Title: Conscious

Word Count: 108

Rating: G

Summary: Natsu's mind and body overlap.

Author's Note: There is a strength in Natsu that I enjoy. It is scarcely seen in the 93 chapters that are currently out, but it is fighting to show itself and I feel that when it does, her character will only get better. I decided to start these drabbles with how I view both Natsu and Ango's characters, thus far, before creating any romanticism between them through short drabbles.

Honestly, I didn't think I would be able to stick to 100 words, so from today one, I will do my best. I'll try to post a new drabble every day at around this time. Hope you enjoy this, even if only a bit.

Disclaimer: 7Seeds © Tamura Yumi


Natsu sometimes felt conscious about her surroundings – strange and terrifying.

Months had passed and priorities had been set; yet, she was suddenly very aware that all these hard situations were working her anxiety to death as she felt the painful twists and knotting in her stomach when she lay in bed incapable of sleep. Wishing, hoping, and praying the dream would fade to black so she could return to her safe haven – to the nonexistent world.

Lying on the hard ground, staring absently at the impenetrable darkness, Natsu resolved that fading into the background – hiding inside her shell – wasn't something she could do anymore.

Not here.

Not ever.