Welcome nature lovers to the first episode of World Nature.

In today's episode, we will be observing a wild Russia in its natural habitat. We join the wild Russia just after it wakes from its afternoon nap in the sunflower field it lives near. The wild Russia loves sunflowers and this one in particular likes to take a nap in this field every day.

The wild Russia walks through the sunflowers, stopping to sniff one every now and then, smiling happily at the cheery yellow petals. It makes its way its watering hole beyond the field, the Vodka River. So far, we've only seen this Russia drink from this particular stream. There must be something about it that it likes….

What's this? The wild Russia seems to be making some kind of sound….

Ladies and Gentlemen: we are fortunate enough to be witnessing a rare thing. This wild Russia is doing its mating call. Let's listen in….


I wonder what creature will respond to the mating kol?

Oh! What's that over there?

Oh my! The wild Russia's mating kol seems to have attracted a wild China!

A wild China responding to a wild Russia's mating kol. This is not something one sees every day! Let's see what happens….

The wild China cautiously approaches the wild Russia.

Oh no! It seems that a wild Belarus has also been attracted by the wild Russia's mating kol!

Seeing the wild Belarus, the wild Russia ceases it's mating kol and switches to its fear signal:


Meanwhile, the wild Belarus had begun its own mating call:


Look at that! The wild Belarus is now rushing at the wild Russia, chanting its mating call faster! What will the wild Russia do?

The wild Russia seems to be panicking! It pulls out its pipe and attempts to bludgeon the wild Belarus! Although the wild Russia is not normally aggressive, it can become quite dangerous if it feels threatened.

The wild Belarus seems to be completely unaffected by the wild Russia's pipe, however. It tries to glomp the wild Russia, but the wild China from earlier suddenly attacks the wild Belarus from behind. The wild Belarus pulls out its knife and slashes it at the wild China, but the wild China pulls out its wok and blocks the attack! With a lucky shot, the wild Belarus manages to knock the wild China's wok away! The wild Belarus moves in to finish the wild China off, but…..oh my!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a historic moment! The wild China seems to be using its Aru Beam on the wild Belarus! No one has ever managed to capture a wild China's Aru Beam on camera before! There have been doubts that the Aru Beam even exists!

Anyway, the Aru Beam is super effective, and the wild Belarus runs away in defeat.

The wild Russia, upon hearing the departing wild Belarus, looks around cautiously as the wild China approaches it slowly.

It seems the wild Russia has taken a liking to the wild China; it begins to perform its mating dance.

Before the wild China can respond to the wild Russia's mating dance, a wild America (bloated after feeding from the nearby herd of hamburgers and drinking from the Cola Spring) wanders on to the scene. It looks completely oblivious, but then wild Americas usually do.

It observes the wild Russia and the wild China locked in their mating ritual and, from the way it's acting, we believe that it seems to think that it would be a good idea to rape the wild China.

It seems that the wild Russia will have none of this nonsense, though. The wild Russia happily massacres the wild America and continues it's mating dance.

The wild China seems to be impressed with the wild Russia. It begins its mating cry of "Aiyaa!" and contorts its facial features to show that it has accepted the wild Russia as a mate.

When the wild Russia sees that the wild China has accepted it as a mate, it begins a different version of its mating kol as it slowly closes in on the wild China.

The wild China approaches the wild Russia and begins rubbing itself against the wild Russia. The wild Russia, being very much aroused at this point, promptly glomps the wild China.

We regret to inform you, our audience, that the idiot TV station that broadcasts our show will not let us air what happens next. We will, however, be putting the rest of the video on our VHS release of this episode, so look forward to it.

A/N: And I will be posting a smutty version of this story next so look forward to it!