I'm sorry, but I just have had this idea in my head for the longest time. To those who are following 'ROTA', I haven't abandoned it. I am serious about getting that made into a game, so I'm watching the market like a hawk in order to see which systems have the best hardware for what I'm developing.

Also, I have to do more research. But I am writing!

But this fiction. I've been dying to do this since the movie 'Scott Pilgrim vs. The World' came out and I've seen all the fiction spin offs and amv spin-offs, and I just started reading the original graphic novel… But I have noticed something.

In all the fan work and fiction, it's always the dominant that has to do all the fighting. (Even in all the USUK ones…)

I needed to see something different.

Obvious AU, human names used. Brief AmericaxOC (but only for a second), RussiaxAmerica, FrUK (England being the responsible one, but Francis being… yeah), Japanxvarious (…You'll see.), and… more pairings will be mentioned as time goes on.

Oh, and Alfred's 'girlfriend' in this… I've seen far too many AmericaxMexico fics, so I wanted to do something new. And I do believe in creating a very few OCs where needed in the Hetalia fandom.

So enter Iran (who I basically modeled after the main character and author, Marjane Satrapi, of the world-renowned graphic novel 'Persepolis'). She's barely seen after the first few chapters, don't worry.

And take note that I'm drawing inspiration from both the movie and graphic novels of Scott Pilgrim, so if some jokes don't sound like you remember… Yeah.

Okay, let's go.

Disclaimer- I don't own Hetalia or Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

Once upon a time, in the strange vast land of New York, New York…

Alfred F. Jones had just gotten off the rebound…

Inside of a small condo, in the inner part of the city, four young men were sitting around a table trying to get some food in before they started on their day. "Alfred F. Jones is dating a college freshman…" That came from the one named Yong Soo, a cocoa-haired Korean who was slowly working on getting his bachelors in IT. However, his happy-go-lucky smile had a bit of… something behind it.

"Is she hot?" Miguel, a short-haired Mexican-American who was living off of odd-jobs, smirked as he poured himself another cup of coffee. Suddenly, Yong Soo seemed to pass out, his head falling onto the table.

"Wait for it…" That sigh came from Arthur Kirkland, the blonde Brit who was the adoptive father and band-mate to the young man who was cooking bacon on the small kitchen's stove. Yong Soo snapped back up, his eyes dark and his expression malicious. You see, he had a severe split-personality that would switch out at the most random times. Like now,

"So, Yankee…" Yong Soo's darker half, Han Soo, leered, "How many years has it been since you dropped out of school? Five? Six?"

"I'm not playing your games today, Han Soo…" The blonde at the stove sighed, plating the greasy bacon he had just cooked. But Han Soo smirked,

"So you would practically be robbing the cradle with this-"

"I'm twenty, okay?" The blonde turned, revealing a boyish face and short, messy hair. He nodded his head, causing glasses that were perched on top of his hair to fall to the bridge of his nose.

"So… Dating a nice young girl after your blow of crushing relationship failures…" Arthur hummed, taking a sip of his Earl Grey, "Not bad, not bad…" Alfred sat down, beginning to wrapping each strip of bacon around the sausages that were already on the table. Miguel, who was busy playing around with a DS that Alfred had given him, asked,

"So… Have you two… You know," He gave a suggestive look with his eyes, "Done anything yet?"

"We've done many things…" Alfred replied smoothly, taking a bite out of his sausage-bacon, "We take the bus together, we have deep conversations, and we discuss how her professors are giving her a hard time…" Arthur interjected with,

"Have you even kissed her yet?", which made Alfred think for a bit. He snapped his fingers when he remembered,

"We held hands once!" But then he added, "But it was only for like a second before she got embarrassed and we had to stop."

"Well isn't that just Yankee-Doodle-Dandy?" Han Soo smirked, Alfred averting his eyes with a,

"I have no idea what you're getting at…"

"So, what's this little lady's name?" Arthur asked. Alfred swallowed down a spoonful of scrambled eggs, some of it still on his lips, before he stated,

"Marjane Satrapi." He licked the bit of egg away before he continued, "She's Iranian." Arthur nodded,

"Huh." Miguel nodded,

"Huh." A loud bang signaled that Han Soo had timed out and Yong Soo dizzily asked,

"Huh?" Arthur poured himself another cup of tea, completely unbothered by this morning's occurrences, before he had to ask,

"When do we meet her?"

"Oh, please let it be soon!" Yong Soo smiled. Just then, the doorbell rang: a pale 'Ding-Dong' appearing in the air above them. Alfred smiled as he shoved another sausage in his mouth and walked to the door, cheering,

"That's for me!" He wiped the grease from his hands to his shirt before opening the door to reveal a young woman with long, wavy black hair, fair skin (the only blemish was a small beauty-mark on the side of her nose), and almond eyes.

"Hi Alfred!" Marjane greeted as she waited to be let in out of the cold.

"You promise to be good?" Alfred smiled, Marjane returning the gesture,

"Of course I'll be good!"

"Seriously," Alfred frowned, "Please be good?"

"Since when am I not?" The door opened wider when Arthur walked up behind Alfred, the younger speaking up,

"Marjane, meet my dad Arthur. He's also an absolute beast on the guitar!"

"'Ello there."

"H-!" Before Marjane could finish her greeting, Arthur slammed the door in her face, whispering,

"Is she going to spazz out on us?"

"I promise, Iggy, she'll sit on the couch and not say a word." Arthur frowned.

"But… I want her to spazz out on us!"

"She'll spazz!" Alfred reassured him, "She can spazz! She has the capacity to spazz…" The Brit smiled,

"Good.", before opening the door again and smiling, "Come on in, I bid you welcome to my humble abode!"

"Thank you." Marjane nodded as Alfred slowly led her inside to the living room where a set of band equipment had been set up.

"Here, let me get your coat." Alfred offered as he took Marjane's school-jacket off and tossed to some random location of the room. The Iranian girl slowly walked around the room and looked at all the instruments. She blinked when she saw Yong Soo fixing up the drum-set, but she greeted,

"Hi, I'm Marjane."

"Yong Soo."

"I see," She nodded before asking, "So, you play the drums?"


"Just ignore him Marjane," Alfred called over as he made sure that the microphones had good batteries. He took the portable one before introducing, "This is Miguel.", as he walked over and sat on the couch.

"Hi." She said as she took a seat as well.

"Hola." He answered, turning the DS on again. She hummed for a bit before she asked,

"So, what do you play?" Miguel blinked before looking at the back of his DS and replied,

"Zelda… Pokémon… Elite Beat Agents…"

Yong Soo testing out the drums, caught everyone's attention as Alfred got into position and announced,

"Let's start off with 'Pub N' Go!'"

"Title Pending!" Arthur exclaimed as he got his guitar (decaled with the British flag), "Title Pending!" The loud boom on the drums signaled another timing out for Yong Soo, Han Soo rising up and shouting,

"WE ARE MERLIN'S APHRODISIAC!" He knocked his drumsticks together three times, and calling out, "HANA!DOOL!SET!NET! (One, two, three, four!)" They didn't even falter, the band immediately went right into playing the song that they all knew by heart, Alfred doing all the singing:

"Today it rained again!"


"Yesterday it rained as well!"


And tomorrow it shall probably rain some more!"


"But I shall never

Open up an umbrella!

It's the creed of a stubborn British Man…" Marjane was just sitting there, watching the band in awe before they kicked it up a notch, the sound-waves visible.

"Pub! Pub! Pub N' Go!

Fish and Chips!" Arthur joined in to sing,

"If I don't like you

A curse is coming your way!"

Mrs. Fairy! Ms. Fairy!

Ah hah ha ha ha~!

Here I go again!" Yong Soo drummed out the signal that the song was ending, Alfred singing,









"Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

Moron! Moron! Moron! Moron!" Arthur chanted over again before finally ending the song with,

"Alfred, you bloody idiot!" With another round from Yong Soo, the song ended. They all looked to Marjane, who appeared to be in shock. After a while, she whispered,

"You guys… Are so…" She looked up, and you could practically see the stars in her eyes,


A/N: Short, intro is short. But hopefully someone liked it. Anyone? Anyone at all? ... Meep.

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