John's eyes were tired and they burnt. He felt like if he opened them, they'd fall out of his head. For this reason, he decided it would be fine if he slept a little while longer. After all, Dave wasn't set to show up for another hour or two and the animal crackers Vriska had brought him were still on the table. He could finish eating them when he awoke from his slumber.

Only moments after he'd fallen asleep, though, Dave sauntered inside and little did John know, no cookie in animal form was safe in Dave's hands. "I can't..." Dave hesitated, staring down at the bowl of cookies. "They're John's... But... They're cookies... in animal form!" he bit his lip. "It'll be fine if I just take one..." So take one he did, and one after that and one after that and one after that until there were none left.

Dave was so embarrassed that he ran off without a trace and when John woke up with a hunger for some animal cookies, he noticed they were all gone. "Who would do this...?" he frowned.

And this is the true reason Dave did not visit John for more than one hundred days.

Just kidding you guys, here's the actual extra:

"Hey, are you sure about this, Terezi?" Dave scratched his cheek. "This doesn't seem like something he'd be into..."

"What are you talking about, silly?" Terezi giggled, "I know he'll love it. He loves you, so that should be enough, right?" she playfully nudged him in the ribs. "Besides, the fact that you're going all out for this event shows how much you care!"

"Ah..." he looked to the door. When the moment came, Jade would run in and whisper, "Everyone hide! John's coming!" and that would be their cue to dive behind the nearest table or chair. But Dave just didn't know whether John would like this kind of thing. Over the course of years they'd been together, this was the first time Dave had set up a surprise party and it had only become an idea because of Terezi's suggestion. Jade and Rose backed her up and Dave figured it couldn't hurt to try.

He and Terezi had spent a lot of time together after she'd gotten out of the hospital and they'd become regular buddies. At first he thought it would be hard to become close with someone who couldn't see, but she was just like everyone else apart from that fact. It was surprisingly easy for her and Dave to bond over the little things and when Dave told her about John's birthday, she got all giddy and excited.

Because of John, Dave had learned to be a better person, so it was fine for him to show his gratitude in this sort of way, right? Besides, while John was sick, his birthdays hadn't been all that fun.

Dave looked at the crowd in the room. Most of them were familiar faces: John's dad, Rose, his mom, Terezi, Karkat, Jade who was currently on watch duty and Vriska, but some he'd never seen before and assumed John's dad invited them. There was the guy wearing a t-shirt with the word MAYOR on it and a little girl with blonde hair whom he'd heard John's dad call Casey.

The gifts were all set up on a table in the middle of the room and there were decorations all around and a big cake John's dad baked especially for the occasion.

Dave suddenly felt a pat on his shoulder and looked up to face just the person he was thinking about. John's dad smiled down at him, "You know, Dave," he said, still with a pipe between his lips. Dave rarely saw him without that thing. "I wasn't sure what to think when my son told me he was in love with another guy, but as I've gotten to know you, I've realized something. You don't fall in love with a gender. You fall in love with a person." He smiled again, "And you are a pretty spectacular person, young man."

Dave felt himself blush, "Th-thank you, sir."

"I can tell you care about him a lot and as long as he feels the same way, this kind of relationship is fine with me. Please continue to take care of him as you do."

"Y-yes, sir!" Dave almost felt like he should salute.

"Guys!" Jade suddenly pushed the door open, shutting it behind her. "It's John, he's coming!"

"Everyone, hide!"

"I can't wait to see the look on his face, hehe!"

"You won't be able to see it, dumbass, you're blind!"


Everyone was quiet and still. The lights were turned off and they all waited until they heard the doorknob twist open and John barged through yelling, "Dave, I have to tell you somet-" but was interrupted by the loud, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOHN!" that erupted throughout the room.

John stopped in his tracks and widened his eyes. "Whoa!"

The lights were flicked on and everyone giggled and laughed, surrounding John with love and more happy birthdays.

"He looks happy," Rose said, placing herself beside Dave.

"Yeah," he smiled. "I guess we did do the right thing."

"Of course we did," she said. "If we thought this party was going to upset him, we obviously wouldn't have had it, now would we?"

"I guess not," Dave said.

"In any case," Rose put her hands on her hips, "What are you still doing over here? He's your boyfriend."

"That's right!" Jade jumped up from behind Rose. "Go over there and see him!" she gave him a push and he paused in front of John, feeling himself blush. Somehow, he felt a little awkward.

John seemed the same. He laughed sheepishly and bit his lip.

"Happy Birthday, John," Dave said, turning to look at him.

"Thanks, Dave," John smiled.

"Ah, I'm exhausted!" Dave flopped onto the couch and let out a sigh.

John chuckled, "That's more people that I've seen you talk to in a month."

"Yeah, yeah," Dave smirked.

"Alright, Rose and I are going ahead." Jade turned to them once she'd gotten her sneakers on. "Since Ms. Lalonde and Mr. Egbert went off as well, that means you two will be alone~" she giggled. "Have fun!" and with that, she and Rose exited the house.

"J-Jesus Christ, what's with that?" Dave mumbled.

John grinned, "I think she's funny. I had a lot of fun today, though. Thanks again."

Dave reached forward and ruffled John's hair, giving him a kiss on the forehead. "Anytime."

"Oh, that reminds me!" John piped up. "I had to tell you something. Something really important!"

"Whoa, don't get so flustered. What's up?"

John ran to the stairs and pulled a newspaper out of his bag. "Remember the day you finally told me about your brother?" his voice was softer.

"Oh... yeah," Dave frowned slightly.

"I read this in the newspaper and I thought you deserved to know," John handed him the paper. "It's right on the front page."

Dave took the paper and scanned the titles until he came upon the one that John was obviously talking about. Murder Case Of Gang War Years Ago Finally Solved. "W-what?" he read the article as quickly as he could.

"You haven't been home, so you wouldn't hear if they did call you, but Jack Noir has been found guilty of murder... your brother's murder as well as the murder of three other people. They're giving him jail for life."

Nobody at Dave's home checked messages. His mother just frankly didn't care, Rose was always too busy and Dave never remembered. Even if they had received a message, he wouldn't have heard it. He suddenly felt overwhelmingly happy. His brother, the one he loved and grew up with his whole life- the one who taught him to fight, who liked sewing and ponies- was finally avenged.

Dave, no matter how angry he was, could never do anything about his murder, but now that the truth was out for everyone to see, he felt like a weight had been lifted off his shoulder. He reached forward again, dropping the paper and pulling John close to him. "I'm sorry... Even though it's your birthday, You've given me the ultimate present."

John wrapped his arms around Dave as well, "Don't apologize for something so silly. I'm glad that I could be the one to deliver this paper. You've been going through this for so long. I wanted to lift that weight off your shoulder."

"Thank you. Really, thank you so much."

Wherever he was, Dave's brother was surely smiling.

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