I am once again truly crazy to start yet another story, but i couldn't help it. Hope you enjoy it.

NOTICE:This story takes place in a regular high school so there won't be any ninja skills or anything like that. Also this Konoha High is like a public school in America (since that's where i am from and what i know) so they won't be wearing uniforms in school.

The town's most popular teenage hangout, Ichiraku's, was packed. There was only one more week before school started and for the large group in the back, it was going to be their last.

They were all talking about what they had done that past summer. Some had gone on vacation while others just stayed at home.

There was then a clink of glass that silenced the entire table. They all looked over to the end of the table. A girl with blonde hair, blue eyes, and wearing a jean skirt with a purple polka dot camisole was standing on a chair.

"Now that I have everyone's attention, let me say that this marks the end of summer and soon our senior year of high school will start and in just 3 months the big Homecoming dance will be here. So you all better vote for my girl Sakura or else." Ino gave everyone a glare.

Then someone coughed. "Dork."

Ino slowly turned her head to see who made the comment. "What did you say Dog Breath?"

The boy with shaggy brown hair, red triangle tattoos, and wearing black jeans, a white tshirt, and a leather jacket gave the blonde a dashing smirk. "I said dork. School hasn't even started yet and you are already talking about that dumb dance."

Ino's eyes were now on fire. She marched over and started shaking him. "You dumb ass! This is our senior year and it's our last dance besides prom!" Ino continued to shout, but soon everyone went back to talking.

"Hey Hinata, isn't Kiba just plain stupid. Even I am smart enough not to call Ino a dork." A boy with spiky blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and was wearing jeans, black tshirt, and a orange and black sweat jacket laughed.

"I don't think it's very funny Naruto. Poor Kiba is going to a concussion from all that shaking." Hinata said a little worried.

"Nah, he's tough. The school's star football player (I'm from America so when I say football I mean America football) can handle a little shaking from Ino."

"I guess you are right."

"Of course I am. So I'm pretty much done eating. Want me to walk you home?" Naruto stood up to leave.

"Thank you Naruto." Hinata got up to follow.

"No problem." Naruto waved good bye to their friends and headed out with Hinata following close behind.

On the way home Naruto, walking with his hands behind his head, talked about how he had spent the summer traveling with his godfather, gathering research for his next novel.

Hinata let out a giggle. Naruto has been her best friend since they were little kids so she really knew what Naruto meant when he said "research".

"So Hinata I know we hung out when I was in town but what did you do while I was away? "

"Oh, well I stayed home most of the summer."

"Really, the whole summer?"

"Why yes. My father and sister were on vacation most of the time, so I was pretty much alone."

"Oh sorry Hinata. I sometimes forget how much of a jerk you dad was."

"It's okay Naruto. It gave me plenty of time to work on my artwork."

"Still….I wish I could have been there for you and now I feel really bad."

"Why's that?" Hinata asked.

"Because, Coach Gai is dead set on us winning the state championship this year so we have to start soccer practice this week, so that means I won't be able to see you all week. I'm sorry Hinata."

"It's alright Naruto. If you want to become team captain this year then I guess you will have to practice a lot. We have a couple of classes together so we can hang out when school starts." Hinata gave him a reassuring smile.

Naruto smiled back. "Well it looks like we are here. Goodnight Hinata." Naruto caught her up in a huge embrace.

Hinata blushed at the contact but luckily the darkness hid it. "Goodnight Naruto. Good luck with soccer practice and I will see you at school next week."

Naruto let go and walked off with a final wave goodbye.