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Chapter 3:

Meanwhile somewhere else

"I thought I would find you here." Older Kaitlin said as she walked up to where her younger counterpart was thinking

"What do you want?" younger Kaitlin asked

"To talk and explain things." Older Kaitlin said "Look I'm sorry that JB was killed but you can't blame Amy for that she had no control over her actions."

"I know that it's just I could have done something if I hadn't been injured."

"Blaming yourself or Amy for what happened won't help you any and it won't bring JB back."

"Did you lose anyone in your own dimension?"

"In all honesty no, although we nearly lost Ryan."

"What happened?"

"Ryan had gone after his father when he found out where he was imprisoned, unfortunately Grimlord had set the building to self destruct Ryan barely got out alive, and we actually thought he was dead."

"That's what you were talking about when you said earlier we would need all the help we could get."

"That was one of the things but yeah pretty much."

"Can I ask you something?"

"Go ahead."

"What is with those other two people with you?"

"You mean Kendrix and Mika, we have been traveling together for a while they're good people despite a few quirks."

"In all honesty my issues aside can we trust Amy?" younger Kaitlin asked

"Yes I think she can be trusted, Kaitlin what is it with you, you seem to be more tense then I ever remember being what's up it's not just what happened with Amy and JB is it?"

"It's just things."

"You know it helps to talk."

"I know I guess I should talk about it, my stepfather got out of jail and wants to talk."

"How did that jackass get released?"

"I wish I knew, I take it you had this problem in your dimension."

"Yeah I did but in my dimension he was never released after my dad got custody of me."

"I wish that had happened here."

"Look I can't really explain it well because of the differences in dimensions, but have you tried talking to the others it might help?"

"I tried talking to my dad about it, he said he would support my choice but he warned me to be careful."

"He's right there."

"So what happened in your dimension?"

"Well after I went to live with my dad after I got out of the hospital after being put there because of the window incident, my dad put me in Karate to help with my issues and I met JB and Ryan there and the rest is history."

"That's pretty much what happened here."

"Come on we better head back the others are probably getting worried." Older Kaitlin said as the duo left

"Oh excuse us." Younger Kaitlin said as a trio of very quiet people walked in front of them

"Oh great here we go again." Older Kaitlin said as the three transformed into Skuggs

"You ready for this?" older Kaitlin asked

"I am if you are." Younger Kaitlin as the duo fought with the Skuggs

"Need some help?" Mika asked as her and Ryan charged in to help

"Yeah thanks where are the others?"

"Kendrix was busy making stuff to protect the lab better and Amy stayed behind to help."

"I'm glad these things aren't perverts like in that one dimension." Older Kaitlin groaned

"Come again?" Ryan asked

"Don't ask you don't want to know."

"Is that all of them?" Mika asked as the rest of the Skuggs were finished off

"Looks like it," Ryan said "I wonder what Grimlord is up to now, usually when he sends the Skuggs he is up to something."

"Yeah let's get out of here." Older Kaitlin said as the group headed back to the lab

A few minutes later the group arrived back at the lab to see Kendrix typing on a keyboard while Amy was what appeared to be rewiring something

"Welcome back." Kendrix said as she finished typing

"How's it going?" Ryan asked

"Just about done just need to finish this last wire," Amy said "can someone hand me the solder?"


"Thanks," Amy said as Ryan handed her the solder that was lying nearby "and it's done."

"What did you do?" younger Kaitlin asked

"Kendrix and I enhanced the system firewalls, as well as making it harder for anyone to come across the lab if they don't know about it."

"I was going to suggest adding a retinal and hand scan but that won't work if you guys are brainwashed." Kendrix said

"What kind of stuff have you three had to deal with in your world?" Ryan asked in surprise

"Oh the usual, brainwashing, duplicates, imposters, and psycho rangers that try to kill you and your predecessor." Kendrix said

"You got these ideas from the dimension with Metalder didn't you?" Mika groaned

"Pretty much."

"Metalder?" Ryan asked

"Hard to explain," older Kaitlin said "basically your counterpart in another dimension that was a cyborg."


"Hey do you still have that picture of you, Spielban, Helen and Diana?" Mika asked older Kaitlin

"Yeah, they are an interesting trio." Older Kaitlin said as she pulled out a picture of her with three people of Asian descent

"Who are they?" younger Kaitlin asked

"That's Spielban, his sister Helen and their friend Diana, they are basically the counterparts of you JB and Amy in that dimension."

"Amy can I talk to you about something?" younger Kaitlin asked

"Sure what's up?" Amy asked

"I want to apologize for the way I acted earlier, I was angry about what happened with JB and a few other things."

"I understand," Amy said "If I could I would go back in time and save JB."

"Look we all need to work together to stop Grimlord why don't we just start over and wipe the slate clean."

"Fair enough."

(Beep Beep) "What is that noise?" Amy asked

"The digitizers are saying our mission is complete." Kendrix said

"How long do you have left here?"

"A few more minutes."

"So I guess this is goodbye." Younger Kaitlin said

"I'm afraid so," older Kaitlin said "take care of each other you three."

"We will." Ryan said

"Ryan, whatever you do don't give up on finding your father."

"Goodbye." Kendrix said as the group started to fade out of the dimension

"It was fun." Mika said as the dimension hoppers completely faded away

"Well that was interesting." Ryan said

"I wonder if we will see them again." Amy said

"Who knows," Kaitlin said as she got ready to leave "come on Amy we need to help you learn how to use your powers."

"Right let's go." Amy said

Meanwhile somewhere else

Okay now where did we land?" Kaitlin asked

"Beats me, the digitizer doesn't say." Kendrix replied as a cyborg with silver and red trim landed in front of them

"Helen, aren't you dead?" the cyborg asked in confusion

"Okay that's a new one, who are you?" Mika asked as she looked at the cyborg in confusion

"I am the space sheriff Sharivan." The cyborg replied

"Why can't we land in a normal and quiet dimension?" Kaitlin groaned

End of this arc.

Notes: Okay the stuff I mentioned for Kaitlin was from another fic I was thinking of writing

For those of you nor familiar with Vr troopers most of these events are from the 'rise of the red python' two part episode. I definitely recommend you check those two out

I am sorry if the chapters look odd ending wise I had to figure a way to cut this into multiple chapters instead of a 13 page chapter