Zak rolled over on his side to look at Nick. "No, seriously. How awesome would it be?"

Nick shook his head, pulling Zak closer to his body. "No. It's crazy."

"No crazier than anything else we've done," he answered, resting his head under Nick's chin.

"Zak, we would be naked."


"Ok. So the whole world would be looking at my ass on camera."

That made Zak stop and think. "We'll put you in the back with the wide angle lens."

Nick smiled into the darkness. "So then the whole world can see Aaron's hairy ass in a wide angle view? And who is going to review that video?"

Zak shrugged against Nick's body. "We'll make Billy do it."


"Aw come on, Nick. I want this."

Nick sighed. "Zak, this is like the worst idea ever. You know we can't show below the waist."

"So we can wear boxers."

"Zak I am not filming naked. And I don't want the world seeing you or Aaron naked on camera either."

"We'll work something out…," he yawned.

Nick sighed, closing his eyes. "Fine. If Aaron is ok with it, fine."

Zak smiled into Nick's chest. "Oh, Aaron will be ok with it."

The next month found them sitting in a van outside the gate of Rainbow Valley Nudist Society, all of them staring dubiously through the bars through the front windshield. "Do we have to get naked out here before we go in?" Aaron asked from the backseat.

The gate opened for them, allowing Nick to drive the van through, down to the main lodge. A very naked man stepped out of the lodge as they pulled up. "Zak… This was your idea, you talk to him."

Zak nodded and jumped out of the van. "Hi, I'm Zak, that's Nick and Aaron's in the back seat."

"Hi, Zak. I'm Jerry, the manager of Rainbow Valley. We thank you guys for coming out."

"Yeah, we heard that this is one crazy place." Slowly Nick and Aaron stepped out of the van, seeing that Zak wasn't made to disrobe immediately.

Jerry nodded, greeting each man in turn as he stepped out of the van. "We've had a lot of experiences here, mostly with angry spirits. We have an exorcism scheduled in a few of our cabins for next week. Figured we'd wait for you guys to come and do your thing," he laughed slightly. Zak did have a reputation for leaving a place more haunted than when he came. "So how do you guys normally work this?"

Nick cleared his throat, pulling a folder out from the van. "We have some consents and agreements for you to sign before we can do anything. Um, we won't…uh…"

"Film below the waist?" Jerry finished for him, laughing at his awkwardness.

Nick nodded, blushing.

"No problem," Jerry said, taking the folder from Nick. "But we do have rules of our own. No one is allowed through these gates and into the compound with clothing."

"Ok. That's no problem." Zak stated, pulling his shirt over his head. "We'll have to have any people we interview sign those forms too."

Jerry nodded. "No problem. I'll be happy to coordinate that for you."

Zak turned and beamed at Aaron and Nick as he unbuckled his pants, letting them fall to the ground. Nick silently wondered how he didn't know Zak was such an exhibitionist.

Aaron glanced sideways at him as he pulled his shirt over his head. The air of awkwardness was thick. They had all seen each other naked before; hell they had been in compromising positions while naked, but never in the presence of another person, or multiple people.

"Don't be shy, gentlemen. Nothing here that none of us have never seen before," Jerry said smiling, handing the folder with the signed forms back to Nick.

Sighing, Nick and Aaron both dropped their own pants, setting their clothes in the van with the consent forms. Zak walked naked to the van, tossing his clothes in the front passenger seat. "You guys all right?" he asked them across the front seats.

Aaron cleared his throat, a blush entering his cheeks. "This is awkward, dude. I'm not comfortable dropping my boxers." Nick nodded in agreement.

Zak turned and shook his ass at them. "It's freeing. Come on. Everyone in there is going to be naked. You'll look weird and stand out."

Nick grumbled and shifted. "Don't do that."

Aaron shook his head. "I don't want to be naked around other naked people I don't know. And no, don't do that."

Zak grinned. "Do what? This?" He turned and shook his ass at them again.

Nick and Aaron both groaned in unison. This was going to be sheer torture. How could they walk through a nudist colony, butt naked, while filming Zak butt naked? Zak turned back to them, smirking. "Come on. I'll make it up to you both later," he said, and slammed the passenger door shut.

"Oh, because that won't give me wood while we do these interviews," Aaron grumbled, stripping his boxers off as Nick did the same. Closing the driver side door and heading around back to grab their equipment, they agreed that this was punishment. Apparently they had done something that pissed Zak off and this was his way of getting back at them. That was the only thing they could come up with.

Coming back with cameras, they spied Zak chatting casually with Jerry, both men comfortable in their nudity. Nick tried not to look. He desperately tried not to look but damn. Zak was naked in front of him and he couldn't touch. Turning to look at Aaron behind him, he had that same look in his eye. "Ready?" Jerry asked. Nick and Aaron both nodded. "Great! Let's start the walk through then shall we?"

Walking through the welcome center, Nick made sure to video tape the "Rules of the Community" sign for future reference, and possibly some B-roll shot to make it into the show- as an excuse for their nudity. Hell, he wasn't even sure this could be aired.

As they passed by the office, Jerry handed them each a towel, explaining that it was for sitting on because they do still like to be sanitary. Aaron breathed an audible sigh of relief, thankfully taking the towel, but still eyeing it. How many people had sat on this towel naked? Did they use bleach when they washed it?

The first place Jerry took them to was the pool area. People were happily milling about, lounging alongside the water and swimming by. Nick wondered how the hell this was going to work with the network. Everyone was naked. This was a filming nightmare. Turning to look at Aaron to make a comment, he saw his camera up, but eyes closed. "Dude!" Nick whispered harshly. "Open your eyes."

Aaron shook his head. "This is so awkward, Nick. I can't look at Zak. I can't look at you. There's a million people here. Some dude I don't know brushed by me with his wang inches from my hip. I can't do this, Nick."

Nick snorted. He was right. This would go down in history as their worst lockdown ever. Normally, he'd shoulder or hip bump Aaron to let him know that he understood and sympathized, but that seemed wrong while they were naked. And he didn't feel all that comfortable with his dick to just be swinging out there for everyone to see. Not that it was hidden much now, but movement made it that much more awkward.

Zak cleared his throat. "Ok, ready to roll?"

Nick and Aaron watched the interview through their view screens. Both admiring the way that Zak's tattoos stood out on his body against his skin and laughing at his farmer's tan. Aaron wanted to reach out and brush his fingers over the tattoo on his hip that he knew was just for him. He wanted to hide it from the people there; conceal their emotions. He knew that there were matching tattoos on their bodies but for some reason he just wanted to slap his hand over Zak's so no one could see it. This was theirs and only theirs. It was all they had really.

The interview ended and Jerry left momentarily to collect the round of interviewees and get them to sign some paperwork, leaving the three men alone. "What do you think?" Zak asked as he approached them.

"I hate you right now," whispered Nick.

Zak grinned at him and looked at Aaron, glancing down. "That's not what I see. Both of you seem to be enjoying something."

Aaron shifted, trying to hide his half hard cock with his camera. "Dude, there are women here. This is bad."

Zak snorted. "What's wrong? Women grossing you out now that you've tasted cock?"

Nick tried to hide his grin as he strategically held his own camera in front of him.

"No!" Aaron said, looking around. Leaning closer, he whispered, "I just don't like being hard in front of people I don't intend to fuck."

Zak shrugged. "Then don't be hard."

"Right," Nick chimed in. "It's that easy to not be hard, watching your naked ass on our cameras, standing next to each other naked… Normally when we're like this there's a bed, lube, and condoms involved."

Zak shrugged again. "So we'll have sex later. Just because we're filming naked here doesn't mean we're not going to get laid later," he grinned. "Plus, the teasing and delay of satisfaction makes it that much better." He turned as Jerry started to approach them with an older lady, also very naked. Zak greeted her warmly and started explaining their filming and interview process.

Aaron looked at Nick who stared back. "I say we leave him out tonight."

Nick nodded. "Sounds good. Just you and me. We haven't done that in awhile."

"He hasn't pissed us off in awhile."


Aaron lifted his camera as Zak signaled to them that they were ready to start the interview. "Tomorrow is going to suck."

Nick laughed at his choice of words. "I think naked lockdown is better than naked interviews. We can't film this woman's tits."

Aaron hadn't thought of that. How the hell was this going to work? Maybe they'll just have to blur it. "You know, your wife's tits are going to sag like that one day."

Nick reached over and smacked him. "Shut up about my wife's tits."

Aaron laughed, the tension momentarily lifted until he looked through the viewfinder at the sultry look Zak was giving him from under his eyelashes. Shit. Pressing record, he wondered if he could get away with slipping into Zak's room after leaving Nick's that night.