Two Years Later

Chelsea watched with her heart in her mouth as the grandfather's private plane taxied to where she stood waiting. Dad and Erin were right behind her, hands clasped tight.

"You ready for this Chels?" Lee asked as the plane stopped and the engine's shut down.

Chelsea nodded trying hard not to cry. She'd already said goodbye to the twins and Jake, Eli, Maddie and Maverick. She didn't bother with Darry seeing as how he was the reason why she was leaving.

The door to the plane opened and a small set of steps dropped into place, her handsome grandpa stepping into view. "Hello Princess!"

"Grandpa!" Chelsea ran forward and launched herself into his arms for a hug.

"Well it's good to see you too Honey. Are you all packed ready to go?"

"Yeap." Chelsea indicated the bags sitting behind them on the tarmac. George's long time plane attendant collected the luggage without further instruction.

"Hi Dad, how was the flight?"

"Not bad at all, quite comfortable actually." George turned to the girl standing quietly beside his son and like everyone else couldn't quite get over the similarities to Ashley. "You have to be the lovely Erin."

"I am Sir and it's a pleasure to meet you. Lee's told me lot's of things about you and you're beautiful home. Chelsea's so excited to be living with her grandparents. It's all she's talked about for the past two weeks."

"Erin," Lee said quietly and squeezed her hand."

"Oh sorry, I'm rabbling again."

"Yes you are." Lee and George both laughed.

"Well Princess, are you ready to go?" George turned to his grand daughter.

"Yeap, can I say goodbye to Dad first?"

"Of course you can. I'll be on board waiting, only don't take too long."

"I won't."

Chelsea turned and threw her arms around her father in a tight hug. "I'll write and ring lot's and lots of times."

"I know you will Honey."

"And remember you have to pack Jake's lunch for him or he won't eat anything."

Lee laughed, "Honey he'll be fine besides you left me a list a mile long so I'm not likely to forget now am I?"

"Oh yeah. Okay, well bye Dad. Bye Erin."

"Bye Chelsea, you have a good trip to your grandparent's place."

"I will. Can I tell you a secret?"

"Sure, what's that?" Erin knelt down so she was on the same level as Chelsea.

"I'll be back for the wedding!"

Chelsea giggled as Erin turned a light shade of red. "He has to ask me first Silly." Erin gave her niece a poke with her finger that sent her into giggles. "Now go, your Grandfather's waiting for you."

Lee and Erin had been together for two years now and were close. Many had hinted at a wedding but Lee was taking his time.

Chelsea gave her father one last kiss before climbing the stairs and joining her waiting grandfather. They waved as the door to the plane was closed.

"What did she say to you?" Lee asked Erin as he pulled her back into his arms, listening to the engine's start back up again.

"Never you mind." Erin grinned to herself.

Lee quietly groaned, his daughter and girlfriend were notorious for their secrets especially when they were about him.

As the plane taxied out Chelsea's face appeared at the window and she waved excitedly. It was then something else caught Lee's eye and he looked hard. At the small window bahind Chelsea, he could see someone else waving. It wasn't his father, it was Ashley.

"Hey Maverick!" Lee yelled as soon as he and Erin let themselves into the big house.

Maverick was busy putting together a race track for Darry and Eli.

"What? Chelsea get away okay?"

"Yeap fine and we got rid of someone else too?"

"Don't tell me you sent Erin off to meet her future in-laws?" Maddie asked cheekily walking into the room with an arm load of old clothes. They had been cleaning out one of the spare rooms hence the discovery of the race track, much to the boys excitement.

"Nooooooo," Lee glared at her. He was pretty used to the constant marriage related remarks but every now and again they got under his skin.

Erin only laughed and plonked herself down on the floor with the boys to help put the track together. "Is this one of those old scale-electrix things?"

"Yeap," Darry grinned at her proudly. Eli was busy concentrating on putting things together in his precise careful way.

"Cool! My brothers used to have one and Ashley and I would always play with it all the time."

"I'm glad Chelsea's gone then," Darry muttered pulling a face and smiling quickly afterwards.

"Not nice young man." Maverick tickled his son. "Who else went with Chelsea, Lee?" Maverick swung the conversation around in curiosity back to what his friend had been saying.

"Our ghost."

"Oh thank god!" Maverick cried gleefully and lying back on the floor with a huge smile. "Since Erin moved in she's done nothing but harass me!"

"She always did have a thing for you!" Maddie teased and gave her husband a gentle push as he sat back up.

"Thought you'd like it, where's the twins?"

"Dance class but they should be home in about ten minutes," Maddie replied.


"He's in his room colouring in quietly."

"Does anyone need me for anything?" Lee asked with a mischevious smile on his face.

"Nope why?"

"Because I'm going to get lucky!" Lee bent down and scooped Erin up off the floor as she shrieked and laughed. "Come on you! Let's go finish what we started before Krystal interrupted us."

The two disappeared upstairs and Maverick and Maddie shared a knowing look at the sound of the bedroom door closing. They both gave it twenty minutes before telling Eli and Darry to go get Erin.

Two seconds later a half-naked Lee roared, "You're dead Mitchell!"

"I'm out of here!" Maverick abandoned the race track he was about to test and bolted out the back door, a huge smile of mischief on his face. Lee and the boys were not far behind him.

Erin returned downstairs tugging her top back into place and sat down to help Maddie sort out the clothes. "Thanks Maddie." She gave her new found friend a conspiratol wink.

"That's quite alright, Ashley."

The pair lapsed into gales of laughter.

The End!