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Seeing Red I

There is neither lust nor hatred

We did not trade soft trails of kisses

And every touch is dreaded

As we force every caress

All is the same with every garment loosened.

None has changed


It is a very aesthetic word. We tend to say it among ourselves alone, the way the tongue moves to release it from the pit of the throat. It was an alien sensation to us. We did not give concern if it was a sign of weakness; we're not even sure if it is. We're merely speaking a light hearted four letter word, a motif for all the virtues that exist. There's no harm.

"Love..." We heard a dying prisoner choke out. It was one of his many final words. A force of breath. He knew he'd risk of the last drops of his life with speaking. His lungs were damaged, his throat constricting, His tongue was unrecognizable. His body took the form of a mangled cadaver afterwards.

What's so special about the word? That someone had to say it to risk the swift raid of death?

Love is a wonderful thing. The Edenian princess, absentmindedly curled her tresses of her long hair, told us. We saw a glimmer in her features as she said this. She beckoned us to get closer to her, she whispered in a very courteous manner we never thought we'd see.

"Ermac, you give me hope..." We had not talked to her since.

Love is a powerful force. Shang Tsung mused as he tended to his developing experiments. He found it funny we entertain the idea.

I doubt you would understand it. We heard from the Emerald Edeinan Guard.

We got curious.

We walked on the palace halls and searched for the royal library. It was in ruins. Books scattered on the marble floor, with layers and layers of dust enveloping the large cylindrical room. With impending wars, maids didn't even bother to clean this threshold of knowledge. Pathetic. This place holds many things.

This place made us understand.

Since our creation we sought the company of these innocuous books. We never thought of entertaining the mere small talk our allies make, sometimes we admit, we feel they're feeding us lies. But books never saw the need to speak of such heinous and blasphemous words. The bookshelves filled with books were sorely tempting, and we spent hours in its presence. We read forgotten books, abandoned encyclopedias with worn leather binding. Authors were native of various realms, each with their own language that we understood after a few weeks. We were enlightened about many things. Science had done many things for our minds. We sucked in the information like the greedy sybarites, we kept coming back for more and we wanted it for ourselves. We never shared what we knew. We knew many things.

Or we think we do.

Subjects of compassion and the arts are not present; it seems they don't exist in this technical world. We were dismayed to not even find the slightest sign of artwork in these books. One of the rare times these books left me unsatisfied. Stories, legends, and epics weren't even here. Even other references made no mention of such vibrant emotions and affection we gathered from the obscure memories of our souls within us.

We never saw 'love' discussed in the library we asked countless questions to.

Love. We don't know what to make of it.

"Of course! Love is color red!"


"Because it is! Silly you!"

We felt ashamed about asking her. She seems aware of this trivial emotion we harbor just now and she's making it her own advantage. To make it fair, we did almost made her feel the same with our discovery.

The tarkatan woman has crafted an object out of dusty brown fabric. We seem to recognize the object she holds. Yet, we don't know the purpose why she made the childish toy. We are surprised ourselves she took the time to create it. She cradled the thing in her arms and muttered mantras in its ears. She even bragged that we are the first to see it.

It was a mere excuse; she tried to hide that thing when we spotted her sewing it with her hands under the table. We unintentionally caught her off guard.

"I'm giving it to...someone special." We could tell she was smiling under her pink veil. It was a cruel smile. "Don't tell anyone."

"We see, for what purpose?"

"Because I want to!" She pinched its arms and gave the stuffed toy an animated life as she held it like a puppeteer. "Ermac, don't tell anyone I'm giving it to Scorpion, pretty please?" She made gestures to the toy and it gave an innocuous display of begging. And in a moment of unexpected discovery; we saw her face was flustered with hues of pink.

We never really considered this tarkatan an acquaintance. We never did. We only wanted to ask questions. Obviously she's the wrong person to talk to.

Then she made it 'talk' "Ermy won't tell anyone! Won't you? Especially not to Scorpion..." She placed emphasis on the specter's name

To the specter? Unusual. He is capable of such acts of affection? "We don't see the need to tell anyone."

"Good" She placed her toy at a nearby wooden table. Then she cradled our hands as she drew us closer. We'll hurt her if she goes too far from our arms. We would.

"You really want to know what love is?" She brushed her thumbs on our knuckles, and caressed the loosened wrinkles of our gloves.

"Not necessarily, we're merely...curious." I replied numbly.

"You're funny" she teased. And in an unexpected gesture she gave a light pat on our shoulder. What is she doing?

"You won't get it, even I don't know what it really is" She turned her head and gazed at the toy, lying askew on the table. She had a very jejune visage as she gazed at her precious creation.

We have no clue were this conversation was going, we expected a rejoinder to her words. A bit of 'seductive' strides as others would call it. Then we realized after gazing at her face that she waiting for us to speak. What should we say? Does she expect us to enlighten her with mere words? We ourselves lack the heuristic skills to...

"Ermac, do me a favor" She chided softly, she made her voice mellow to lure us in. She clasped her hands together like a prayer children make at night and made herself look like a hungry beggar.

"Do tell"

"If you get it, can you tell me what it's like?" Her eyes were sanguine; the demonic glare it bear now fading away." I kind of want to know..."

"We doubt we would truly understand it."

We never did. We never share what we knew. But we never did find out what love is.

And we never understood why Love is red.

"Another one?"

"Literally yes, but it's different"

We entered the flesh pits since the sorcerer asked of our presence. Here in the center of the makeshift laboratory he has crafted another one of his abominations.

We are one as well.

The cave like room grew dim; the decorative corpses that hung on the ceiling seem worthless compared to what we saw in the core of the Flesh pits. There, inside a luminous glass tube was an amorphous volume of blood. Strange, that it defies the laws we read in chemistry, blood and water should mix forming a homogeneous mixture. The blood was moving in a lethargic manner, moving like it had a mind of its own. And it was dark red, it's deoxygenated. The owner of this blood was dead, it was a sluggish theory.

"It's almost like you in comparison" Shang Tsung took the form of an elderly and asked us to look at the cylindrical tube closer. We obliged.

"What is this specimen?"

"Ah, now you asked. It's a collection of blood of the many warriors that fought in Mortal Kombat, and it's fused together with sorcery"

"And alchemy" We pointed out.

He smirked and looked at the tube again. "Yes, a minute help from alchemy"

"Odd though, the amount blood doesn't look that voluminous" We asked cautiously as we gave the forming organism a closer look. "If it is from countless warriors like you claim."

"It doesn't need pints and pints of blood. We collected it in modicum amounts to occupy more warriors in its being" He tapped the glass twice with his yellowish nail. We were startled to see this thing react to the sound. A monster in the making.

We felt empty.

"When its complete, it'll be a, how you say, a very formidable warrior." He placed his hand behind his back, he looked pleased. The blood now started to take its permanent form. It looked human. Both of us watched it transform, it took a shape of a woman. We could see the nascent of bones in the dissembled form of cartilage. Her...appendages are apparent. But the body itself never made any significant movement. Not a sign of respiration or blinking of the eye. Looking at it, it's a human in its blob form. Bones, muscles, viscera made entirely out of blood.

Strange that it reminded us of a surreal vision of a woman's womb we read in the human anatomy.

"Do you mind if we ask you to explain about its abilities?"

"It receives strength from its enemies' blood. That's how we intended it. So when engaged in battle, it'll be stronger- I don't think I need to explain further. You already understand it don't you?"


He gazed at me, his old eyes scrunched up in weariness that spoke of playfulness. "Look at this, a fusion of souls, and now I'm creating another one with blood, it's very humorous."

Shang Tsung laughed to himself. "But it doesn't compare to you though, you're someone to be feared but sadly, we had to restrain you"

"Restrain?" What is he trying to imply? We are not weak by any means, he knows it himself. We know it ourselves...

"We're preventing a rebellion, with those souls inside of you; you might switch sides when a soul possesses you." He grinned. Now all that was needed was our reply. His face looked like it was about to laugh lightheartedly, yet we don't see the humor.

"Why are you telling us this? You're actually risking the possibility of that event to occur?" This body of ours was unable to express the lingering nervousness we felt. He looked at us with fake grimness.

"I handpicked those souls myself, Ermac. But...I doubt you would even had the conviction to rebel"

"Indeed, we don't" We agreed. He was foolish to think as such.

"I meant what I said, those souls in you are important to each of their respective realms." He looked at us solemnly; he was not paying attention to coming 'birth' of the creation before us. Our eyes seemed dilated at his words.

We were shocked at this. This is the first time he told us the plans and the process of how we were created. The souls in us are from Outworld, lest that's what we've been told. Now, out of the blue, he discloses us this information, we had this new feeling that brought discomfort and serendipity, is it distrust?

He continued. "Are you really that faithful to the emperor?"

"Yes, we are, more than you think" We stood our ground, he did created us, but he had no right to question our beliefs. As we look at it, he seems to be the traitor. He spoke of heresies and imbroglio of blasphemies. We were seduced to kill him. Almost. The smile on his face made it harder to resist the urge to kill him.

He had a grim look on his face. "You're faithful to him now but...that loyalty won't last" He gave a wry smile, suitable for an old man. He was truly a...

"You dare question us?" We grew irritated, and greenish hues of ethereal energy surrounded our hands. Yet we wish not to end his life here. Not yet, we wanted to make him suffer for this indirect accusation. We direly do.

He laughed loudly. We were baffled at his change of attitude. Was he playing with us?

"I was only testing you, and it's a fair warning. Keep that in mind" We couldn't believe that he simply disregarded the nascent of our anger. We were about to kill him, about to choke him here and thought of towing his corpse in the Emperor's throne room. Wasn't he frightened at this?

Then we remembered his words, and we felt guilty. We did. Now we realized what he tried to do. He was...examining our loyalty in an odd way only he understands.

He took a step forwards, the glass tube and it observed it further. "Besides" He said without looking at me. "I notice your thirst for knowledge; you're one of the rare denizens of this place to be evidently happy in the library. But now I'm giving you an advice. Stop it."

"Where's the harm in reading?" Really, where is the harm in it? The common brusqueness in the air was returning as we said it.

"There's a lot of harm. So many ways it can change you I don't even know where to start. I won't tell you anything more, I might rub it on you the wrong way but just stop reading. Or else you would risk treason from Shao Kahn."

We thought of a suggestion. "Perhaps you can cast a spell on us to prevent it"

He genuinely smiled at the comment. "It seems I've forgotten to provide you more information about those souls. They're not only warriors, not mere beings that wield weapons of war and sought out fights in the battlefield and die like vermin. They have true power, authority. You have souls of royalty, souls from prestige clans. Alchemists, blacksmiths, merchants, sorcerers. Everything. All of them from different times and changed history in their own accord. And it might surprise you; you even have the souls of tarkatans, shokans and other extinct races. You're already a threshold of knowledge Ermac. Can't you see the advantage you have?"

We were speechless...we try to suck in the information but...

"You're shocked I see" He crossed his arms. He seems to revel in this.


He turned his head to the unattended glass tube. "To ease this fulsome news I gave you, I'll tell you one more thing about this" He placed his hand on the cold surface of the tube. "You have many souls, but this one doesn't have one"

"How is that possible? All living things have souls, even those beasts..."

"Not this one, it's only a body, almost like an animal, or more like what those earthrealmers say, a robot." He said. We urged him to continue.

"It only relies on instinct; it only acts to Shao Kahn's will; unless overpowered with sorcery. That thing may seem like Mileena, but she has the advantage of having a void for a mind. It'll only kill for Shao Kahn and that's what it will always do."

"What do you mean by void?"

Now he smiled at his creation, and then he looked at us after thinking of the right words in order to not mislead us. "It has no free will; the only emotions will feel are anger and distrust, all the negative things. But I couldn't be exactly sure, these are just mere predictions.I could be wrong you know" He paused to catch his breath, clearly taking the form of an old man isn't appropriate for this. "But I hope not."

"So that thing has no soul" We queried after thinking about his explanations.

"Yes, it's merely a vessel. But who knows, sometimes souls can form."

We took another glance at the thing, an urge formed within us. But we couldn't tell what it is.

Love is Red.

Red, like freed blood from flayed flesh.

Red, like the faint blush on the flustered face.

Red, like her blood stained hair

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