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Quote: "I can forgive, but I cannot forget, is only another way of saying, I will not forgive. Forgiveness ought to be like a cancelled note - torn in two, and burned up, so that it never can be shown against one," by Henry Ward Beecher.

With Hidan

Hakura grimaced at the bloody display in front of him and the dead bodies at his feet. He looked up and he noticed Hidan had stabbed herself with his long blade and she chuckled. He wondered how she could survive in the cold like she was doing. "Dammit I'm freezing out here. Why does Izanagi-sama need us for this?" Hakura thought to himself.

He looked up and he noticed that Hidan was done with her ritual. She turned around to face Hakura and the right-hand man to Izanagi raised an eyebrow at the bloodstain on the side of her face. He watched her flick it off easily while she turned around. "Hurry the fuck up Hakura. We still have business to conduct here. Don't waste our time," Hidan said and Hakura sighed with a nod of his head.

"Understood Hidan-sama, but what does Izanagi-sama want from the Land of Iron?" Hakura asked and Hidan smiled as she looked out into the coldness of the area. She swirled her scythe around her head before resting it on her shoulder.

"We're looking for something that Izanagi wants. Let's hurry up and get it. Anyone who tries to get in our way...well, they just shouldn't. Of course I want them to try. All the more for Jashin-sama to be praised with," Hidan said walking off and singing a merry tune. Hakura followed right behind her and he couldn't help a feeling of slight anxiety.

"What does Izanagi-sama see in her?" Hakura thought to himself as he and Hidan disappeared.

Raikage Mansion

"In any case, I'm glad that all of you three are alright. Whatever happened to you to make you fall asleep is not a concern anymore. Now then, Naruto what have you found in Uzushio?" A asked from behind his desk. When he had seen Naruto come into his office he wondered if maybe he was seeing things as he felt like he just saw Minato in front of him, but the casual talk broke him out of it. For Mabui, Naruto looked at lot more handsome than she remembered. She wasn't sure why, but knowing that he was growing up was a joy for her.

"Well A-Jiji, there were tons of books on sealing and the fuinjutsu arts. However, there wasn't much in the way of Shinreiton techniques. There were a few books heavily related to the subject, but they were all burned or destroyed. I think I could still piece together some things if given enough time," Naruto said and A nodded. He shook his head left and right while his finger tapped the table.

"Very well. Naruto utilize your studies and find something. Mabui, take some of the other books to our analysts team. We're facing something and we must all be ready for it," A said getting everyone to nod. Naruto handed the books to Mabui and, with a bow of her head, took them then departed from view.

"Oh also A-Jiji, I've got some news," Naruto said and A raised an eyebrow. Yugito, who had been with him, smiled as Naruto walked behind her and grabbed her waist.

"I've just been given the hottest fiancee in the history of the elemental nations," Naruto said grinning like mad. A looked up from his work and twitched involuntarily at the sight. Yugito chuckled nervously and Naruto was absolutely beaming with pride. A dropped his pen and stood up.

"You're fucking with me right brat?" A asked, but Naruto shook his head and gave Yugito a quick kiss to the cheek. Yugito sighed with a nod of her head, but she couldn't stop the grin from appearing on her face. A slumped back into his chair and snorted.

"Hmph well I'm happy for ya. About time I should say. You two never keep your hands off each other," A said getting Yugito and Naruto to blink. He chuckled to himself and shook his head before dispelling a lingering thought that appeared in his head.

"Have you told anyone?" A asked and Naruto shook his head.

"Secret surprise," Naruto said with a sly look that told A all he needed to know. They were just going to try and drop a bombshell on everyone. No doubt it would raise a lot of heads to the notion. Naruto and Yugito were famous enough throughout the shinobi world as it was. For this to be added then it would be seen quite an accomplishment. After all, to people it was only natural that two strong shinobi should be attracted to each other. That wasn't always the case, but in was the world logic at work.

"I see. Well I don't see the need for it to be my business to tell them. Do whatever you want and get out of here brat," A said and Naruto pulled Yugito away as they left the room. A appeared to be writing some documents, but he suddenly stopped and stared forward.

"Keh, it's about fuckin' time," A said to himself before he got back to work in what he was doing.

Having left the Mansion behind, Naruto and Yugito walked through the village and Yugito proceeded to lightly hit Naruto over the head getting a chuckle from the younger blonde. "I thought you said we were going to wait before we announced it to everyone," Yugito said growling, but she wasn't angry. No, she was just rather amused at it all and having her fiancee speak about it with the village leader was just a little much for her excitement.

"I couldn't help it. I had to tell someone or I was going to explode. You know you want to also. You just wanted to boast it to everyone don't you?" Naruto asked. He got nothing for a response and he turned his head to see Yugito just staring at him with a small blush on her face. She quickly turned her head and pouted.

"Well of course I want to, but we agreed to wait for it. Especially since this isn't the time to be bringing it up," Yugito said and she shivered when Naruto rested his head on her shoulder. He pulled her close and chuckled.

"Oh don't be like that. You know we can tell them whenever you want. I have no qualms about it," Naruto said and Yugito sighed while she petted her boyfriend's head.

They greeted the masses of people who had been around as most of the civilians were happy to have the 'Guardians of Kumo' around. It had seemed that Bee's reputation had rubbed off on Yugito, Naruto, and Fu. They were all considered to be Kumo's guardians. Especially when Naruto had fought with Izanagi back in Iwa. That news had really spread, but then again being the son of the fastest man alive was helping that too. Also for Yugito, being said man's girlfriend was a definite plus. At least for her anyway.

Both quickly left the village and came up to the Namikaze Compound, which was still quite large that they figured. Well it wouldn't mater. Maybe in a few months there would be a couple of blondes running around. "Naruto-kun!"

Naruto and Yugito jumped as Naruto was suddenly grabbed and went into the ground. He looked up and he noticed a mess of blue hair and red hair. Said blue hair was currently hugging the life out of him while said red hair was shaking her head. Hmm maybe in a few years some red and blue haired kids would be running around also.

"Nibi-chan, can't breathe!" Naruto exclaimed. Nibi smiled as she leaned up. She quickly sealed her lips with Naruto, not feeling the shame of having heard Yugito growling and Kyuubi glaring daggers at her. Nibi stopped the kiss and Naruto gasped.

"There. I have given you CPR. Hmm you still look like you can't breathe. I'll do it again...," Nibi said and went for another before she felt her head grabbed by Yugito and Kyuubi. Nibi gulped and looked back. She saw the murderous glares being sent at her and chuckled nervously.

"...or not hehehe," she said as she quickly composed herself, stood up, and walked back into the house. Naruto panted and shook his head while he stood to his feet. As he got up, he instantly met another kiss courtesy of Kyuubi. She only made it a quick one before parting and licking her lips.

"A week without calling. Shame on you Naruto-kun," she said and walked back into the house. Naruto sweatdropped and shook his head. He looked back and he inched away as he suddenly felt hot for some reason. He turned his head and noticed fires spreading across Yugito's body while the smile on her face twitched a few times.

"Umm Yugito-chan?" Naruto asked and Yugito turned to him. She glared at him daring him to say something else which got Naruto to just close his mouth and not incite her wrath anymore.

"What?" she asked as she opened and closed the door, controlling her fire more than enough to not let it burn the house down. She slammed it shut and all three left Naruto outside. The blonde chunin sighed heavily and opened the door. What did he do to deserve this?

As Naruto walked through his house, he noticed Kyuubi cooking something in the kitchen with a hum of her voice. Nibi and Yugito were arguing. Something about priority rights and all that. Naruto disregarded it as he made his way towards his study. It was probably the only place that he had to himself. Naturally Kyuubi, Nibi and Yugito had rooms that none of the others went into, at least not without permission. It was simply how the house worked.

Naruto sat in his chair and quickly discarded his Kumo headband to the table. He took off his work clothes and settled for some sweat pants and red sleeveless T-shirt. He took one of his books from his bookshelf and opened it. "Now let's see what I can find," Naruto said to himself. However, in the back of his mind, he knew he was going to see Nagato and Konan again. He didn't know why, but time wasn't on his time at the moment.


Sasuke groaned as he opened his eyes. He had a headache. A very, very bad headache. He slowly leaned up and he noticed he was in a dark place, the only source of light being from a candle that had been near his bed post. As Sasuke leaned up, he noticed the bandages wrapped around his body though they weren't needed. He had long since felt his body had recovered, but not only that he felt his anger rising, but at least it was finished. Itachi was dead by his hand. He didn't dare to absorb him. He didn't want his brother any closer to his body than he already was. It made the young Uchiha's blood shiver, but the strangest thing. He felt empty. What was he supposed to do now? Maybe he could...return to Konoha? He'd be in a world of trouble, but with Itachi gone then he could finally get on with his life.

"So, you finally killed Itachi didn't you?" A voice said to Sasuke. The brunette looked up and he instantly glared as Tobi made his appearance in front of him. Sasuke's eyes suddenly twitched and his sharingan quickly warped before he launched black flames to Tobi's mask. The masked man cursed and quickly hid himself in the darkness while Sasuke allowed his eyes to settle down.

"What was that?" Sasuke thought to himself. He panted heavily as he felt a significant drop in his chakra. He looked over and he noticed the masked man appear back in front of him.

"Hmm it seems that Itachi took precautions to try and stop me," Tobi said and Sasuke raised an eyebrow. He hunched forward and he noticed his stuff at the opposite end of the room. He also noticed that his chakra was distorted. He wasn't going to be using any jutsu, but he'd save his Meiton for when he really needed it. For right now, he would play this man's game.

"Who are you and Itachi tried to stop you from telling me what?" Sasuke asked. Tobi smirked and narrowed his eyes from behind his mask.

"My name is Uchiha Madara and he wanted to stop me from telling you the truth...about the Uchiha," Tobi said getting wide eyes from Sasuke.

"What are you saying?" Sasuke asked and Tobi sat down on a stool that was next to him. He placed his elbows on his thighs while Sasuke seemed more interested than ever before. Both were silent for a while to gather each other's thoughts. Tobi finally spoke which broke Sasuke from his own thoughts.

"Did you really think that Itachi was a traitor? For him to just suddenly decide to kill his entire clan for no reason?" Tobi asked and Sasuke growled as he tightened his fists against the sheets of his bed.

"Of course I do. He murdered my entire family in cold blood. He's nothing more than a traitor!" Sasuke snarled. Tobi chuckled behind his mask. He chuckled at such thinking, but he couldn't fault Sasuke for it. After all, he was only a revenge stricken brat. What would he understand of true pain?

"You and your naïve thinking is foolish. Itachi loved the clan. He was the absolute best out of all of the Uchiha. He trained endlessly to overcome his limits. He was the Uchiha clan's pride and joy. The ideal thing that all should look up to," Tobi said and Sasuke stayed silent. Tobi closed his eye for a second before opening it up again.

"Itachi was no traitor. He performed his duty. The orders that came from your village's higher ups. The Sandaime and the council ordered Itachi to murder his clan," Tobi said glaring heatedly at Sasuke. The Uchiha widened his eyes and he looked down at the bed sheets. He could feel his darkness creeping up against his skin, but he tried forcing it down. It was like a hard lump to swallow in his throat.

"What did you say?" Sasuke asked angrily. Tobi sighed at having to repeat, but did so anyway.

"I'm saying that the Itachi was ordered to kill off the Uchiha clan by order of the Sandaime and the council. Your village is what drove Itachi to this," Tobi said Sasuke growled and shook his head.

"That's a lie! Why would Itachi do such an order? Wait, are you saying that they forced him to do it?" Sasuke asked. If that was true then...what did he just do? What had he just done to his brother?

Tobi could see this distress in Sasuke's eyes, but he wanted so much more. No, he needed so much more. In order for this to work then he would need Sasuke at the peak of the fork road. One way or the other. It wouldn't matter.

"No, he wasn't forced. In fact, he asked to take the mission himself," Tobi said. Sasuke shivered against the soft bed while the light of the candle reflected off his face. Sasuke tried to take this all in, but Tobi wasn't really giving him the time to and explained.

"Since the founding of the Uchiha clan, the Uchiha and the Senju had an agreement to stop their clans for warring. They settled for peace. In that peace they made Konohagakure no Sato, your village. However as time went on, the Uchiha's influence dwindled to where they were only in charge of the police force of your village. How do you think they felt?" Tobi said. It was just a rhetorical question. One that Sasuke was busy thinking about. His mind was racing at the moment.

"They resented it. I can't say they all did, but most of them resented it. They wanted that influence back. To bring back the time to where the Uchiha were in charge of everything. So, they planned to do just that. However, word of their plans were leaked and the Sandaime found out about it. So rather than have a needless war where hundreds of innocents would be slaughtered, he came up with an idea. Place the blame all on one innocent man to bear the weight of the sin. Itachi took it as he knew that only he would be able to justify it. He chose to live in the shadows instead of the light. So he killed off everyone. He killed his mother, his father, his lover, and even his best friend. He could kill anyone and everyone. He loved the village more than even his own clan, but there was one person that he couldn't bring himself to kill," Tobi said.

"No," Sasuke thought and Tobi could see the realization sinking into Sasuke's head so he went further.

"That's right Sasuke. He just couldn't kill his precious little brother. To him, your life was more precious than the village. You were the...,"

"NO!" Sasuke shouted. He didn't care that Tobi could see the dark chakra rising from his body. He growled fiercely and tears threatened to stain his sheets.

"You're lying. Itachi didn't care about anyone but himself. He sought to get stronger through his clan and he killed them all. He made me an avenger. I was to bring him down. Only I could do it!" Sasuke exclaimed. Tobi just allowed Sasuke to rant away his frustrations and as Sasuke calmed down Tobi spoke.

"That is right. He told you to hate him, to spite him, to become stronger and kill him. He told you to do it and you did, but he wanted you to do it as a Konoha shinobi. To bring back the lost honor of the Uchiha clan. Now what do you have left? Itachi's dead. He chose the life of a traitor over the life of a hero. He's a hero for the village, but he's been seen as a mass murderer by everyone. To you, Itachi was evil. He had to be or your revenge would be for nothing. Had the Sandaime chosen anyone else then they would've killed you. Itachi spared your life. So will you do as Itachi wanted and protect the village or will you chose his life over it?" Tobi asked and Sasuke just leaned back. He looked at his sheets while Tobi got up from his seat and quickly left allowing for Sasuke to think.

With Izanagi

Izanagi had been busy exploring his new latent powers in utilizing Zetsu. It made him sick that this was a similar technique to how Orochimaru took bodies, but what could be done about it? It got its result and Izanagi didn't really care. He had long since discarded his Akatsuki robes. They must've known by now that he wasn't a part of them. He had burned it instantly as it fell off his body. Almost everything was going in accordance with his plan. Kakuzu had, much to Izanagi's amusement and curiosity, gone on multiple expeditions, a.k.a bounties. He had financed quite a bit for the group. Though Izanagi had told Kakuzu to focus mostly on missing nin for the most part. People didn't need to know what he was doing just yet and he needed all his resources. He might've damaged the Villages, but that wasn't enough to completely drop his guard.

"I'm back," Kakuzu said and he handed Izanagi a case. Izanagi opened it and grinned at the loads of money in front of him. He nodded and turned back to Kakuzu.

"Very good. All we have to do now is wait for Hidan to return from her mission and we can continue in the operation. Know that once we get started then we're going to be changing the tide of war. Although I had heard the news," Izanagi said with a chuckle. Kakuzu snorted, but he gave a nod of his head.

"You're talking about the recent news of Iwagakure. That's right, they just named the Yondaime Tsuchikage. A man named Han. Apparently he's that old man Onoki's son. I always knew that jinchuuriki were close to their village leaders or something like that, but what an amazing surprise. It's about time that old man stepped down," Izanagi said, but he noticed Kakuzu looking more than a little disoriented.

"What is the matter?" Izanagi asked and Kakuzu folded his arms. The former Akatsuki accountant looked at the book of bounties in front of him and he looked at Han specifically.

"That man was the Gobi jinchuuriki. Ironically Zetsu and Kisame were charged with grabbing him. I'm surprised you didn't know that considering everything," Kakuzu said and Izanagi touched the lobe of his head.

"Memories are juggled for a moment. However I fully understand this Tsuki no Me plan. I have to say it's rather ingenious, but now it seems that plan is pointless," Izanagi said and Kakuzu raised an eyebrow.

"And why is that?" he asked getting Izanagi to chuckle to himself. He looked left and right before settling down.

"Well for the one reason that they only have two in their possession then I find it hard that they would get the chance again. They couldn't get the Nibi, Sanbi, Rokubi, Nanabi, Kyuubi or Hachibi. Face it, that organization is dead, but I won't deny that they could still give me some trouble. Which is why I'm having Hidan bring something for me. Something that I specially ordered," Izanagi said and Kakuzu just arched an eyebrow, but didn't say anything.

"You've only had me going after missing nin for the most part. I understand that just the Rai clan isn't enough and neither are Hidan or myself. So what are you planning?" Kakuzu asked getting Izanagi to grin.

"What am I planning? Well I have just learned a few things is all. Maybe like this...," Izanagi said as he quickly slammed the ground. He closed his eyes and channeled his chakra through the ground and quickly he pulled out a white sculpture that morphed in front of him.

"You will not get away with this," White Zetsu said and Kakuzu tilted his head to the side. Izanagi smirked as he made ten more Zetsu clones. He really had to learn how to make them a little more different or they would just be a load of backtalk to him and Izanagi loathed backtalk.

"Sure I will, besides who's going to stop me? You? Not likely," Izanagi said before he dismissed the Zetsu clone. Kakuzu just saw the action and shook his head.

"I was honestly expecting them to look like you," Kakuzu said and Izanagi chuckled as he shook his head. He walked forward towards his study as he opened a book.

"Not everyone can be as good looking as me Kakuzu. Now then, do you know where Itachi Uchiha's body has been taken?" Izanagi asked. Kakuzu shook his head and Izanagi sighed.

"Oh well, this is fine. Let's just get ready. However I want you to be ready for anything. The biggest threat to our plans is more than we realize," Izanagi said getting Kakuzu to nod. He turned around and left while Izanagi sank into the ground.

"I still can't get enough of doing this," He thought with a wide grin across his face.


"You're sure about this?" Han asked with narrowed eyes. Onoki just looked at him for a good few seconds and Han looked back. Roshi, Kitsuchi, and Kurotsuchi were present as Onoki nodded. He took his hat and placed it over Han's head. The former Gobi jinchuuriki allowed his eyes to go up to see the hat and he sat behind the desk. Over the course of the last two weeks, Onoki had named his successor and most people were happy about it. It was news that had quickly spread throughout the entirety of Elemental Nations. Han had a discussion with Tsuchi no Kuni's Daimyou about certain things. After that Onoki had taught Han his right. He taught him Jinton as well as the ability of flight. Of course the flight ability came from seals. How could it not? It took Han a good four days to get used to that and then flying around while launching the Jinton was taxing, but with his reserves then he took to it naturally.

Honestly when Onoki thought about it, Han was the only one who could become the Tsuchikage. Akatsuchi was much too young and so was Kurotsuchi. Kitsuchi was a very good leader, but he didn't have that charisma that Han had for some reason. Naturally being a jinchuuriki, Han was hated for holding the Gobi, but he also had the respect of his peers. It was things like that that people followed.

"I'm sure," he said and Han sat down in the Tsuchikage's chair. He looked at his desk and then at some files. He closed his eyes and sighed with a shrug.

"What are you going to do?" he asked and Onoki smiled. He floated towards the doorway and landed safely next to it.

"I'm going to enjoy my retirement for once," Onoki said as he walked out of the door. Han narrowed his eyes and shook his head before he noticed Kurotsuchi in front of him.

"Oji-san isn't this great?" Kurotsuchi asked and Han really didn't know how 'great' it was, but his niece's attitude seemed to rub off on him so he just smiled and snorted.

"Yeah signing papers all day and not being able to do the things that I truly want. This is the life," Han grumbled getting Kitsuchi to chuckle. Akatsuchi smiled as Han took off his hat and placed it on the table. He was suited in the Tsuchikage's robes and folded his arms. He looked back at the village and just allowed his eyes to stare at it. He didn't know what the place meant to him, but he had good people here, and they had friends and family there and so on and so on. If Han was to hold that up then he would. However, he couldn't stop the feeling that he was going to be meeting one of the others again.

"Do be such a downer Han. You'll do fine," Kitsuchi promised. Han grunted and looked away. Just then, the door bursted open and everyone saw an attendant with papers and he placed them on the desk. He bowed and smiled.

"Tsuchikage-sama, please sign these for us immediately," he said and quickly left. Kurotsuchi and Akatsuchi sweatdropped at the large amount while Kitsuchi snickered. Han sighed heavily and took up a pen.

"Now if you would be so kind as to get out of my office then I can get this work done," Han said in an irritated tone. Everyone else acknowledged the tone and quickly left as fast as they could. Han grumbled and looked at the large stack of papers.

"Why did I take this damn job?" Han thought/wondered to himself. He shook his head lightly before doing some other things.

In Konohagakure

Jiraiya looked at the book that Sakura had handed to him about a week or two ago. It had been from Kabuto on all the information of Akatsuki, but, much to Jiraiya's happiness, the organization, according to Kakashi, was falling apart. As Jiraiya had expected, Izanagi had betrayed them and so had Hidan and Kakuzu. Those three had left leaving only a few members of the organization left, but what really baffled Jiraiya was the fact that Iwa had named their Tsuchikage and it had been the person that he thought had been defeated by the Akatsuki. It seemed that he was alive and well no doubt.

Jiraiya sighed and leaned back in his chair as he looked up at the ceiling. Something was telling him to take all this information to heart, but he wasn't sure how to do that exactly. Right now, he wondered how Naruto was doing.

A knock on the door stirred Jiraiya from his murmurings as it opened. He looked and he noticed Utakata, Hotaru, and Sakura come through the door. They presented themselves to him and Jiraiya intertwined his fingers.

"What is it?" He asked with a simple, yet friendly smile. The three bowed while Utakata folded his arms.

"The morgue just got back with the analysis of Danzo's body. It wasn't him that I killed," Utakata said getting Jiraiya to raise an eyebrow. He took it calmer than they thought he would, but they continued anyway.

"Based on Hotaru's reasonings. It as the same type of jutsu that was used when my team and I spotted Itachi during the Kazekage's kidnapping. In his place was a Root operative. Also all the bases have been locked down and none of the shinobi are in sight. It is believed that they fled the village along with any information vital to them. We believe that they have set up a place in Kusagakure or Takigakure. We are not one hundred percent sure," Sakura said getting a nod from Jiraiya.

"Well I wouldn't put it past him. He is Sarutobi-sensei's teammate after all. He's also not stupid. Nice analysis Hotaru-chan," Jiraiya said with a pervy grin. Hotaru blushed with a nod while Sakura glared at her teacher. Utakata rolled his eyesat the display in front of him, but it was whatever.

"How is the construction of the village?" Jiraiya asked. He had been receiving reports of construction taking place in the large holes of the four blasts that had hit them.

"All goes well Jiraiya-sama. We should be be beginning construction within the week," Utakata said getting another nod from Jiraiya.

"Very good then. You can leave now," Jiraiya said getting everyone to nod, bow, and then leave. Jiraiya leaned back into his chair and sighed as he looked at the clock. He then grinned perversely and moved his hands through his clothes.

"Oh it's that time now," He said as he pushed his work to the side. He then took out his telescope, pen, notepad and quickly created a clone before vanishing out of sight. The anbu in the room, who had seen him leave sighed as the females blushed at what their Hokage was about to do. Now that they thought about it, could they beat up their Hokage? He was the village leader and he would kill them long before they could do any serious damage to him. Not to mention that he very well could end their careers and their lives. Curse the person who told their Hokage about such a thing. Now they could do nothing except watch or...not.

With Naruto, nighttime

Naruto was currently sleeping with Yugito in their bed room. Next him was Kyuubi and next to her was Nibi. They all crowded the bed for this one night and Yugito didn't protest. Naruto had spent more than a majority of the day in his study looking through sealing books about Shinreiton techniques, but that hadn't been working out for him. He could only hope that maybe the Analysis Department could come up with something that he couldn't, but he doubted it.

A small tap to the window allowed Naruto to stir as he opened his eyes. He looked left and right, but didn't notice anything. The blonde leaned up from his bed a he hazily looked one more time. He heard the sound of wind as a hand tapped the window sill. He turned and he noticed paper flying around. Naruto narrowed his eyes while quickly, and quietly removing himself from the bed so as not to wake up his ladies. He threw on a jacket and some pants. He grabbed some scrolls, kunai, his swords and ran out of the door.

Naruto hopped to his rooftop as he looked left and right. "Where are you?" Naruto wondered to himself. Soon he saw the paper floating and it sailed off while Naruto followed it. It quickly brought him back to the normal meeting place. Naruto dropped to the ground as he saw Konan and the Animal Path Pain. Naruto raised an eyebrow to the different Pain, but knowing about the six of them then he expected this much.

"Konan-chan, Nagato what are you guys doing here?" Naruto asked. Konan tried not to let the affectionate name get to her, but no one had ever called her that and it was a rather nice change of pace from the same old "God's Angel" thing.

"Naruto-san, sorry for disturbing you at this late hour, but we must do this now. Currently Tobi is with Uchiha Sasuke. He has killed Uchiha Itachi in battle," Konan said getting a narrowed eye from Naruto.

"I see. So that's what I felt back in the chamber," Naruto thought before he shook himself of his thoughts.

"Wait, what? Sasuke's with him? He killed Itachi right? The guy should be done with his revenge. It's what Sakura told me during the chunin exams. Shouldn't he just go home now?" Naruto asked getting a shaking head from the two.

"It's not that simple Naruto-san," Konan said and Naruto sighed to himself as he tried to resist the urge to face-palm himself for thinking about the emo Uchiha.

"Well whatever. So this is the only time that you'll be able to do it? Well that's fine. Let's hurry up then," Naruto said and the two Akatsuki members nodded as they wrapped around Naruto. The blonde closed his eyes and they disappeared in a flash of yellow light.

Wall of Sunagakure

Naruto dropped down to the ground as he looked left and right. "Stay here. I'll be back with Gaara. Just hide. You should be very good at that," Naruto said as he rushed off. Konan and Nagato blinked as they weren't sure whether to take that as an insult or a compliment so they chose the latter of the two.

Meanwhile, Naruto hopped along the sand dune rooftops of Sunagakure as he made his way towards the Kazekage Mansion, which wasn't very far at all. In fact, it was the largest building out of all of them and he could see it clearly. Thankfully the lights were still on and he could see Gaara doing his work. However, Naruto still had to be discreet. He didn't want to raise the alarms about what he was doing as, officially, he was trespassing in another's village. He just hoped that if he were caught that Gaara would understand what he was trying to do.

Naruto landed near the window and he knew by now that Gaara knew he was there. His bro wasn't the Kazekage for nothing. Naruto quietly tapped the window getting Gaara's attention.

Gaara glared impassively at the window behind him and stood up from his seat. He walked over to it, but he was definitely on his guard. He at least knew that this wasn't an enemy as no enemy would alert him consciously while trying to assassinate him. Also, the air didn't feel threatening, but rather friendly. So Gaara wasn't as anxious as he probably could've been. Gaara opened the window as he looked left and right. "Yo buddy," he turned his head upward and he saw Naruto hanging upside down.

"Naruto Uzumaki...what are you doing here?" Gaara asked as he stepped away from the window. Naruto sheepishly rubbed the back of his head and he knew that Gaara was already on edge as it was so he would try to sate him a little.

"Can't a jinchuuriki see their fellow buddy every once in awhile?" Naruto asked. Gaara just continued to look at him and Naruto sighed.

"It would kill you to smile wouldn't it?" Naruto asked as he jumped through the window and landed in the Kazekage's office. He walked around the room while Gaara seemed to be eyeing his movement carefully.

"It's actually because you're my friend that I haven't had you arrested at this point. Naruto Uzumaki, while it is nice to see you, it is late and my work is almost finished. Are you going to answer my question?" Gaara asked and Naruto nodded.

"Gaara, you remember that vision right?" Naruto asked and Gaara slightly widened his eyes. He quickly sat next to Naruto and looked at the wall.

"I do remember. We all met the Rikudo Sennin. He said that we have to save the world from something. I don't know," Gaara said and Naruto nodded.

"That's right we do Gaara. We're going to need the help of the others and I need to ask you this right now. It's for the benefit of the world, but Gaara, will you take Shukaku back?" Naruto asked and Gaara narrowed his eyes.

"Before I can say anything about that I would need to GET him back first in the possession of Suna," Gaara said while he noticed Naruto's grin.

"Gaara yes or no right now. I can arrange that but you're going to have o tell me and you're going to have to trust me," Naruto said getting Gaara to look at him. The Kazekage narrowed his eyes as he looked at Naruto, then at the wall. Naruto knew something. He didn't know what, but Gaara felt like he should be on edge for this. You only ask someone to really trust you when they know something that you don't and it could very well affect you. Gaara also couldn't think about just himself. He also had to think about Suna as a whole. He closed his eyes and Naruto allowed him the time that he needed to answer.

Gaara folded his arms before he opened his eyes and glanced towards Naruto. "I will trust you," Gaara said and Naruto's grin widened as he hopped to his feet. He headed for the window and pointed outwards.

"Then follow me Gaara," Naruto said as he disappeared. Gaara narrowed his eyes one more time before he quickly stood and followed Naruto out. The two hopped along the rooftops as they hid from the guards. Now that Gaara thought about it, he wondered why he was hiding from his own shinobi, but then again it was late and he didn't feel like explaining Naruto's appearance to people so he just hid along with Naruto as they came up to the gates.

Naruto and Gaara hopped down as Naruto looked left and right. They were alone. Gaara glared at Naruto before the blonde placed his hands to his lips. "Konan-chan, Nagato come out now," Naruto gently called out. Gaara raised an eyebrow to the names, but he noticed a swirl of papers appeared as his blood ran cold. His sand swirled around as the members of Akatsuki stood in front of him. He turned back to Naruto, but saw no fear in the blonde. Gaara lowered his sand as Konan and Nagato came up closer.

"I managed to bring Gaara with us," Naruto said getting Konan and Nagato to bow. Gaara did the same, but then he turned to Naruto, his eyes demanding an explanation.

"Naruto Uzumaki, what is this about? Why are you working with the ones who helped in my capture?" Gaara asked and Naruto rubbed the back of his head. He was ready to try and explain things, but Nagato beat him to it.

"That would be because of me Ichibi jinchuuriki. I shall explain," Nagato said and explain he did. It took more than a good portion, borderline an hour for Gaara to fully be explained everything. Gaara was surprised that Nagato and Konan had come to this conclusion together, that doing what they were trying to do was not the way to go. Naturally Gaara wondered what had changed such thinking, but he wasn't about it ignore such things. It had amazed him that they were not only willing to say their mistakes, but also right them as well.

Apparently Nagato had sought Naruto out, because he had learned that Jiraiya had taught his father. Nagato had said that Jiraiya was also his sensei and that the two had things in common. It had been one of the things to talk about from time to time. It had ben exciting to say the least.

"So I can get Shukaku back without anything being changed?" Gaara asked. The Animal Path nodded and so did Konan. Naruto waited for Gaara's decision and the Godaime Kazekage closed his eyes for the umpteenth time. He let the wind blow for a few minutes before he opened them and nodded.

"I am the only one fit to handle him. I shall make him my burden once again," Gaara said getting the others to nod. Konan and Naruto turned the Animal Path Pain, who quickly rushed through handsigns and slammed the ground.

"Kuchiyose: Gedō Mazō( Summoning: Demonic Statue of the Outer Path)," Nagato called out and the ground shook around everyone as a large puff of smoke appeared. Naruto cursed before he waved his hand and a heavy gust of wind blew the smoke away. The shinobi of Suna gasped as they thought they saw a large statue near the Suna wall, but it was too dark to tell. There was that, and a sandstorm was blowing in. They all had to cover their eyes.

Gaara stopped his sandstorm and turned around. "We must hurry. This won't quell them for long," Gaara said and the others nodded. Naruto looked up at the statue and noticed it was freakin' huge. It was as big as Kyuubi if she had to get serious. This was the thing that housed the Ten-Tails? How happy was he that they were on his side. Then again, he wondered if Omoi could break such a thing. Well whatever at least this would be the second to last time that he would ever see such a thing.

"Please stand still as this might be a little painful," The Animal Path said and Gaara nodded. It closed its eyes before it touched one of the eyes of the Gedo statue.

"KAI," It said and everyone noticed a large pull of chakra escape the eye. Taking out the bijuu was fairly easy, as compared to getting them in there. The Animal Path quickly pulled out the chakra and, with a little effort, managed to get it near Gaara.

"Show me your seal," He said and Gaara undid his clothes as he showed the seal just above the chest. The Path pulled the chakra towards the seal and connected the two. Instantly Gaara gasped as the chakra coated his body. The eye of the Gedo statue began to close shortly as Gaara began to pull the chakra from statue. He struggled and struggled, but he slowly began to pull it back into his seal and everyone heard a heavy roar ring in their ears before it faded and the chakra settled back into Gaara's body. He slowly panted and fell to the ground. The statue poofed out as Gaara took the second to catch his breath.

"Do you feel any different?" Naruto asked and Gaara stood up. He wiped the sweat off and he closed his eyes for just a few seconds.

"YEAH! I'm back baby! I'll take over this little shit's mind and when I'm out I'm gonna...," Gaara opened his eyes back up and shook his head at the antics of his bijuu.

"Yes, Shukaku is back inside of me. I will keep him well protected this time. Even if he hates me I will still use his power to protect my village," Gaara said, but he saw Naruto pat him on the shoulder.

"Gaara, there is something Tako-ossan told me. He said this, "Becoming a jinchūriki, you can lose a lot, and your heart goes hollow, but if you got things you don't want to lose, they become a light to follow! The tailed beasts aren't our only source of strength! What was inside our hearts before the monster... shines like a sun, powers us to any length! That's where our true power comes from. Gaara, don't think Shukaku is a burden. He's a psychopath, but he's still a being. Befriend him as best you can. Do that and you'll find something much better," Naruto said and Gaara just stared at the blonde before nodding.

"Alright then who's next?" Naruto asked and Konan spoke.

"Lastly is the Gobi jinchuuriki Naruto-san," Konan said and Naruto nodded as he waved goodbye to Gaara and they vanished in the Hiraishin. Gaara just watched them leave as he stood in the same spot. Gaara closed his eyes and he found himself standing in front of Shukaku.

"You! I will kill you!" Shukaku cried out as his sand started to wrap around Gaara's body. The redhead watched it to do, but he never lost sight of Shukaku. With a burst of chakra, Gaara pushed the sand down getting a look of surprise from Shukaku.

"You are not my burden. Not anymore. I am sorry for all the things I have thought about you before. However, I am not your plaything anymore. I'm not your puppet. Shukaku, you are in my body and we're going to work together or not at all. So help me I will never use your power again for anything," Gaara said and Shukaku widened his eyes to those words.

"You runt, who do you think you're raising your voice at!" Shukaku hollered, but Gaara turned around. He started to walk away as Shukaku's ramblings could be heard.

"I don't expect you to change your opinions within a few minutes of meeting me again, but things are going to be different. Would you like to know why?" Gaara asked and while Shukaku wanted to ramble a little more, he stopped and allowed Gaara to talk for a moment.

"It's because I have things that I wish to protect. One of those things is you. You wish to preserve your life then I will help you do that, but you're going to have to trust me. I will get you to do that. I don't know how, but I will be the first to bear no hatred first. It will be difficult, but as the Kazekage of Suna then I promise you that I shall indeed try," Gaara said and Shukaku just stared at him being silent for once.

"What the fuck makes you think that I need your fuckin' help?!" Shukaku hollered and Gaara sighed. He began to fade and turned around. As he did, Shukaku saw a small smile on Gaara's face.

"Because no one can go through life without knowing the love of someone else," Gaara said as he fully left. Gaara opened his eyes and looked at the full moon. He widened his eyes as he felt no bloodlust from Shukaku at the moment. Gaara walked back towards the mansion and as he did he thought about so many things. Even the bijuu yearned for love. Was that it?


Naruto landed to the ground and slightly panted. Konan and Nagato stayed behind a large mountain and they adopted the same plan as before. Naruto ran off through Iwa and he noticed the large four-ringed circles around the village. He shook his head when he thought about Izanagi and what he would be doing, but he would have to worry about it later. For right now, he just hoped that Onoki would do him this favor and tell him where Han was if he knew.

Naruto evaded the guards, scaled the walls, and leapt across the rooftops and made his way towards the Tsuchikage Palace. Granted he did have to climb a few rocks considering the damn thing was like a mountain in its own right, but Naruto expected such things by this time. He growled as he was force to climb the stone walls since flying would probably get him seen. He avoided the guards a little more as he scaled up top. He quickly made it and sighed as he came up to the window. He tapped the window and noticed that the light was still on.

"Yo old man!" Naruto called out. It took a few minutes, but he noticed the window open and Naruto was surprised.

"I'm not old. I still have a good...You!" Han said surprised and Naruto almost lost his balance. He fell backwards and was about to yell before Han grabbed his hand.

"Whew thanks for the save dattebayo. This is a very, very long way down," Naruto said chuckling nervously while Han narrowed his eyes. He quickly pulled Naruto through the window and the blonde landed on his feet.

"What are you doing here?" Han asked and Naruto patted his legs free from some dirt. He then looked up and gasped.

"Ahh I needed to talk with you. I came up here because I needed to see the old man about you. Speaking of the old man, where is he?" Naruto asked. Han raised an eyebrow before sighing.

"He's not here. I'm the new Tsuchikage as of one week ago," Han said and Naruto widened his eyes before sighing.

"Oh, sorry if I offended you," Naruto said thinking that the old man had bitten the dust. Han blinked at his jinchuuriki-in-arms before lightly chuckling and rolling his eyes.

"Please if he was going to die that easily then he wouldn't have had this job. He's in retirement, but since you asked for me then what can I do for you?" Han asked and Naruto sat down in a chair.

"Yeah you remember the meeting right?" Naruto asked and Han narrowed his eyes. He nodded to Naruto's question and the blonde folded his arms.

"How does it feel to be back?" Naruto asked and Han looked at his hand, clenched it, then looked back at Naruto. He took off the hat on his head and sighed.

"I honestly don't know. This was the last position that I ever thought I'd be taking up, but...here I am I guess. Also yes I remember the meeting. I've been thinking of ways to get Kokuo back to me, but that's proving to be hard at the moment," Han said, but he noticed Naruto's grin and gave the blonde a raised eyebrow.

"What will you do when you have the Gobi back?" Naruto asked and Han sighed. He shook his head and placed the hat back on his head.

"I already have this place to protect. I will ask for Kokuō's help in keeping it together. For...those few friends that I have," Han said and Naruto nodded happily. He stood up and pointed out to the window.

"Can you come with me please? For a few minutes?" Naruto asked. Han glared at him, but he couldn't get past the blonde's smile to see any ill intentions. He closed his eyes and nodded as he got up from his seat. He and Naruto jumped down and Naruto gently allowed the wind to float them both down to the ground softly before they rushed off into the night.

Naruto brought Han behind the mountain and Han folded his arms. Naruto whistled and Han turned his head to see black cloaks with red clouds. Han glared dangerously as he saw two members of Akatsuki right in front of him. "Uzumaki-san, what is the meaning of this?" Han asked and Naruto smiled.

"Let Nagato explain to you," Naruto said and Han turned back. Once again, for a good while Konan and Nagato explained what they were trying to do and this got Han interested to say the least. Once they were finished, Han seemed to be in deep thought as he turned towards Naruto.

"So you can give Kokuo and you're trying to make amends?" Han asked getting Konan and Nagato to nod. Han sighed and nodded.

"Very well. Let's get started," Han said and the Animal Path summoned up the Gedo statue again, but since it was behind the village then there wasn't much of a disturbance to be heard. That being said, Han remembered the statue. Just as his life was getting sucked out of his body along with his bijuu.

Han slightly shivered to himself before sighing and getting back to the issue at the moment. He didn't know if he could just trust them like a snap of his finger, but Naruto was here and them both being jinchuuriki then the blonde could back him up if needed.

The Animal Path quickly took out the Gobi's chakra and connected it to Han's seal. Everyone watched as Han effortlessly pulled out Gobi from its prison and back into himself. They all noticed the final eye close in the Gedo statue. Konan breathed a sigh of relief while the Animal Path finished its work.

"It is done. That is all that the Gedo statue has accumulated," He said and Naruto nodded. He turned to Han and smiled.

"How do you feel?" He asked and Han felt around his body. He breathed easily and smiled with a nod of his head. He looked left, then he looked right. He gave a small smile.

"I feel...good," he said and Naruto nodded. Han then looked up and narrowed his eyes.

"You'd better get out of here. I don't need to go explaining this to my village," Han said and Naruto nodded as he quickly took them away. Han turned and headed back to the village. He could feel the Gobi was back inside his body and nodded.

"Good to have you back," he said as he walked away.

With Naruto

Naruto, Konan, and Pain dropped to the ground as Naruto smiled. "Man that was exhausting. I'm so tired I'm ready to go back to bed for once," Naruto said getting up and stretching.

"Just as well for us. We appreciate your efforts Naruto-san. This is one step towards true peace," Nagato said and Naruto gave a thumbs up. He patted the Animal Path's shoulder and agreed.

"I know. We'll get there one day. Also take care of Konan-chan Nagato. She's a looker," Naruto said and Konan lightly blushed while Nagato nodded.

"We will be seeing you in the future Naruto-san. Farewell for now," Nagato said as he ran off. Naruto turned back to Konan and she bowed before she disappeared in paper. Naruto chuckled when he saw that before he opened the door to his house silently. He stepped through and closed the door.

As soon as he did, the lights came on as Naruto jumped. He turned around and he noticed Kyuubi glaring at him, Nibi pouting, and Yugito tapping her foot with her arms folded. Naruto sweated and gulped. "Umm hey guys. Just went to read a book at the library," Naruto said and Yugito walked up to him.

"This late?" she asked in her night gown giving Naruto a great view of his fiancee's assets. Kyuubi tapped her finger and Nibi waited for an explanation.

"Maybe he's screwing someone behind our backs," Nibi said getting a punch to the head from Kyuubi. Yugito glared at Naruto while the blonde shivered.

"No! I didn't do that I swear. I was busy. You have to believe me!" Naruto insisted. Yugito, Kyuubi and Nibi glared before Yugito grabbed his arm. She smiled sweetly while Kyuubi grabbed the other arm.

"Oh we'll believe you Naruto-kun, as soon as you tell us everything tomorrow morning," Yugito said as they dragged him away.

"BELIEVE IT!" Naruto cried out from inside his house.


Sasuke looked out over the sea with Suigetsu, Juugo, and Karin. Tobi was with them as well and they all saw Sasuke open his eyes. "Itachi, my life was more precious to him than the village and it was used against him. For me, Itachi's life will be more precious to me than the village. I will have my revenge against Konoha. I will engulf them in the eternal darkness from which they will never see the light of day and why stop there? I'll take out every village that did wrong to the Uchiha. Kiri, Kumo, Iwa, Suna, I will end them all with my power. We are no longer the Hebi. We are Team Taka," Sasuke said getting Suigetsu and Juugo to nod. Karin gulped, but nodded also. Lastly Tobi narrowed his eye and behind his mask was a smirk that came across his face.

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