A/N: I think I might be the first writer of a Pete/Oc one-shot. So this is exciting. I really love Pete. And I know he's a you either really hate him or really love him character.

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Cherries -A Peter Campbell Oneshot-

Peter Campbell, not wanting to return home after a long terrible day at work, entered a bar that had just opened up, a few blocks from Sterling-Cooper ad agency.

He looked around the place, eyes landing on a blond haired woman sitting on a stool at the bar counter. He thought her pretty so decided to sit in the empty stool next to her.

He sat down and ordered a drink, and looked at the woman he sat next to. She had long blond hair and ice-blue eyes. Sitting in front of her was a Coco-Cola and a bowl of cherries.

The bartender sat his drink down in front of Peter and he took a drink, watching the woman.

A couple minutes later the woman turned to look at him.

"I believe you were staring." She said with a smile.

"I'm Peter Campbell." He held his hand out and she shook it.

"Emma Black. Nice to meet you." Emma replied.

Pete took another drink from his glass then put the glass down, his hand staying on the counter next to his drink. He watched as Emma laid her hand on his.

"You have very sexy fingers." She said with a smirk, then pulled her hand back and reached into her bowl of cherries, taking one in her long, elegant fingers. She pulled the stem off and put the cherry back.

"You know, they say that if you can put a cherry stem in your mouth, and tie a knot, it means you're a good kisser." And with that she placed the stem in her mouth, pulling it out a few seconds later, knotted perfectly.

Pete gave her a confidant look, and pulled a stem off on of her cherries, sticking it in his mouth.

A few seconds pass, and Emma watched as her new companion's face paled. She raised one eyebrow at him.

"I may have swallowed it." He answered her unasked question. She laughed.

"There is another way to tell.." She pushed her lips against his, and he tasted cherry and coke.

When she pulled away her eyes sparkled.

"Looks like you're going to need lessons. Same time, same place, next week. If you want to learn." She whispered in his ear, then stood up and walked out of the bar.

Pete smiled and watched her walk away, she had grace and style like he had never seen before.

"I think this is my new favorite bar."