ichigo like that. Lifting Ichigo up, making him wrap his legs around Grimmjow's waist so he wouldn't fall, Ichigo felt Grimmjow's lips press against his own. As well as Grimmjow's hand pressing against Ichigo's ass. Laying Ichigo down on the mattress, Ichigo lifted his hips up, grinding against Grimmjow. Grimmjow's eyes were full of lust and he began removing Ichigo's shorts, pleased to see no boxers underneath. Removing his article of clothing as well Grimmjow smiled as he too wore no underwear. Moving his hands around Grimmjow found what he was looking for, lube and a vibrator. Ichigo noticed what was in Grimmjow's hand and smiled. Oh this was all too good for Ichigo. He for sure was getting spoiled tonight.

Maybe he really is worth bottoming for thought Ichigo hoping he wouldn't regret the decision.

Watching as Grimmjow placed lube on the sex toy Ichigo could only smile. Though when he felt it being inserted inside himself he had to bit down on his lip as he smiled. Ichigo knew when he bottomed he tended to be a little more vocal. He had no shame in it. Some people like things other than others and when Ichigo bottomed and there was much foreplay it was something he enjoyed.

"Got a gag?" asked Ichigo.

Grimmjow raised his eyebrow at Ichigo.

"Ichi I got evvveerrryytthhing," said Grimmjow and winked.

A low chuckled escaped Ichigo's lips. When Ichigo saw a red gag that resembled a strawberry Ichigo could only roll his eyes and scowl slightly at the purchase. where Grimmjow bought that Ichigo had no idea. Ichigo held no fuss as it was shoved in his mouth and placed on. Grimmjow got more of his hidden toys out. Nipple clamps were one of them. Placing the nipple clamps on Ichigo, Grimmjow could hear Ichigo's muffled moan as his back arched. Smirking at the reaction, Grimmjow moved his hands down Ichigo's body. Setting heat down Ichigo's skin. Ichigo shivered beneath Grimmjow's touch. Kissing Ichigo's body, Grimmjow planned on giving the man mulitple hickeys to tell the world Ichigo was his and no one could have him. No one but Grimmjow himself. There was one Grimmjow was fancying. The once he placed on Ichigo's inner thigh that was oh so close to Ichigo's erect member. There was one toy that Grimmjow would save for last. He would enjoy toying with Ichigo for a while, if only there was no one at camp. Then Grimmjow would be delighted to hear the screams of ecstasy that escaped Ichigo's sweet mouth but until then Grimmjow knew he'd have to settle for the gag. Grimmjow could feel Ichigo's erection against him and when Grimmjow pushed the vibrator in till it struck Ichigo's prostate only to pull it out to hear Ichigo whine was priceless. While Grimmjow kissed Ichigo's neck, he pushed the toy in farther until he knew it hit Ichigo's prostate. Keeping it there Grimmjow decided to adjust the settings from low to high. Thus making Ichigo's hips buck forward. Leaving a trail of heated kisses from Ichigo's neck all the way down his stomach, Grimmjow took Ichigo in his mouth once again. The pleasure was all too much, as Grimjow sucked on Ichigo, his tongue entering the slit before Grimmjow took Ichigo completely in. All Ichigo could do was shake his head back and forth, having muffled words that were incoherent as Grimmjow sucked on his cock. Grimmjow could tell Ichigo was near so he moved his hands around and found what he was looking for. Moving his mouth off Ichigo he placed the cock ring on locking it. The key was in a bag near the pillow, but Grimmjow would not reveal that to Ichigo and even if he did Ichigo couldn't do anything because he was tied up.

"You want me?" asked Grimmjow.

Ichigo nodded his head.

"Bad?" asked Grimmjow.

Ichigo nodded his head vigorously. He wanted to feel Grimmjow inside him. It'd been far too long and Ichigo wanted to be fucked. Fucked so bad.

"Want it without prep time?" asked Grimmjow.

Ichigo nodded his head. Fuck getting fingered, he already had that earlier today and all he wanted was that big cock inside him, assaulting his ass. These thoughts surprised Ichigo, but it was all in trust that Grimmjow wouldn't hurt him.

"Too bad," said Grimmjow in a sing song tone.

If it were possible right now Ichigo would give Grimmjow the middle finger. So when Ichigo felt the vibrator leave, Ichigo exhaled a large breath out of his nose. His body craving more.

While Grimmjow looked down at Ichigo's lust filled brown eyes, Grimmjow coated his fingers with warm sensation lube and felt the tingling sensation. placing his hands at Ichigo's entrance, his index finger moved around the whole before he pushed through. Grimmjow loved how tight Ichigo was. Slowly in and out and rubbing his finger on Ichigo's prostate, Grimmjow added a second finger. Licking his dry lips, Grimmjow smirked at the smal amount of drool that escaped Ichigo's mouth.

"so cute," said Grimmjow and smirked.

Ichigo rolled his eyes at Grimmjow and gave him the you're an idiot look. Grimmjow only smirked at his lover. His lips roaming over Ichigo's well toned chest. One of his hands pressing into Ichigo's hip bone causing him to lift his hips up, clearly this was one of Ichigo's pleasure spots. His teeth lightly nipping over Ichigo's stomach muscles and pressing kisses as well. Without saying a word, Grimmjow took out his fingers with great agility and positioned himself right at Ichigo's hole and trusted forward making Ichigo jump. Easing into it Ichigo began moving back into Grimmjow. Tsking at that, Grimmjow held a tight grip on Ichigo's hips not allowing him to move unless Grimmjow allowed Ichigo to. Impaling Ichigo with quick speed Grimmjow moaned and used more power in his thrusts. His breathing was heavy and then he began to slow down enjoying the impatient look on Ichigo's face. With one harsh thrust, Grimmjow managed to find that one bundle of nerves that would turn Ichigo into a puddle or pleasure. Clipping off the gag, Grimmjow pressed his lips fiercely against his lover's pink, moist ones. Ichigo's moans were silenced by Grimmjow's kiss. Ichigo was only hoping that while Grimmjow's cock assaulted him that maybe he would be able to have his hands free so they could move up and down Grimmjows chest and place his fingers in those soft blue locks.

"Fuck," moaned Ichigo," don't fuckin' stop Grimm."

Grimmjow chuckled before placed his lips against Ichigo's once more. Their body's were coated in sweat and Ichigo's cock was sore. Feeling the pleasure escalate but not being able to release. His cock was rock hard and there was nothing he could do but release himself from the pain filled pleasure. Grimmjow was amazed at how much control he had so far. Enjoying the quiet moans and mewls from Ichigo each time Grimmjow struck Ichigo's prostate.

So fuckin' hot thought Grimmjow he'll be mush by the time I'm through with him.

Licking Ichigo's neck and kissing said spot repeatedly, Grimmjow bit down. Ichigo's husked begging for more's and not stopping rang in his ears. Looking up at Ichigo Grimmjow noticed his half lidded eyes, his flushed face, and knowing his chest was flushed as well. In addition to that Grimmjow noticed how Ichigo wanted to be free, so free he should be. Smiling at Ichigo, Grimmjow began with the nipple clamps having Ichigo gasp. Grimmjow began to roll on between his fingers, pinching and tugging, enjoying hearing the hitch in Ichigo's voice, as his stomach quivered.

"Like that don't'cha," said Grimmjow.

Ichigo nodded his head in agreement. He liked it very much. Grimmjow's tongue darted out, licking around the circumference before taking it in and biting down. Hissing at that Ichigo struggled against his restraints once again. Oh how he wished to touch Grimmjow but was bound to the leather cuffs. Puling back Grimmjow moved to the other nipple, giving it the same treatment as he plucked and rolled the nipple as well as his licking and biting. Moving up Grimmjow began a slower pace once again and placed Ichigo's ear lobe in his mouth sucking gently on it.

"Like it?" asked Grimmjow as his thrust was powerful but slowed down once again.

Ichigo nodded his head.

"Tell me what you want," commanded Grimmjow in a quiet whisper.

"T... To c..ccc..cum," whined Ichigo in between heavy pants.

Grimmjow could of sworn that was one of the hottest fucking things he had ever heard come out of Ichigo's mouth at the moment.

"I love you," said Grimmjow.

"L..Love you too Grimmjow," said Ichigo.

Grimmjow's right hand slide up Ichigo's back, moving around Ichigo's arms and held on to the back of Ichigo's neck while he slammed into Ichigo, and Ichigo slammed back with as much force. The other hand searched for the bag and opened the bad with a quick manoeuvre. Ichigo had already been pushed enough. Grimmjow loved how those heated walls clamped around him and if Ichigo weren't wearing that cock ring, he would have already came a few times, however, Grimmjow wasn't so kind to let it off so easily. He wanted his orange haired lover ot be jelly. Unable to move his legs for a while. Placing the key at the key hole, Grimmjow took it off but held on to the base of Ichigo's cock and squeezed hard, making Ichigo buck his hips forward. Grimmjow made his thrusts in synch. It wasn't long before Ichigo came and when Grimmjow new he was going to he placed his lips over top so the scream was muffled. Ichigo's seed spilling over Grimmjow's fingers. Flipping positions without exiting Ichigo, Ichigo now had his back facing Grimmjow as his face laid on the mattress. Both of Grimmjow's hands were placed on Ichigo's hips as his piston his hips forward. Ichigo gave weak moans and Grimmjow came hard in Ichigo's ass. Falling on top of Ichigo, Grimmjow rolled them over, their bodies covered in sweat, and their bodies sore and sated. Pulling Ichigo into his arms, Grimmjow noticed how Ichigo was now sleeping. His face looking innocent as ever. Placing a kiss on Ichigo's nose Grimmjow held Ichigo there and fell asleep.

Ichigo woke up a few hours later to see Grimmjow who appeared to still be sleeping. Kissing Grimmjow's lips, Ichigo felt Grimmjow's tongue invade his mouth. Pulling back Ichigo scowled but smiled to see the look on Grimmjow's smile.

"I thought you were asleep," said Ichigo.

"Fooled you," said Grimmjow and grinned from ear to ear.

"Tch I got a sneaky boyfriend," said Ichigo.

"Yeah," said Grimmjow," one who will ninja his way into someone's house so he can get his daily serving of fruit."

Ichigo rolled his eyes," Or you could just move in."

"That'll work," said Grimmjow.

Removing his arms from Ichigo he began stretching, his back popping in several places. Rolling on to his side, Grimmjow placed Ichigo on top of him. One hand covering Ichigo's eyes and his arm wrapped around Grimmjow's waist.

"Can I see now?" asked Ichigo.

"Yeah," said Grimmjow and nodded his head," wanna go to Sin city with me sometime soon?"

"Sin city?" asked a confused Ichigo.

"You know Vegas," said Grimmjow," casino's hookers, the city in the middle of the desert."

"I guess so," said Ichigo.

"Good," said Grimmjow and kissed Ichigo's shoulder.

Blinking his eyes, Ichigo noticed in the air was a card that said Ichigo Kuosaki, will you marry me. It was written in glow in the dark ink and below it was a ring tied to a string from the top of the tent. Ichigo blinked.

"We don't have to get married right away," said Grimmjow," but since Harper said fuck gay marriages in Canada I figure Vegas baby."

Ichigo smirked at his lover and turned around to face him.

"Better get a dress babe," said Ichigo and kissed Grimmjow's lips.

Haha the end. Idk why but i thought it'd be funny for Ichi to say that. I hope this was a satifying ending. Over 4,000 words. Btw the shiro stove fire thing..Taht happened to my bro and I just had to put it in. He's such a baka but i love him 'cause he's my bro. Reviews, favs etc. Until next time,

Briar Black Death Rose.