Konoha, Nighttime,

A small boy, about 6 years of age, could be seen walking through the streets of Konoha as he came back from playing with a few friends at the playground. The blond continued to walk as he tried to ignore the many glares that he received from the general populace around him. As the kid walked up to his apartment as he opened the door to come into the small room that was given to him by his only precious person, his Jiji. The small boy was called Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto was always a hyperactive kid. He could almost find any reason to smile and yet each smile he gave grew smaller and smaller by the passing day as he continued to be the bane of existence for the people of his village. Naruto gave a small sigh as he took off his clothes and placed them on the bed. Naruto looked at the ground for a second as he gasped when tears came down his eyes. Naruto used his little hand to brush his eyes as he cried.

"Why can't I make more friends? Why do people hate me? Why does everyone glare at me?" All these questions Naruto asked at the empty space. Naruto got no answer and only silence reigned as he sat on his bed. Naruto sniffed slightly as he closed his eyes to go to sleep after the long day he had. Naruto soon opened his eyes and looked at the bed with only himself in it. Naruto curled into a small ball as he wondered what the warmth of a family was like. Naruto sighed as he wondered where his parents were or if they loved him. Sleep claimed Naruto in no time as he slept in his empty apartment. Oblivious to him, two shinobi came into the room as they looked at the sleeping boy. Both sneered at him as they whispered to each other.

"Let's hurry up and get this over with. I don't want to stare at this trash anymore," One of them said to the other.

"I agree. It's time we saved the village and got this demon out of here," the man next to him said. Both nodded to each other as they picked up Naruto and quickly exited the apartment. Both passed the village gates with minimal effort as they dashed into the forest with the problem child of the village in their hands. Both channeled chakra to their feet as they traveled far to get Naruto away from the village. After nearly 3 hours of running, both stopped in the middle of nowhere as they placed the child on the ground.

"This should be far enough, now let's go. Hopefully this brat will never make it back to the village," the shinobi said to his partner. Both nodded as they left Naruto and vanished as they erased all evidence of their presence from the scene. Naruto continued to sleep peacefully without a care in the world.

Next Morning

Naruto squinted his eyes slightly as he got them adjusted to the rays of sunlight. Naruto opened his eyes fully as he turned his head fast to see that he wasn't in his room. Naruto looked around again as he saw nothing but trees as far as his eyes could see.

"W-Where am I? I don't remember this place? Where is my apartment?" Naruto wondered as he slowly rose to his feet. Naruto walked around the mysterious place as he tried to find his way back to his apartment. As Naruto walked, he observed that he was in a different place for he didn't remember any of the scenery that he was seeing. Naruto continued to walk as his stomach rumbled. Naruto clutched his stomach as he looked around for any source of food. Naruto noticed a big hill across from the tons of trees he saw. Naruto sighed as he trudged on through the forest and walked up the hill. Naruto slowly climbed the hill as he scanned the area. Naruto gasped at the beautiful scenery, but his admiration didn't last long as he saw that his home was nowhere in sight. Naruto frowned as he tried to find any small feature that he could remember, but it was all in vain as he slowly descended the hill. Naruto turned his head to see a small fire coming from a specific place in the forest as a smile came across his face.

"I guess I can find out if anyone is over there," Naruto said to himself as he walked towards the fire. Naruto smelled something good as his stomach rumbled some more. It took him a few minutes, but Naruto made it to the base of the fire as he peeked through the bushes to see some fish roasting near the fire as his mouth watered at the sight. Naruto scanned the area and saw a woman sitting near the fish waiting for them to roast a bit more before eating. Naruto looked her over as the woman appeared to be in her late teens. Her hair was blond like his, but much darker than his. She was wearing a short-sleeved black and purple blouse and back pants which seemed to have the design of clouds on them. She also wore purple fingerless gloves on her hands as Naruto moved upward to see what Naruto suspected was a headband on her head. It had the symbol of clouds on it as Naruto continued to observe the woman. She seemed rather nice along with her figure as Naruto found his little eyes staring at the new woman in front of him. Naruto seemed to be at a standstill between coming out and talking to her and staying to just admire her. Unknown to Naruto, he couldn't get the latter as his stomach grumbled with alerted the woman to his presence in the bushes. Naruto gasped as he saw her take out a kunai and face towards his direction.

"Come out now!" The teen said as Naruto weighed his options. She was obviously a shinobi and running wasn't going to help this situation he knew for a fact. Naruto decided to pray to Kami that he lived and carefully crawled out as he had a slightly scared expression on his face.

"S-sorry miss. I didn't mean to spy on you. I found your fire and I just wanted to find someone and ask for some help," Naruto told her. The woman's eyes softened at him as she saw he was just a kid. She withdrew her kunai as she walked towards the kid.

"Why are you all the way out here?" she asked him. Naruto's eyes looked down as he shook his head at her question.

"I don't know. I was asleep in my apartment room last night and when I woke up I was here. I don't know where my home is," Naruto told her. The mysterious woman looked at him with a blank face as she analyzed his story. He was just a kid so it was plausible that he was telling the truth. The blond woman smiled as she knelt down.

"What's your name?" She asked him. Naruto looked up at her as he gave her a small smile.

"I-I am Naruto Uzumaki. What is your name?" Naruto asked her with a smile. The woman chuckled at him as she gave him her own smile.

"I am Yugito Nii. It's nice to meet you Naruto Uzumaki. Do you know where you are right now?" Yugito asked him. Naruto shook his head that he didn't as Yugito pulled out a map and pointed to a specific place for Naruto to see.

"Your here, at the edge of Yu no Kuni(Hot Springs Country) and Hi no Kuni( Fire Country/Konoha)," Yugito told him. Naruto looked at the map as he pointed to pointed to Konoha.

"That's where I live. I live in Konoha Yugito-chan," Naruto told her. Yugito chuckled at the affectionate use of her name as she rolled up the scroll. Yugito placed the scroll back into her pouch as she turned to Naruto.

"Well I would offer to take you back, but Kumo and Konoha are at each other's throats right now. Me going there might bring our villages to war I think," Yugito told him. Naruto nodded with a sad smile as Yugito looked at him. A small awkward silence came between them, but stopped as they both heard Naruto's stomach rumble. Naruto blushed with embarrassment while Yugito chuckled. Naruto pouted at her as his blush deepened.

"It's not funny Yugito-chan. I'm starving here," Naruto said to her. Yugito's chuckle turned into a laugh as she held her sides. Naruto huffed as Yugito managed to calm down.

"S-sorry Naruto-san, but you just made me laugh. I suppose I could at least give you some food to eat," Yugito said as she turned back to food to see that they were down. Yugito sat on the ground as she motioned for Naruto to sit next to her. Naruto obeyed as he sat next to the blond woman. Yugito smiled as she gave him a fish to eat. Naruto took the fish as he bit into it and tore some of the roasted flesh off. Naruto smiled as he ate to his hearts content. Yugito took her own fish as both ate in silence. Yugito turned to Naruto and turned serious.

"Are you going to be alright Naruto-san?" Yugito asked him. Naruto stopped eating for a second as he looked at the ground.

"I don't know Yugito-chan. I am happy that you told me where I was, but I don't want to go back to Konoha," Naruto told her. Yugito paused from eating her fish as she turned to Naruto.

"But why don't you Naruto-san? Your parents must be worried about you," Yugito told him. Naruto gave a sad smile as he continued to look at the ground.

"I don't have any parents. I'm an orphan," Naruto told her. Yugito gasped as she nearly dropped her fish. Yugito placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder as she gave a sad expression.

"I'm sorry Naruto-san. I didn't know. But why don't you want to go back?" Yugito asked him. She didn't want to pry too much, but it was something about him that just made her want to know more. Naruto looked at the ground a little more, but turned to Yugito as he frowned.

"Everyone in Konoha hates me. I didn't have many friends back there. The people glared at me for some reason that I don't know and they try to hurt me on a daily basis. I don't like it there Yugito-chan," Naruto told her. Yugito narrowed her eyes as she checked over Naruto's expressions for a lie, but couldn't find any sort of thing as she looked down at her fish.

"He's just like me," Yugito thought as she turned to Naruto. Yugito poked his shoulder as Naruto looked at her in confusion. He noticed Yugito's smile as he wondered what she was thinking.

"Well, I can't take you back and you certainly aren't going to make it back yourself. Do you want to come back to my village with me? I just finished my mission so I have the time," Yugito told him. Naruto had a blank face, but smile as tears came down his eyes. Yugito gasped as she felt Naruto crash into her chest.

"Thank you Yugito-chan, but are you sure? I don't want to get you in any trouble," Naruto told her. Yugito could only chuckle at his worry over her as she ruffled his soft hair.

"It'll be fine Naruto-kun. I'm sure it will," Yugito told him. Naruto smiled with a nod as he squeezed her a little harder. Yugito smiled as she felt a bit of warmth from Naruto's hug. After a few seconds, Naruto let Yugito go as the blond woman gave him another fish stick to eat, to which Naruto gratefully accepted. Yugito took some water from a nearby pond as she put out the fire. Naruto helped Yugito pack her stuff into her bag as she motioned for Naruto to follow her. Naruto smiled as he grabbed Yugito's hand as they walked back to Yugito's village.

Back in Konoha

The Hokage is called a lot of things. They are called the best, the protectors of their village, and the strongest shinobi in the world. They have the most patience and are the most fit to lead anyone. The current Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen, wasn't patient as he paced his floor constantly. After a few minutes, an anbu came through the door as Sarutobi turned to him.

"Did you find Naruto-kun?" Sarutobi asked in a frantic manner. The anbu shook his head in a negative as Sarutobi slumped in his chair. The one night he was supposed to visit Naruto and he got called to a meeting. Sarutobi cursed as he resolved to find out whoever did this. Sarutobi motioned for the Anbu to leave as Sarutobi turned to the face of the Yondaime Hokage on the mountain wall.

"Minato, I'm so sorry. I fear that the village you trusted has ended your son. I can't tell you how sorry I am about myself and this village," Sarutobi said as he waited for people to try an confirm Naruto's appearance. He then looked out the window as he saw people in the streets bustling with a party a he could hear the shouts that people cried such as 'Horray the demon is gone' or 'I can finally have a good night's rest without worrying about that thing rampaging around'. Sarutobi's heart stiffened as his gaze descended on the people of Konoha.

"I'm sorry Naruto-kun. I've failed you," Sarutobi said as he flashed a KI when he exited the building to stop the damn party that the civilians were having.

With Naruto and Yugito

Both of them continued to walk out of Yu no Kuni as Yugito pulled out her map again. Naruto turned to her as he noticed the air getting colder.

"Yugito-chan, why is it so cold all of a sudden?" Naruto asked her. Yugito chuckled as she gave some warm clothes to Naruto for his comfort.

"We have left Yu no Kuni Naruto-san. We are now in Shimo no Kuni( Frost Country)," Yugito told him. Naruto nodded with a smile as he gripped Yugito's hand a bit more. Naruto smiled as he found a true friend in Yugito as she seemed like a really nice woman. Yugito turned her head to see Naruto's smile and gave a confused chuckle.

"What are you so happy about Naruto-san?" Yugito asked him. Naruto turned to her with his smile still stretched as he gave a foxy grin.

"Your the first real friend I had Yugito-chan. I had other friends back in Konoha, but I could tell that they were slightly afraid of me. I simply wanted friends so I ignored it. Your the first person that's been genuinely nice to me besides my Jiji and a few others," Naruto told her. Yugito gave a slight blush from the praise as she slightly scratched her cheek.

"Think nothing of it Naruto-san," Yugito told him. Naruto nodded with a smile as Yugito decided to pique her curiosity some more. Yugito wasn't sure, but if what Naruto told her was true about his village then it had to be possible.

"Naruto-san, do you know about the Kyuubi?" Yugito asked him. Naruto nodded as Yugito raised an eyebrow.

"People said that it attacked Konoha, but was killed by the Yondaime thus saving the village. Why do you ask Yugito-chan?" Naruto wondered as Yugito broke her gaze with Naruto.

"Nothing really Naruto-kun. Just wanted to know," Yugito told him surprising him at the change in his name. Naruto nodded slowly before looked back at the snow covered areas as the duo continued to walk. Yugito was busy mumbling something to herself as both stopped at a vacant shack.

"I suppose we can stop here for the day Naruto-kun," Yugito told him. Naruto nodded with a smile as he turned to Yugito. Yugito unpacked a sleeping bag she gestured for Naruto to get inside. Naruto stopped for a second and turned to Yugito. Yugito looked up to see Naruto with a small blush on his face as she chuckled.

"Come on Naruto-san, you'll catch cold if you don't," Yugito said to him. Naruto stuttered slightly, but nodded as he calmly stepped into the sleeping bag. Naruto turned to see Yugito get in also as she gave him a hug. Naruto's blush deepened as Yugito fell asleep.

"It's best to converse body heat Naruto-kun," Yugito told him in a sleepy voice. Naruto slowly nodded as he tried to go to sleep, but for all his life couldn't. Due to the close contact, Naruto smelled something nice as he noticed that it originated from Yugito.

"She smells nice," Naruto thought as the slept overcame him. Naruto and Yugito went to sleep as they dreamed about the next day.

Next Morning

Yugito woke up slowly as she gave a a soft yawn. Yugito looked outside to see that it was still snowing , but not as heavily. Due to the clouds, Yugito didn't know what time of day it was as she turned to Naruto. Yugito gave a soft smile and moved her hand to motion for Naruto, but stopped as she heard him mumble.

"Don't look at me like that. Why do you hate me? Your talking about Kyuubi. What does it have to do with me?" Naruto said in his dreams as Yugito narrowed her eyes. Yugito frowned at the dream as she shook Naruto awake. Naruto's eyes shot open as he turned to his new friend looking at him.

"Oh Yugito-chan. Good morning," Naruto said to her. Yugito gave an innocent smile as she wiped off a few tears that trailed Naruto's face.

"You were crying Naruto-kun. Are you okay?" Yugito asked him. Naruto smiled with a slow nod as he rose to his feet.

"I'm fine Yugito-chan. I had a bad dream is all," Naruto told her. Yugito seemed satisfied with his answer as she rolled up the sleeping bag. Naruto helped her as both set out, leaving the vacant shack behind. As both walked, Naruto decided to know more about his new friend as he turned his head to her.

"So Yugito-chan what is Kumo like?" Naruto asked her. Yugito turned to him and chuckled as she thought over his question.

"Well Naruto-kun. In a word I would say...decent. The shinobi there are strict, but most of the people are nice I guess," Yugito said to him. Naruto nodded with a smile on his face as he looked at her headband.

"so your a shinobi?" Naruto asked her. Yugito nodded as she pointed to her headband.

"That's right Naruto-kun. It's a lot of hard work, but you learn a lot of things," Yugito said to him. Naruto smirked as he stole multiple glances at Yugito's headband.

"Do you think I could become one also?" Naruto asked her. Yugito turned to him and gave a small smile.

"What makes you think that you can become a shinobi?" Yugito asked him with a slight tease in her voice. Naruto pouted as kicked the snow.

"I can. I can become a shinobi. I can become the strongest in all the nations," Naruto told her. Yugito stopped walking for a second as she held her sides in a full blown laugh. Naruto quirked up an eyebrow at her as Yugito dropped to her knees on the snow.

"A shrimp like you? Now that's a funny joke Naruto-kun," Yugito said as she laughed. Naruto pouted again as he picked up a handful of snow and formed it into a ball. Naruto smirked as he threw the ball at Yugito, effectively covering her entire face in snow. Naruto chuckled as Yugito stopped laughing.

"Now that's funny Yugito-chan," Naruto said to her. Yugito narrowed her eyes with a gleam in one of them as she picked up the snow also.

"So, Naruto-kun likes to play games huh?" Yugito said as she threw the snow at Naruto. Naruto managed to dodge the snowball as he picked up his own at threw it at Yugito. Yugito laughed along with Naruto as the two went into a good ol' fashioned snowball fight that lasted a few minutes. Naruto huffed while Yugito grabbed his hand again.

"Then become the strongest Naruto-kun. I'll become the strongest kunoichi," Yugito said to him. Naruto nodded as he smiled.

"The strongest kunoichi should stand along with the strongest strongest male shinobi," Naruto told her. Yugito blushed as she wondered what Naruto could have meant by that. Naruto noticed her blush as he cocked his head to the side in confusion. Naruto was simply talking about being friends or rivals. It wasn't a reason to get embarrassed. Naruto decided to let it go as both continued their trek to Kumogakure.

Kumogakure, Two days later

Naruto and Yugito came up to the village as Naruto gasped at the giant gates that held the village inside. Both passed through as Yugito flashed her identification to the gate guards. Naruto looked in awe at the village as he saw all the buildings and structures inside. Yugito chuckled at his happiness as she took his hand as walked him through Kumo.

"Well Naruto-kun, let's go meet with Raikage-sama. I'm sure he'll want to meet you," Yugito told him. Naruto nodded to her as both walked towards the Raikage Mansion. Naruto looked over everything as he wondered where Yugito lived. After walking, both came up to the Mansion and entered as Yugito made it to the top floor. Yugito knocked on the door as she waited for her presence to be known.

"Come in," the person yelled as Yugito entered. Yugito gave a slight bow as she entered. Naruto notice of the man along with someone next to him that he assumed was the Raikage's brother.

"Mission accomplished Raikage-sama," Yugito told him. Raikage nodded with a slight smile as he saw someone behind Yugito. Yugito smiled as she stepped aside to show Naruto in front of the man. Naruto saw that the man was big. He was dark-skinned and had blond dreads across his head. He had massive muscles as he didn't wear a shirt. He had on dark blue pants and seemed to wear golden wrist bands on his arms. Naruto gave a bow to him as he tried his best to smile.

"H-Hello sir. I am Naruto Uzumaki," Naruto said to him. Raikage nodded as he turned to Yugito for an explanation. Yugito began to long explanation as she told Raikage how she met Naruto and how he told her about Konoha. Raikage narrowed his eyes at all the new information as from what Yugito told him, Naruto must have been the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki. Raikage nodded as Yugito managed to finish.

"So Naruto, your from Konoha huh?" Raikage asked him. Naruto immediately nodded as he wondered what the problem was. Raikage muttered to himself for a second, but gave a small chuckle as he looked at Naruto.

"So that's why you don't want to go back?" He told the blond boy. Naruto nodded with a small frown as Raikage turned to Yugito with a small smile.

"Well Yugito Nii. You found him and your going to watch him. He said he's going to be the strongest shinobi right?" He asked to which Yugito chuckled, but nodded nonetheless. Raikage turned to the kid as Naruto stood up straight.

"Well, you, Kirabi will train him to be a good shinobi," Raikage said to him. Yugito nodded with a bow as Naruto turned to the man next to the Raikage. Naruto smiled as he saw the man walk up to him.

"Hey yo kid. I see you hangin' with Yugi-chan. You an alright boy. Eight's gonna teach ya' real good. Be prepared fo' da famous B-sama's training," Kirabi rapped as Naruto, Yugito, and Raikage sweatdropped. Yugito leaned next to Naruto and smiled.

"You'll get used to him in no time Naruto-kun," Yugito told him. Naruto nodded to her while he turned to see Kirabi with his fist out. Naruto looked at it confused, but put up his own as he bumped fists with Kirabi.

"You a good kid. I look forward to trainin' you. Be prepared for me Oh Yeah!" Kirabi said to him. Naruto chuckled with a nod as he and Yugito turned to leave along with Kirabi leaving Raikage in the room.

"It seems that the kid will get stronger. I have o say that Konoha is quite sad for doing such a thing to the boy. Oh well, it's past. This village is going to get more interesting," Raikage said as he continued to do his paperwork.

With Yugito, Naruto, and Kirabi

All three exited the office as they came back to the village district. Yugito continued to hold Naruto's hand while Kirabi walked along with them. Yugito turned to Naruto and smiled.

"Want me to show you around the village Naruto-kun?" Yugito asked him. Naruto nodded with a smile as he ran a bit ahead. Kirabi smirked as Yugito turned to him.

"What's so funny?" She asked him. Kirabi soon made a beat as Yugito sighed.

"I see miss two tails gettin' close to Little Nine. I feel the sparks comin' up from you two. Two-tails got a thing for lil nine," Kirabi said to her. Yugito blushed with a stutter as she huffed, much to Kirabi's entertainment. Both turned back to see Naruto waving at them as they walked up to him to show the blond around the village for his first time.