Mary Smith had been invited to attend Miss Caroline and Miss Augusta's holiday celebrations. The thought had crossed her mind of declining the generous offer and staying home with Miss Matty , but decided against it when she saw how much Miss Matty needed to be cheered up and if anybody could do that it was her friends. She was actually very surprised by the amount of people that had accepted the invitation to join the Tomkinson sisters for the evening. Captain Brown had arrived with Jessie at his side, saying that they did not wish to sit in their house alone on such a joyous occasion. Miss Pole and Miss Forrester needed no persuasion to join the party as they were most excited to attend their friend's festivity. It was actually Miss Matty who was the hardest to persuade to accompany them but after expressing to her that Miss Deborah would wish this for them she hesitantly accepted.

Music, played by Jessie, was lightly drifting through the room but it could barely be heard over the laughter of everyone. A knock on the door interrupted the merriment as the sisters raced to see who would be knocking. It turned out to be Dr Harrison. It seemed he had not received any other invitations, especially none from the family he so wished them from. With Dr Harrison was a friend, who told the sisters he was sorry that he interrupted with no invitation, but they eagerly told him any friend of Dr Harrison's was a friend of theirs. They were then ushered in and introduced to the rest of the party. As Mary looked up her eyes immediately connected with the stranger who had been introduced as Dr Marshland and she found that she could not look away.