Hey guys, here I am with another oneshot for Ghirahim x Link and this was something I came up with randomly one day sitting in the car on the way to an airport... with only about four hour of sleep. … Yeah. I hope this turned out funny. My good friend, who is now my editor [YAY!], said it was funny. Well, I guess we'll see. Haha. I just hope my other fics come out good as well.


Pairing: Hints of one-sided Ghirahim/Link

Discliamer: I do not own Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, If I did... well, I would be playing as Ghirahim. Thank god he'll be in the new Smash Brothers Game [says rumor and all that] Oh Link. I'll be harassing you with him a lot~ MWAHAHA!

Heart Piece

Ghirahim chuckled as the blade swiped at him since he easily dodged back to avoid the sword hitting any vital points. He caught the blade with two fingers and tried to pull the blade away. The young Hero, Link, managed to win that tug-o'-war battle, only to slash at him again. This time Ghirahim had to dodge since he wasn't too fond of getting hit. He licked his lips as the battle grew more intense, while Hero looked more and more intriguing by the minute. He recalled a few moments ago when his fingers were gripping that cotton forest green tunic and his lips barely brushing against the Hero's pointed ear. Ghirahim enjoyed the look of horror on the Sky Child's face and couldn't help but feel immensely prideful because he was the cause of it. His sadistic nature was getting the better of him. Ghirahim chuckled once more, licking his sword and watching the Hero's expression slightly change at the sight before continuing their battle.

You could call it his twisted way of flirting.

From the first moment he turned around and looked at the young Hero, Ghirahim knew that they were both bound by a string of fate. Whether that meant they would fight until their last breath, or end up in something forbidden- either way, the thought fascinated Ghirahim, and this made the Hero look much more appealing. He smirked allowing the battle to come to an end. As enthralling as the Hero was, Ghirahim wasn't about to let the Hero's sword hit him. That damn blade made his skin burn. They were practically the same, him and that blade, but he won't bother with that for now. That was a conversation left for another time.

"As much as I would love to stand here and play with you all day Link, I'm afraid that I have other matters to attend to," Ghirahim said, bored and disappointed at the fact he had to leave. He wasn't too concerned though, something told him he was going to be seeing much more of this Sky Child. That was a given. "We'll meet again, after all," Ghirahim paused, half tempted to mess with the other male even more by moving closer and grabbing that pale face. His mind wondered if that pale skin would bruise easily under his touch. "We are bound by a string of fate, you and I-"

Ghirahim was suddenly cut off when a rush of cool wind brushed past him before it stopped a bit away. He blinked, noticing that Link was now gone and no longer in front of him. He turned his head with the rest of his body following, and found the strangest sight. Link was cuddling a Heart Piece to his chest, looking positively happy and giddy about the whole thing. Ghirahim had his sword held in the air, about to teleport from this room, but ended up holding it awkwardly. He was too focused on Link's odd behavior. It was only moments later did he realize something else very important.

Was he just ignored because of a Heart Piece?