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The Death of Kyouya Ootori

Kyouya threw his alarm clock across the room hearing its corresponding silence giving a whole lot of relief.

He got up and streched out his legs it was almost five am he had to get up early he had to get on a plain for a business meeting in America.

He planned on walking the air port wasn't very far ,he lived in a safe neighborhood; he only was bringing his small notebook and cell phone for entertainment on the plain the rest of his things were already on there way to America.

He looked down at the attractive blonde boy laying in his bed cuddling a pillow in his place he kissed him on the lips and wrote him a note saying he got off okay.

Dear Tamaki,

I am on my way to the air port right now. I'll call you when we land.

Sleep well love

I love you,

Kyouya Ootori

This was the first time they would have to be apart since they got married last month it was somewhat significent to Kyouya and his counterpart.

He walked out it was a lovely night. He was about a half mile away from his and Tamaki's apartment when he felt a rushing sensation behind him he turn his head slightly to suspect maybe a running cat or some type of bird before he could turn it all the way around he felt something stab him in the back.

The blade of the knife hit his spine making it so even if he did survive this ordeal he would have to deal with paralysis from the midwaist down.

He yelled out and swung his arm out but the man ripped the knife to the left before he could do anything; tears stung his eyes.

His attacker ripped far to the left enough to slash open his stomach...Kyouya was in shock already he couldn't feel it he only heard the sound of what sounded like ripping fabric.

Kyouya hit the ground his notebook falling as well and opening up; he looked down to see that his cuts and what looked like his intestines slowly oozing out. The attacker kicked him a few times being wary of his gaping stomach but just high enough to break his ribs.

The large cracking ribs impaled his lungs...Kyouya was already dead he just still had his soul in his body. The attacker stabbed out at Kyouya's face he heard breaking glass of a glasses lens and all he could see then was blood.

His attacker didn't stab out enough to impale his brain and kill him Kyouya was defying odds of how long he was staying alive he had maybe a minute left to live at the most.

His still okay right eye looked around for any form of refuge and he found it in his notebook one word that made all the pain go away. His notebook was open at the page were Kyouya confessed his love for Tamaki.

However Kyouya didn't know this but that one word that took the pain away before his attacker shove the knife into his other eye and killed him instantly.


Kyouya opened his eyes he gripped the ground with his fingernails...clovers...Kyouya always loves clovers he loved that he could never find stickers in patchs of clovers and he never found it itchy like grass.

He looked up he was surrounded by a perfect circle of weeping willows...he never really saw a weeping willow but remember reading a book with a small illustration of one when he was eight.

He heard the sound of a rope swing swinging he leaned up slightly. A child no more than 12 sat on the swing swinging.

She had shoulder length spikey black hair, hazel eyes and ruddy cheeks. Her nose had a slight regal upturn but didn't make her look conceited she was dressed in a black flowy skirt that went a little passed her knees and a black t-shirt with some weird band written on the chest in red.

Her short but skinny legs legs were covered in thick purple tights and black ankle boots.

Kyouya in life would consider her a commoner...a tacky commoner.

She jumped off the swing and landing on her knees right next to Kyouya.
"KYOU-YA! You are awake!" there was a weird twang to her voice almost a combination of french and english.

Kyouya moaned like he was just waking up "were am I?". "Oh dear don't you know?" the girl pulled a book from thin air that was as thick as her head she put her finger on a page "Kyouya Ootori: Code GL tsk tsk darling I imagine you would know?".

"Who are you?" "Oh me I am Juniper Arina-Ruby-Ophelia-Juliet-Ruby-Elizaveta-Inga-Natalia-Katuyasha-Lillith-Maria-Laura-Ella-Sarah-Casey-Alice-Johanna-Lovett-Roxy-Scarletta-Marcia Dickens, I have so many names because my mom was on crack when she gave birth I am percisely the 80,983 person you saw in your lifetime...I was a runaway and I asked your father for money he smiled fasely yet sweetly and denied me".

It came back to Kyouya he was walking with his father and second brother when the small dirty girl with a knapsack asking for money but he noticed one thing minorly different from the girl he met as a child and the girl he was seeing now. The girl he met was blue-eyed the girl he was seeing now had distintive hazel eyes.

The girl smiled she had crooked teeth "bingo! You guessed the prize darling I'm not that girl I just liked her form the most...I would tell you who I really am but that would ruin the big suprise ending".

Kyouya blinked stupidly he never really beileved in a higher power so how does this work he could see himself burn in hell. He has cheated so many people and he never prayed once to his knowledge.

"Oh dear you are so smart in this subject and don't even know it of course your not in heaven you're on your way but not quite yet".

Kyouya blinked stupidly again "how can you hear me" Juniper smiled "what did I say about spoiling the suprise ending" she frowned.

"Kyouya you had a long day sleep for awhile and I will explain everything later" Kyouya rolled his eyes "this is all a dream anyway it doesn't matter what I do".

That is when Kyouya closed his eyes and supressed the reality of his death to the back of his mind.

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