Zak knew he was being plotted against. Just knew it. Aaron's smile was never that sly without Nick's coercion. Nick was the one he really had to look out for, but once an idea was put into Aaron's head, there was no getting it out.

A month after their failed lockdown at the Rainbow Valley Nudist Society found them lounging in Zak's basement, playing video games. When Nick told him not to invite Billy over, Zak pretty much figured out where this evening was headed. Not that he minded, but a heads up would have been nice. He would have put nicer sheets on the bed at least.

Zak's man on the screen went down, ending the number of lives he had. Sitting down heavily next to Aaron, he grumbled at Nick's seeming perfection at this game. Aaron's long arm came around, pulling him into his lap. "I bet we could distract him enough to get him killed," he smirked.

"I heard that," Nick said, eyes still focused on the game in front of him. "Not going to work. And also not fair."

Zak grinned. He loved fucking with Nick almost as much as fucking Nick. Almost. Ok, maybe a little bit more some days… Anchoring his feet, he ground his hips back against Aaron's, eliciting a moan from the younger man. Quickly, he pulled his shirt over his head as hands went to work unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. A quick shimmy and he was out of both his pants and boxer briefs, sitting naked on Aaron's lap.

Aaron snorted. "You get naked faster and faster every time."

Pulling his own shirt over his head, he pulled Zak back flush against his chest. Slowly, he ran both hands up the insides of his thighs, the muscles flexing against his clothed legs. "We should really get those pants off you….," Zak moaned.

Aaron shook his head. "Nah, right now I just want to have my hands on your body." He traced his fingertips lightly over the soft skin, feeling the legs tremble at his touch. Those fingertips grazed back up his legs, one hand moving to cup and massage his balls while the other continued the caress up the muscled chest. Zak's eyes fluttered closed; beautiful eyelashes laid against his tan skin. A soft moan escaped his lips at the touch as he laid his head back against Aaron's naked shoulder.

"What do you want?" Aaron whispered, his voice deep but loud enough so Nick could hear.

"Touch me," Zak groaned.

Smirking, Aaron glanced at Nick's back. He wasn't sure if the tenseness in the shoulders was from the stress of the game or listening to the scene behind him, but at this point, he didn't care. He had Zak laid out naked in his lap, on the verge of begging. Nick could stand there and play his video games if he wanted. "I am touching you," he retorted. He saw Nick's form shift out of the corner of his eye.

Zak grunted in frustration as he rocked his hips back into Aaron's. "You know where I mean. Fucking stroke my cock."

Aaron tsk tsked behind him, fingertips still doing their evil, torturous dance along the hard lines of the body before him. "Such language! You know, people who use language like that should get punished."

Zak merely groaned his response as fingers finally wrapped around his cock. Anchoring his hands on the thighs beneath him, he rocked his body up into the warmth and back into the heavy denim-encased cock. The motion was really making Aaron want to throw Zak down and claim him right there literally behind Nick's back. Instead, he chuckled breathlessly into Zak's ear, "You might as well be riding me with all this movement." Zak moaned back, tightening his hands on Aaron's thighs as he rocked back harder. Aaron closed his eyes as Zak's ass made contact with his trapped cock again. "Do you want to ride me? Slip my cock up into your tight ass and fuck yourself on it?"

Zak nearly lost his grip and fell. Aaron rarely talked dirty like that and fuck… what it did to his body blew his mind. "Fuck, yes," he nearly screamed as he slid down off Aaron's legs so the younger man could take his pants off.

Nick's character died on the screen as he heard the second pair of pants of the evening hit the floor and the top of the small bottle of lube they had thought to bring with them popped open. Zak straddled Aaron's legs, whimpering at the feel of the wet fingers dance around and slide so easily inside his tight pucker. With a quick smack to the round ass, Aaron signaled for Zak to slide back. "I told you, people who say fuck should get punished."

Slowly sliding down onto Aaron's cock, Zak's body nearly gave out. Large hands guided his hips as he rocked back and forth, feeling the stiff shaft slide in and out of him so easily. "Then fucking punish me," he said as he sank down deeper.

Quickly, Nick spun around, pressing Zak's body hard up against Aaron's, grabbing his wrists and holding them in front of him. Blue eyes went wide as he stared back into the browns, dark with need. "That's what I've been waiting to hear," Nick said, pulling out a pair of handcuffs from his pocket and deftly locking them on Zak's wrists.

Zak's bottom lip stuck out as Nick pulled him up by the chain linking the handcuffs. Aaron grunted as his cock slid free into the cool air of the basement, already missing its warm encasement. Nick snorted, eyeing Zak's naked body in front of him. "I forgot the collar and leash at home, damn." Running his fingers over the tanned skin at the base of his neck, he whispered, "It looked so pretty against your skin too and we rarely get to use it."

Zak shifted, feeling awkward and set up. "What kind of game is this?" He was used to their plots at this point, but usually he was a willing participant in the planning, or semi-planning of it.

Aaron stood up, smacking Zak on the ass before grabbing it firmly. "You guys have to show me this blue dildo I heard about back in the cabin at that nudist place with the cameras."

Rolling his eyes, Zak visibly relaxed. "That's all?"

Bending down, Nick lifted Zak over his shoulder, grunting at his weight. "This would have been a lot easier with the collar."

Smacking the ass in front of him, Zak said, "You know I know the way to my bedroom. I can walk."

Aaron followed along behind them, shrugging at him when Zak lifted his head to look up at him. He was amazed that Nick could lift him so easily and carry him so far. He knew that the younger man had been going to the gym without him, but he didn't realize just how much he had been doing. Regardless, Nick obviously thought he had him in a vulnerable position, but really, Nick's ass was now before him. Even though his hands were cuffed, he could still slip one down the back of his pants and…

A quick smack to his ass flared pain across his lower body. "What the fuck?" Zak screamed, snapping his head over to glare up at Nick.

"This is the one and probably only time I will ever say get your hand out of my pants, Bagans," Nick said as they neared his bedroom. Aaron opened the door for them and Zak was flopped down on the mattress. His arms were raised above his head as the link between the cuffs was clipped to the other set of handcuffs that he always carelessly left on the bedframe. Or, you know, left there on purpose knowing that they would use it again eventually and it was just too much of a damn pain and so unsexy to move the mattress every time.

Laying naked on the bed, Zak felt his body flush as his cock throbbed against his stomach watching Nick undress nonchalantly at the foot of the bed. "So where's this dildo?" Aaron asked, opening the drawers on the nightstand.

"In the bathroom. Let's go," Nick said, abandoning his clothes in a pile on the floor.

Aaron flashed Zak a grin before following Nick. Zak whimpered as he watched them disappear around the corner, but he would never admit to it. Pulling himself up a little so he was against the pillows slightly, he tried to make himself more comfortable. He had a feeling tonight was going to be a long night. He heard Aaron snicker, causing him to blush deep, but the quiet that followed afterwards bothered him. "How deep does it go?"

"As deep as you want it to," Nick answered.

Zak gulped. Ok, this night might not be turning out exactly as he had hoped. The silence returned and he really wanted to know what the hell they were doing in there but his voice failed him when he opened his mouth to ask. A deep moan that he recognized as Nick's resonated from the bathroom. Zak cursed under his breath. He just knew that Aaron was doing that thing with his tongue and damn… they needed to get back in here.

When they returned, Zak noticed their wet lips and weeping cocks and grunted in frustration. Aaron held the dildo in his hand as if he held a golden prize. "So this is the magical blue dildo," he grinned. Zak rolled his eyes. Looking over at Nick, he said, "I don't know. This seems rather pointless. I'd much rather just fuck him."

Nick grinned back and took the dildo from him, moving in between Zak's legs. "Just watch."

"I feel like a side attraction," Zak grumbled as his legs were pushed apart and his hips were moved into position.

"More like a favorite ride," Nick snickered.

Zak tried to get out a snappy come back but his body tensed and shuddered as the dildo was pushed slowly inside of him. He felt it slide in, inch by inch, as his legs gave away and fell to the side, his back arching off the bed as Nick's other hand stroked teasingly slow along his throbbing cock.

"Beautiful," mumbled Aaron at his side.

"I know…," Nick said, pushing the dildo in all the way to the hilt as Zak whimpered at the welcomed intrusion. "Never get to see that when you're fucking him. Just watch, dude, just watch."

Slowly, he began to thrust the dildo inside as Zak's body convulsed, arms pulling against the handcuffs. Aaron watched in awe at the dance the man on the bed was doing as this silicone object was pushed into his body. The muscles contorted and flexed; his face fluctuating between relaxed and tensed; his teeth nibbling on that bottom lip as he whimpered and silently begged for more.

Zak released an angry grunt as Nick stopped moving, holding the dildo firmly half inside his body. "Work for it," Nick whispered. Zak grunted again as he raised his hips and sank them down, using his shoulders against the bed as leverage to fuck himself on the dildo. His body tensed as he worked it at his own pace, thrusting faster with each movement.

Aaron worked his way around the bed, guiding Nick's legs open and rubbing along his pucker as he knelt between Zak's legs. Nick groaned as he felt the probing fingers loosen him as the other hand massaged his balls. Letting go of the dildo, he planted his hands on either side of Zak's hips. Zak grunted in frustration at the loss of the solid base to fuck himself against, but he settled for watching the show above him as the dildo still sat mostly inside his body. Nick's eyes were closed as Aaron bit and kissed along his shoulder blade and up his neck. As he felt the cock slide in slowly, Nick opened his eyes, staring down into the vibrant blues beneath him. Zak's arms itched to reach out to him as he watched the bodies move above him. He tried to twitch his body closer, bring Nick down to him, something just to bring them together, to feel that body movement.

Aaron's hands stayed on Nick's hips, the sound of skin slapping skin rang in their ears as the room began to smell like sex. Bending them over more, Aaron groaned in satisfaction as he swiveled his hips, eliciting a breathy moan from the man beneath him. Zak awkwardly leaned up, capturing Nick's lips with his own, feeling the power of Aaron's thrusts as they were pushed together. Grinding their hips together, Zak nearly screamed at the pleasure. Nick grinned, pulling back, "Nuh uh. You're not getting off yet," he groaned out. "We're not done with you."

Whimpering, his cock bobbed at his own need, the head nearly purple. Aaron groaned out behind him, his body stilling as he poured his seed inside his willing captive, resting his forehead against the back of his neck. "Fuck," Nick whispered, feeling the hot spurts coat his insides.

Slowly, Aaron pulled out, grunting as his withering cock met cool air. Zak pulled furiously at his restraints as Nick still knelt above him on hands and knees. "Uncuff me," he whispered deeply.

Aaron grinned above him as he produced the handcuff key. Nick still remained motionless above Zak, waiting, knowing what was coming when Aaron turned that key. Within seconds of his freedom, Zak had them flipped. "Ugh, God," Nick screamed out as he was entered a second time, this cock much less gentle. Zak's screams matched his as Aaron pushed the dildo back deep into Zak's ass as he thrust mercilessly into the man beneath him. Nick's body folded around him, his cock thrusting into his stomach, providing the friction he needed. "Holy fuck," he grunted as his body tensed and relaxed as he released between them, send streaks of white across both their stomachs.

Zak whimpered as he felt the spasm of Nick's orgasm around his cock and he swore if Aaron shoved that dildo in any deeper it was going to be fucking into his brain. A hand reached under him, grabbing his heavy sack and that was all it took to send him over the edge, his own cum mixing with Aaron's.

Pulling the dildo out, Aaron placed it in the sink in the bathroom before coming back to the bed, cradling the closest body to him. "How did I end up bottoming for both of you?" Nick yawned. "I need a shower."

Zak snorted, resting back against Aaron's chest. "It's about time someone else bottomed for a change."

Aaron pressed his fingers against Zak's abused pucker, causing the other man to twitch his hips away and give him a glare. "You were fucking beautiful with that dildo, Zak."

"I told you," Nick mumbled as he started to fall asleep.

Zak pushed against his shoulder, "Dude, go shower. No cum on my sheets."

Nick grinned, his eyes still closed as he snuggled deeper into the mattress. "It's ok. It's yours."

"What the fuck ever," Zak grunted back as Aaron's warm arms wrapped tighter around him.

"Think you could take a bigger dildo?" Aaron wondered.

Nick snickered as Zak closed his eyes, ignoring the question.