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Note: For people not familiar with two of these shows I'll put character info at the end (it's probably needed considering one show hasn't been on TV since 1997 and the other was on in Japan in 1985) okay on the Bioman character personalities I'm using some of the stuff from the English dub that was done in the Philippines (anyone who has watched Bioman subtitled please correct me if I mess up the personalities have to wing it till the site with the Japanese episodes comes back up).


All is strange and quiet when suddenly what sounds like a buzzing sound suddenly fills the room. The cause of which appears to be a computer of some unknown technology that is being controlled by what looks like a ghost of some sort. "I hope I am not making a mistake." the ghost says as he presses some keys. A few seconds later there is suddenly a show of light as three women between the ages of eighteen and twenty two are teleported into the room.

"Where are we?" asked one girl that had blonde hair and was wearing glasses and was wearing some sort of uniform.

"If this is because the guys are playing with the holographic programs again I am going to throttle them." Muttered one of the other two girls that appeared to be of Asian descent and dressed like it was the 1980's and had dark hair and dark eyes.

"This is definitely not the work of Grimlord." Muttered the third person who like the first person had blonde hair and was dressed casually.

"Welcome," said the ghost like figure "I have been expecting you."

"Who are you?" asked the blonde with glasses

"I am known as the keeper I have summoned you three here for a specific purpose."

"What is it?" asked the other blonde

"Due to unforeseen events what is known as a rip is appearing in each dimension causing events to spiral out of control, if these rips are not stopped it can cause a chain reaction destroying all other dimensions, I chose you three to stop the events that will cause these rips."

"Why us and why not you?" asked the last person

"That is an excellent question, I would have gone myself but since I am a ghost I am bound to this place as for why I chose you three I scanned all dimensions for people that are perfect for this job, I scanned your dimensions I noticed you three are among some of the others that realize things can't always ended positively and will do what is necessary to win."

"So just us three are doing this?" the blonde without the glasses asked as she looked at the other two people.

"For now," The keeper replied "there might be others to help you with this along the way."

"Do we have a choice on this?" asked the girl with dark hair

"You do if you decide against this I will try to find others."

"I'm in," said the girl with glasses "I'm a power ranger I can't stand by and let something be destroyed if I can stop it."

"I'm in as well," the other blonde said "I wouldn't be a good v.r trooper if I didn't try to help."

"What about you?" the keeper asked as he looked at the last member

"I want no part of this," the girl said with a neutral face "but if I don't do anything then I would be no better then the villains I try to help stop I'm in."

"Good to know," the keeper said as he sent three bracelet like objects to the three "these are called the digitizers they will help you travel the dimensions with no problems."

"What about our powers?" asked the blonde with glasses

"Your powers depending on their source should work normally."

"That's good to know," the blonde with glasses said as she looked at the other two people "I guess if we are going to be working together we should know each others names and powers my name is Kendrix Morgan I'm the lost galaxy pink ranger."

"My name is Kaitlin Star I'm a member of the group known as the v.r troopers I really don't have a color designation." The other blonde said

"I guess I should give my name as well," the last member said "My name is Mika Koizumi I'm the member of the Bioman team known as yellow 4."

"So out of curiosity what year is everyone from?" Kendrix asked "In my world it's the year 1999."

"It's 1997 at home." Kaitlin said

"It just turned 1984."Mika replied as the other two looked at her to answer the question

"So we have two people whose dimensions are two years apart and the last thirteen years apart this ought to be interesting." Kaitlin muttered

"So you guys are from the future?" Mika asked in surprise "Wow I wonder how things have advanced between your time periods and mine even if it is different dimensions."

"So since we have to work with each other out of curiosity what is everyone's occupations?" Kendrix asked "I'm a scientist on a space station well now it's on another planet since the space station got trashed."

"I'm a newspaper reporter in my dimension," Kaitlin replied "Mika how about you?"

"I didn't really have a job I was trying to become a photographer and trying to make it to Africa but the whole ending up as a Bioman pretty much killed that idea."

"Why Africa?"

"My brother was a photographer in Africa before he died I was trying to follow in his footsteps." "So Kendrix what made you decide to be a scientist on a space station?"

"Well I always liked science and I didn't really have anything to keep me on earth so I figured I would go and see the universe." "Kaitlin what about you?"

"Well I always liked taking pictures and investigating things it just kind of clicked after that, although sometimes it does cause a bit of a problems mainly when Grimlord causes some kind of havoc sometimes I wish Ryan did find out his human identity so we can end the battle with him once and for all."

"You like taking pictures as well," Mika said with a slight smile "oh I have a feeling we are going to get along just fine."

"Wait a minute," Kendrix said "what about our home dimensions, they might need our help knowing my luck as a ranger Trakeena might come back to life again I don't know if four rangers can handle her."

"Don't worry," the keeper said "when I brought your three here no time will have passed in your dimensions when you go back eventually less then an hour will have passed."

"So when do we start this thing?" Kaitlin asked as an alarm went off

"About now," the keeper said as he hit some keys "The rips are starting you three better get going the computer will automatically send the coordinates of the dimension as well as what is needed to be done to your digitizer."

"Hey do we come back here in between or do we go straight to the next mission?" Kendrix asked

"The digitizers will inform you as well as help you travel the dimensions in one piece if you remove the digitizer you will not be able to travel and will be stuck in that particular dimension, when you transform into your forms the digitizer will go under your uniform or armor to avoid damage, good luck all of you." The keeper said as the three started fading out of the dimension "You three are going to need it."

End of Chapter

Well that's the first chapter where will this trio end up and what kind of chaos will they meet?

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Well anyway before anyone else comes out here complaining here is info for people who have not seen these series.

Name: Kendrix Morgan

Series: Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (1999)

Info: Kendrix was a scientist on the space colony Terra Venture; she first became the Pink lost galaxy ranger after pulling the pink quasar saber from the stone it was entrapped in. Kendrix was presumed killed after destroying the savage sword months later to save the life of fellow pink ranger Cassie Chan, somehow she was brought back to life after the five quasar sabers were returned to the rock they were imprisoned in.

Name: Kaitlin Star

Series: Vr Troopers (1995-1997)

Info: Kaitlin Star had been friends with Ryan Steele and JB Reese for years. She was with the two at Tao's dojo when professor Hart summoned them to the lab where all three received their powers. Kaitlin also worked as a reporter for the newspaper Underground voice daily.

Name: Mika Koizumi

Series: Choudensi Bioman (1984-1985)

Info: Mika was chosen to be a Bioman due to the fact that her ancestor had been bombarded by the bio particles along with the other four. Although she was reluctant at first to join up with the rest of the team she recognized how bad the situation was and did eventually join the team. Though Mika is a bit of a loner she will come through when needed to.