Magikia and Ookami are mine as well at the ideas for the Lord of Light and Darkness don't know if the lords really exist. This story was based on an idea by Super BatFlash who has given me permission to use their idea.

Chapter 1

Wally let out a groan as he looked at the clock on his desk. It read 6:30. Much to early for him to get up but he knew that he had to for it was a training day. He was so not looking forward to it. Pulling the covers back over his head he went back to sleep until he felt his blankets be pulled off of him.

"Come on Sleepy head wake up or going to be late." A man's voice that Wally knew from heart said as he pulled the covers completely off of Wally.

"Uncle Barry it's too early and who in their right minds gets up at 6 in the morning on a Saturday?" Wally whined out as he was pushed out of the bed.

"Come on Wally you have to be at Mount Justice in 10 minutes." The older pale haired man told his nephew who still hadn't budged from his spot on the floor.

Wally shot up in a flash when Barry had told him the he had 10 minutes to get ready and get to the base.

"Why didn't you wake me up earlier!" Wally yelled as he headed towards the bathroom to take a shower and get dressed. He was done in less then three minutes.

Just as he was about to leave the house his uncle yelled at him about his watch. Wally never went any where with out that watch as it was the first gift he had ever received from his uncle. There was also more to the watch then people thought.

By the time Wally had made it to Mount Justice he was out of breath which was a rarity for some one like him.

"Nice of you to Join us Wally." Artemis said loudly. The blond was always tormenting Wally.

Wally just shot her a glare and got in line just at the computer announced that Batman and Green Arrow had arrived.

"All right. Instead of training you have a mission this time." Batman told the teens as he walked over to one of the counsels and pressed a few buttons. The screen came to life and showed several members of the Injustice gang.

"As I know you are familiar with this group. They have escaped and are now on the hunt for someone called Magikia who from our reports is a member of the Order of Darkness a side branch of the Lords of Chaos." Batman said to the team ignoring Wally's scoff.

"To help us find Magikia we asked for the help from a member of the Order of Light. She is about your age and like you is still learning her abilities. She should be arriving in a few moments." Green Arrow said and as if he knew what was going to happen a light appeared in the room and out of the light fell a young girl about same age as Wally and Artemis.

The girl landed on top of Wally and the two teens became a heap of arms and legs. Kaldur walked over and helped Wally and the girl get untangled from their heap.

"Got to work on that." The girl said with a little bit of humor in her voice as she took Kaldur's hand and hoisted herself up.

It was then that the teen heroes got a look at the new girl. She looked human expect for her ears were wolf-like and were sticking up on top of her head and she had fangs and her eyes were gold and in slits.

Wolf went straight up to her and started to rub against her leg in a loving manner which was strange as Wolf never really like strangers but like this girl right away.

"So this must be Wolf." The girl said as she scratched the top of the white canine's head. "You Hungry boy?" With saying that The girl said a few words and a LARGE steak appeared out of no where in front of wold and immediately the large animal dug in.

Wally was about to say something about her not being able to do that but was elbowed in the shoulder by Artemis.

"Young Justice this is Ookami and as of this moment she is your new teammate." Batman said.

Seven pairs of eyes all looked at him as if the Caped Crusader had grown another head.

"Forgive me Batman but I was under the impression that I was only a temporary member." Ookami said as her eyes narrowed at the bat themed Hero.

"You are a temporary member of Young Justice until Magikia is caught as you are the only one who can fight her." Batman told the canine like girl who was glaring at him before he left the room.

"Oh Goody." Was all Ookami said as she headed for the kitchen to get something to eat.

"Does any find it strange that she had wolf ears, fangs and eyes?" Wally pointed out.

"Spell gone wrong." Ookami's voice was heard from the kitchen. "Was trying to do a shape shifting spell and said the wrong word and got stuck with wolf like characteristics and don't even go on that Magic doesn't exist. Not everything can be explained with science just like not everything can be explained with magic." Ookami told the group but the speech was obvious meant for Wally who was Glaring at the wolf girl.

"You have obviously had this talk before." Kaldur asked.

"Yeah. Look if I going to work on this team I know that I'm going to have to let you know some things about me. One I believe in magic as I am a magic user but I also believe in science. Two I do have an anger issue and do have a problem with Magikia and I will do anything to stop her as she killed my mother when I was 6 but I will not put an innocent life at risk for my revenge so do not worry about that. Three DO NOT PISS ME OFF or you might find yourself as something that you don't want to be. That's is about all. Also I'm not a team player so getting used to a team is going to take time but I promise that I will do what I can to try and become team player." Ookami told the group as she came out of the kitchen eating on of M'gann cookies.

"You sound a lot like Batman." Robin pointed out.

'So I've been told by the League." Ookami replied as she got into a glaring contest with Wally.

"May I ask how you got your name?" Kaldur asked.

"The Ears and fangs not to mention I have a tail as well from that stupid spell that went wrong a few years ago. Been trying to fix it since then but I can shape shift to a normal looking human if I want to but considering you have a Martian on your team I figured 'what the hey there used to strange things going on.' Also I got the name Ookami do to my love of wolves which also is Japanese for wolf and I thought the name sounded cool considering I am part wolf now." The Black haired teen said.

"Thank you for telling us." Kaldur said. He could tell just by looking at Ookmi that she had a trust issue and had her demons.

Wally went to open his mouth but stopped when he remembered his Uncle telling his some things can't always be explained the way you wanted and you do need to respect other people's beliefs.

"Alright now that you have had your life story how about you 8 get ready for your mission." Green Arrow said with a sigh. It seemed that have Ookami on the team was not going to easy. The young sorceress was very trusting but from what he knew about her the archer didn't blame Ookami for being that way.

"I am sending you all to Russia. It's the last known place of Magikia." Green Arrow told the teens as he sent the location to the Bioship.

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