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And so Kvothe ran, chasing the beautiful Felurian in to the forest.

His feet pounded on the forest ground, racing to catch up with her. He heard distant shouts behind him, but all he could think about was her. Her beauty and grace, her voice, her image, everything. And on he ran, fueled by pure will as he raced through the uninhabited forest. Though running as fast as he could, she always managed to stay ahead of him. As soon as he drew close, she would dance away, laughing, and watching him struggle with those bright eyes. He staggered, tripping over a branch. For a second, he was tempted to just stop, but the he heard her laugh again, and he was blinded by need.

The branches of nearby trees grabbed at his cloak, tearing at it and pulling him back, as if in warning. But Kvothe just ran on, intent on his prize. His cloak tore from his back just as he neared the boarder of the Fae and human world, catching sight of Felurian just before she danced into the shadows once again. Kvothe burst forward and gasped, finally managing to grasp her around the waist, pulling her to the ground. And there he took her, shedding his clothes so fast in heated desire. And it was perfect, it was wonderful and everything she had promised it would be. As he sank into her, he shuddered with desire and all other thought fled from his mind as he let himself go to animalistic need.

When Kvothe woke up, his muscles ached. Shifted into a more comfortable position and froze as he felt a warm hand rest on his chest. His bare chest. Then the last night came rushing back to him. He groaned as he tried to relax him muscles. He now knew why so many spoke in whispered hushes about Felurian's skills. It would have killed a weaker man. He looked around. His clothes had been reduced to a pile of rags and his cloak was nowhere to be found. Though luckily, the pack with the Maer's chest was still present.

Just then, he felt movement at his side. He turned to look and soon sank deep into the depths of Felurian's eyes. He felt the burning passion build again but shook his head, banishing it to a dull glow instead. He had more important things to worry about at the moment. He let his mind go over all the past Felurian tales he had heard of. The men always found her naked, singing in the woods, they would always followed her into the shadows, and once she got bored of them she would let them go, and they would either die in the wild or be driven crazy by want of her. No one had ever survived. He shuddered. He would not go mad. He would not die. He still had—

He felt movement by his side. Turning his head, he saw her wide, doe-like eyes staring at him. She smiled at him and sat up, motioning towards a nearby rock, laden with food.

"Let us eat" she said. Kvothe sat down and surveyed the food; some of it was what he recognized, like the slab of roasted meat that surly must be deer. But there were other foods that he had no idea what they were. A large, round purple fruit was set in front of him. Picking it up, he had no idea what to expect. He glanced over at Felurian and saw her smiling encouragingly. He bit into the odd fruit and instantly, his mouth was flooded with flavor. It was not a flavor of anything; rather, it tasted of everything. It had the sweet sourness of oranges and the smoky flavor of potatoes, it had the soft shell of plums and the crunch inside of apples, and it was everything all at once. One thing for sure, he was no longer in the mortal world.

After he finished, he picked up his lute and began to strum a few chords. Kvothe look up to see that Felurian had gone still, she was staring intently at his lute.

"A musician! I never had a musician before!" She was as excited as a newborn pup, eager to know to more.

So Kvothe played. He played songs that made her laugh in delight and songs that made her weep with pity. He played songs of long lost love and songs of bitter siblings. And as a gift, he played a song for her, one he had written just moments before. It sang of her beauty and it moved her to no ends. She smiled happily at him.

"Name what you desire. my musician and I shall give it of you"

Kvothe knew the one thing he wanted above all else, and that was freedom.

"I would love to be able to walk the mortal world once more"

The Felurian's face turned cold. She glared at him and with command in her tone said "I will not allow you to walk free."

This stirred up great anger in Kvothe. He had powers like none other. Sure she may be of the Fae, but he was skilled in the dark and terrible magic's. He would fight for his freedom.

Mustering up all his courage and strength, he began to ready for battle. He would fight for his freedom, or die trying.

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