Mating Season

Chapter One

By Lochness Nessie

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Warnings: Profanity, sexual themes, impending yaoi.

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Grimmjow grinned as he stared at his sleeping Ichigo. He thought to himself about how all of this came to be. Why was he happy that this shinigami boy was in his bed? And he remembered everything. He remembered how the boy was wandering in Hueco Mundo by himself, jumping in fear at every hollow that passed him and slashing them to pieces. He'd enjoyed watching the boy strike them all down quickly and continuing on his way. Clearly, he had some kind of mission. And of course, Grimmjow had to find out what that mission was.

He had approached Ichigo and growled at him. Ichigo had no trouble remembering his face or identity. He jumped, ready to fight the arrancar, showing no mercy. Grimmjow only laughed when he drew his Zangetsu. He asked him what his purpose was here in his land, his territory. He explained that since Aizen left he claimed the land as his own, and fought anyone who tried to take the throne. Ichigo seemed to not really want to hear his story, he seemed antsy to be on his way, and Grimmjow noticed. He'd given the boy a good shove and asked him again what his purpose was here.

"Hunting for a certain hollow," Ichigo said. He explained that one had escaped the world of the living during battle and he'd chased him here. He'd said it had nothing to do with Grimmjow or his land, and it was his business.

"Oh really?" Grimmjow cocked his head. He chuckled. "So you coming into my land and killing my people has nothing to do with me? You're damn wrong, shinigami."

Instead of discussing the situation, they engaged in a fierce battle just like the good old times. The fight went back and forth, no clear winner in sight. But then Grimmjow got the upper hand and jumped Ichigo, grabbing his throat. They both crashed to the ground, Grimmjow pinning Ichigo. Grimmjow smiled wickedly down at the orange-haired boy. He leaned in closer and smelled the boy's neck, taking in all of his scents. There was the faint smell of soap but sweat was more persistent and punched through his nostrils. There was also a sweet fruit smell from him as well, and only Grimmjow knew what it meant, it made him cackle.

"What's so funny, asshole?" Ichigo barked into Grimmjow's ear.

"You're a beta!" Grimmjow roared in laughter. "I never would have guessed you would be in the running but even then, a beta? Rich, just rich!"

"What the hell are you talking about, Grimmjow?"

"You're part hollow, Ichigo," Grimmjow stated plainly. When Ichigo gave him a look that sad "duh" he continued. "And your hollow must be dominant over human and over shinigami. How do I know? Because I am a hollow, and unfortunately for you it's starting to turn into mating season around these parts. Anyway, I can smell you are a beta, you reek of it! Which means you just so happened to step in to Heuco Mundo at the wrong time! Now you're going to be chased, to no end, by alphas. They will want to claim you for their mate."

Ichigo's jaw dropped and he still looked confused. "Beta? Alpha?"

Grimmjow sighed and pressed the bridge of his nose between his fingers. "Betas are hollows who assume the female position in a relationship between two hollows. Alphas are the male, the dominant force."

"I am a male," Ichigo said quietly.

"Maybe in the human world you are. You might have the male parts, but here gender can flip, that's how hollows are. And now you are the female. I can smell it on you." Grimmjow grinned ear-to-ear. He leaned in close to him again and took another whiff. "Yep. Beta. There's no denying it."

Ichigo was suddenly frightened. What the hell was Grimmjow saying? He sure as hell didn't want to be raped while he was on a mission – or at all. He wanted to go home, now. Ichigo pushed Grimmjow off of him and quickly got to his feet. He looked around and didn't see any hollows around, thank goodness. From the sound of it, he would be hunted meaning he would have to make a quick exit.

"You're not thinking of running away, are you Berry?" Grimmjow said in a teasing tone. He chuckled. "Good luck out there. Don't get pregnant."

Ichigo whipped his head around and looked at the blue-haired man with wide eyes. "P-pregnant?"

The arrancar nodded. "Remember how I said you are the female? Well, that means you can get pregnant." Grimmjow laughed when Ichigo looked disgusted. "It's kind of hard to explain. Like I said before, there are male and female versions of hollows, and they aren't based on outwards appearances, those are deceiving. The actual genitals of the hollow do not matter. The inside will form to what is needed once the actual sex takes over… example, you may have a penis, but you will get pregnant with hollow sperm, and when it takes, organs will re-arrange in your gut and you will grow an organ similar to the human uterus."

Ichigo was feeling light headed. He began to sway back and forth, growing a nice shade of green in the cheeks. Turning to the side he heaved and threw up before proceeding to black out.

Grimmjow debated the options. He could leave the orange-haired teen here in the middle of the desert, and who-ever found him first would claim him. Hollows were very animalistic when it came to mating, ruled by hormones and desire to reproduce. But Grimmjow could also take Ichigo home to his place, and protect him until he at least was conscious again. He could kill him, then nobody would have him as a mate, and Grimmjow could have the desire of ripping out his throat as he'd always wanted before. Deciding that this was probably the most fun option, he leaned in close and crouched over him, his open palm hovering over the boy's throat.

The sweet fruity smell trickled upwards and entered Grimmjow's nostrils. It was so powerful it almost made Grimmjow go insane. He clenched his eyes shut tight and growled. This can't be happening. He cannot give in to those hormones. He has to end this, isn't that what he wanted to do? But then again, this man before him was beautiful, he'd never imagined that would cross his mind, but it was true. The teen had beautiful tanned skin and his eyes, when they were open, were a beautiful shade of chocolate brown. His lips were supple and slightly pink, perfect for kissing, amongst other things. And his hair color was such an amazingly unique shade of orange. There was nobody else who could match this boy's beauty in Heuco Mundo.

"Fuck," Grimmjow barked. Before he could control himself he was scooping the unconscious teen into his strong arms and heading back towards his home. Grimmjow avoided looking down at Ichigo, trying to avoid the thoughts pulsing in his head. His imagination was running on full blast. He couldn't stop picturing Ichigo naked and offering himself to Grimmjow, letting him mark him as his mate, and taking him.

Grimmjow reached his house within a few minutes and kicked the front door open. He walked down the long hallway that led to the different rooms of the home, making sure to walk all the way to the end – the bedroom. He gently placed the boy in his bed, his head falling on a pillow.

He climbed on the bed next to Ichigo. He looked him over again, from head to toe. He fought the urge to untie the boy's white hakama and slip off his pants. He wanted to see Ichigo in his skin, only his bare skin. He wanted to touch him, run his fingers down Ichigo's chest and then take him. He wanted to claim Ichigo as his mate. He wanted to mate with him. Grimmjow shook his head trying to free himself of these urges. Why did it have to be him? Why Ichigo Kurosaki the substitute shinigami that kicked his ass in the past? Couldn't it have been someone else – anyone else?

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