Welcome To High School

Up. Down. Up. Down

That was the pattern my entire body went for the next ten minutes or more. I panted with exhaustion, trying to endure a bit more.

Thump. Thump. Thump

That was the sound of a wooden bed frame hitting against the wall. Sweat dripped from my brow and I started to pant harder.

"Mattie... Mattie-Mattie!"

A familiar voice was calling.

"Mattie stop playing double dutch with Virginia and Kiku and come help me out dude!" Alfred called from the front door of his house.

I was tempted to jump out of the game to take a breather and help Alfred get his bed out the door, but his little sister Virginia intervened.

"Nu-uh Alfie, Mattie promised to play with me first!" the seven year old complained.

"Well I was friends with him first!" Alfred retorted.

I kept jumping and turned my head over to where Kiku was holding his end of the rope and locked eyes with him.

'Help, me,' I mouthed to him.

"Mrs. Virginia- Chan, would you like to learn a fun game?" Kiku asked the little girl who turned her attention over to Kiku with bright blue eyes that were just like Alfred's.

"Sure!" she chirped dropping the jump ropes and running over eagerly to hear what Kiku had to say.

I sat down on the sidewalk and let myself catch my breath.

If only yesterday went a bit more smoother with Gilbert so that I could go shopping with Tino and my mom instead of attending to Alfred's little sister while also helping him get an old bed frame from his basement.

~The Day Before~

My body went into complete shock. Time seemed to stand still. Figuratively. The touches Gilbert placed on my body felt like they were burning and the source of this combustion was his lips. But I liked it. Slowly I lifted my arms up and wrapped them around Gilbert's neck, kissing back eagerly. When we parted I saw Gilbert grinning down at me.

"So what now?" he asked breaking the silence.

A million of thoughts went through my mind at that moment. A lot had to do with Gilbert, Alfred and Tino. It felt like my head was going to burst like the thumping of my heart was doing. I liked Gilbert a lot, too much than friends, but there was also Tino and I know how he feels about me and if I break his heart to be with Gilbert then I doubt he would want to still be friends. Not to also mention how much Alfred still means to me and how overprotective he can get if I went out with Gilbert and I know he doesn't like Gilbet at all.

"... I don't know," I replied hesitantly.

Gilbert's grin dropped as well as his hands on me. I let my arms drop from his neck and looked down at my feet.

"What do you mean by "I don't know," couldn't you feel the spark as well-"

"What spark?" I said harshly cutting him off.

I didn't want to look at his face, to see the hurt expression he must be expressing. It hurt me as well to say such words, but I've learned to keep a mask for my own good.

"I can't believe this," he muttered.

"Look, can you please try to understand, I like you, but..."

"But you like someone else," he said bitterly.

I didn't say anything, but let him walk out of there. When I heard the door close and footsteps walk away did I let myself slide down the wall and put my face in my hands.

My heart hurts.

~Current Time~

When we were done hauling Alfred's bed away and Virginia's friend down the street, Georgia, came over to play with her, did all three of us get to relax in Alfred's room and play video games. Of course Alfred had a stack of Japanese and games from other parts of the world as well, but all of them had one thing in common. They were all horror games. The only thing that has something to do with horror that Alfred can stand was horror games. Most of the scariest ones were provided by Kiku on request from Alfred. Although even Kiku looked very disturbed by his own games he had brought.

"Hey Mattie come take Kiku's spot he doesn't look so good," Alfred said patting the spot on the floor where Kiku had dropped his remote at and proceeded to roll away and hide in Alfred's superman sheets.

"Oh, uh, I'm not the best person to play video games with, I'd much rather wa-"

"Glad you feel that way bro," Alfred said ignoring what I said and shoving Kiku's abandoned controller into my hands.

I fumbled around a bit with the controller while trying to figure out how to play. In the end I just sat there and let my character in the game die off so I wouldn't have to play anymore. It was like this for the rest of the day until my mom finally came around to pick us up, which ended up with her visiting with Alfred's mom for half an hour. Parent's logic to stand around and talk to each other. I don't even get it.

By the end of the day I just wanted to curl up and sleep for some reason. I just felt mentally and physically tired for no reason. So when I got home I crashed on the chair swing on the front porch. It wasn't later when Tino was cuddling me that I actually woke up. It was pitch black outside and the only lights came from the porch light and the lamp posts.

"Tino….. What are you doing?" I said yawning.

"Keepin' you waaaarm," he replied like a little kid and cuddled deeper into my neck.

"Tino you need to stop doing this," I sighed leaning back on the cushion.

"Doing what?"

"You know what I'm talking about," I snapped in an annoyed tone.

It was peacefully quiet for the longest time.

"Tino you're my friend and I don't want you to get caught up with me. I only see you as a friend," I said finally dropping the bomb on the subject.

The next thing I did hurt to do, but I got up and went inside closing the door quietly and leaning my back on the door feeling so awful. Why did I just do that? I just can't leaving him out there like that, but the damage was already done by already doing that. I placed my face in my hands and sat there letting my bad feelings wash over me.

I deserved it.


I have an interesting story to tell. This chapter was mainly written back a year ago, but it wasn't finished so I thank my past self for giving me a starting on this chapter so I can get back into the roll of things. I hope everyone liked the chapter. And yes the beginning was supposed to be a teaser to strike out all of the perverted minded people. Did I do good?

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