A/N: Admittedly not my best work but this fandom needs more fic. And I'm a diehard Eva/Swede shipper.

Things were different at night.

There were more shadows then, more places to hide from prying eyes. Not that they needed such shadows. She could walk into his office in broad daylight and no one would bat an eye. After all, if the head of security wanted to take up with a tattooed whore, it was his business. And hers of course.

But they didn't meet for sex. At least, that was how the arrangement was supposed to go. It was supposed to be that she would come to him for information and he would pay her for her services. A strictly business relationship.

But if she came early to see that his dinner was properly cooked, there was no harm in that. If his words took a gentle tone when speaking to her, that was perfectly alright.

Just as it was alright if their touches lingered for longer than they were meant to or if Eva started staying there more often than not. There was no real harm in such things.

They didn't talk about it in the day time. He went about his duties and she went about hers. They never even saw each other except when The Swede was getting money out of the madam of the brothel. But he pretended not to know Eva and she pretended right back. What they did at night was their business.

They continued not talking about it when their business relationship morphed into something more. Not a word was spoken as their nighttime activities started to bleed into the day.

Everybody noticed the change in his disposition and the ring around her neck but no one approached him. It was still their business if they wanted to take that last step. Most people didn't believe it was real anyway.

The difference between the security guard and the whore were like night and day after all.