Pokemon Sinnoh Expansion

Chapter 1: It starts on a Boat...

"We're on a boat, we're on a boat!" Walker and Kalvin sang, sipping from old fashioned mugs.

"Are you both drinking?" Jerry asked.

"Rootbeer" Walker answered, pretending to be tipsy. "This is fun. You should try it."

Jerry frowned. "Well, I would, but I don't have the money to. I spent all of my money on PS3 1/2 and I spent all of your money paying the bail for a criminal named John Wood."

"You paid the bail for a criminal?" Walker asked. "Exactly what did he do to be locked up?"

"Stole candy from a baby" Jerry answered, sipping from a mug of rootbeer.

"How did you...?"

"I stole Kalvin's money" Jerry answered. "You know, I think he may actually be drunk."

"What makes you say that?" Walker asked.

"The fact that he's asking out a lamp to be his date for the morning."

The two dragged the supposedly drunk Kalvin to a fleet of ships that were all heading to different regions. "Okay, what's our boat again?" Walker asked.

"The one that says Durst Inc on it" Jerry replied. "The company owner gave me one for free, plus eight dollars shipping and handling after the first four months. I charged it to your emergency emergency visa."

"Why did you do that?" Walker asked, outraged.

Jerry tried to calm him down. "Relax dude! I figured it wouldn't matter because you won't have to pay a cent."


"You know that we'll have crashed the boat long before the four months are up" Jerry explained. "So it's basically free."

Walker had to admit that was true. "You know, in the buissness world, you would have made millions with this idea." They boarded their boat and waited until the boats took off to talk. And that's when they realised something wasn't right..."Where's Kalvin?" Walker asked.

"Um...oh! Maybe he decided to play marco polo. MARCO!"

"I'm right here!" a man named Marco replied, throwing a fish at him. "Marco's the name and I catch water Pokemon. I used to be named Mako, but a whole copyright infridgement over my name sounding like some fish guy who plays cards or something forced me to change my name legally." Jerry kicked Marco in the shin and told him to bring him a mocha latte.

"That worked...so well" Walker replied, sarcastically.

"You try to find Kalvin then" Jerry said.

Walker shrugged. "He probably got on the wrong boat. Our boat was right next to the one that was going to the Orre region."

"Orre?" Jerry asked.

"It's a region known for having a huge infestation of shadow Pokemon" Walker explained. "Shadow Pokemon are evil, tainted Pokemon that need to be turned back into normal in order for them to use any move other than Shadow Rush or something like that. Kalvin will be fine."

Suddenly, a man with a blue beatles haircut and a stretchy jumpsuit crashed the party on the limbo deck, sending the passengers screaming to below deck, while Walker and Jerry reached for their Pokeballs. It took them a moment to realise they had sent them to Professor Elm so he could enter Feraligatr into a Pokemon contest. "Ahh, Feraligatr" Jerry sighed, remembering his old pal. A montage of their training together played with moments of "Jack the Feraligatr" biting his owner.

"We need Pokemon to deal with this rejected Beatles guy!" Walker shouted in surprise. "I mean, who does he think he is, interupting the limbo deck party?"

"I know, man!" Jerry agreed, raising his fists up, ready to turn what could be a peaceful Pokemon battle into a street brawl.

"Yo, what's up guys?" TJ shouted, attracting the attention of a criminal that looked vaguely like John Wood. "Um, nice criminal?" He then waved to Walker and Jerry. "Hi guys!" The noise got the blue haired idiot's attention.

"Nobody move or I'll detonate a stuffed pillow I have!" the guy yelled, making people believe he meant it.

"Great work, TJ!" Jerry shouted to him. "Now that you're here, could you bring me a glass of wine and some cheese?"

"I feel like a joke has just been made" TJ said.

"Maybe that's because it has" Jerry replied.

"Hey Jerry" Walker said. "He just said stuffed pillow. You wanna make the quote?"

"One hundred thread count, one hundred dead count" Jerry copied from American Dad, getting a standing ovation for his convincing role as Stan.

"Shut up!" the blue haired crazy yelled. "Nobody mocks Team Galactic!" Everyone bust out laughing.

"You expect to be threatening with a name like that?" Walker laughed.

The Galactic guy was angry. "Go, Glameow! Tear them apart!"

Jerry stopped laughing. "here, kitty kitty. Let me see how cute you are..." Glameow slashed at his face. "Never mind, who's got a Pokemon?"

A short girl with red hair and scientificy glasses threw the three of them Pokeballs. "You three! You have to save the boat from Team Galactic!"

"Hi Hayley!" they said back, waving at her.

"What? How did you know it was me?"

"Well..." Jerry replied, going into flashback mode.


"Sup Hayley!" Jerry said over his cellphone two days ago. "Whatcha need?"

"Hey man. I got a job as the new Pokemon Professor of the Sinnoh region! I'll be on a boat from Durst Inc in two days."

"That's the boat we're using to go to the Sinnoh region too!" Jerry replied happily.

"Cool man! I'll see you there! I'll be wearing a lab coat and scietificy glasses to make me look like a professor. Professor Hayley!"

(End Flashback)

"Oh yeah..." she remembered, seeing the flashback. "Use those starter Pokemon to beat the blue headed moron into a new fashion statement. Jerry, I gave you Turtwig. It's a grass type turle Pokemon and it has solid defense. Walker, I gave you Chimchar, a hot headed chimp of the fire type variety. And Kalvin..." She looked at TJ. "Huh, what happend to Kalvin?"

"He got on the wrong boat" Walker replied. "We think."

"Crap!" Hayley yelled. "Oh well, TJ'll do too. I gave you the water type penguin, Piplup."

"Cool!" they all said.

The Galactic grunt frowned. " never signed up to take on starter Pokemon! We quit! By the way, my name is Yu."

"Me?" TJ asked.

"No, You."

"Me?" Jerry asked.

"No, no. You!"

"Make up your mind" Walker sighed.

"Argh! My name is You!"

"Who?" Hayley asked, getting annoyed.

"Grah! Never mind!" Yu recalled Glameow and retreated to a small row boat off the side of the ship. "And row! And row!"

"That was defientnly weird" Hayley remarked. "Look! Sinnoh is right over there!"