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Spanner's Hidden Pain

Spanner sat in his workroom quietly while he was working on one of his Moscas dutifully. The room was nice and quiet, until Shoichi abruptly burst into the room, an adorable, happy grin on his cute face. Spanner glanced at him from behind his Mosca. Shoichi was dressed in a cute outfit; a large panda hoodie, and a pair of cute black jeans. Spanner could easily tell that this outfit was obviously not for staying at home and working.

"Spanner! Are you busy today?" Shoichi asked brightly. Spanner's heart skipped a beat suddenly, confusing Spanner greatly. A wierd feeling of hope suddenly fluttered to life within him. Trying to control his sudden impulse, spanner shook his head slowly.

"N-no, not really." he stammered quickly, trying to steady his voice to its usual stotic tone. "I don't really have anything important I have to do today." Shoichi sighed with relief, making Spanner's heart flutter again.

"AH! Thank goodness! I didn't want to go out and leave if it meant leaving you alone with a lot of work." he explained happily. Spanner's heart sank abruptly. He winced and stared at Shoichi expectantly.

"You're going out?" he asked emotionlessly. Shoichi blushed light pink, and nodded slight, fidgiting with his shirt adorably.

"E-eto...Well, B-Byakuan-san invited me to go to an amusement park with him!" he declared, slightly embaressed. Spanner's fists clenched for some reason that Spanner didn't understand. Spanner glanced at his clenched, trembling hands.

"I see..." he mumbled softly, still staring down at his hands. Shoichi stepped over a few tools and gears, approaching Spanner.

"Spanner? Are you okay with me going out? If you want me to stay here and help you out, I will." Shoichi suggested kindly, worried about Spanner's odd behavior. Spanner hesitated before answering. A small part of him was begging him to make Shoichi stay, but Spanner ignored it and shook his head.

"No, I'm fine. You are not needed here." he replied. Shoichi smiled gratefully.

"Okay! Just call me if you need me to come back okay?" Shoichi called to him as he navigated his way back toward the workroom door, trying not to step on any tools. Spanner nodded quickly.

"Nn." he agreed quietly, as he continued his tinkering with the Mosca before him. Shoichi waved to him, and left the room happily, eager to meet with Byakuran.

Soon after Shoichi left the room, Spanner grimaced, suddenly furious for some reason that he didn't understand. He tightened his grip on the wrench in his hand, before flinging it across the room angerly. He layed his head in his hands, frustrated for no real reason.

"Dammit..." He muttered."What's wrong with me lately?"
WHAA! SPANNER! You didn't tell me SPanner would SUFFER! OAO
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