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An Ordinary Day?

Yugi Mutou pressed his back up against the back wall of the classroom fearfully. Slipping across the room, he slowly made his way towards his desk as he tried to be as inconspicuous as possible, which was very difficult given how he looked. Yugi had spiky multi-colored hair and wide violet eyes. Surrounding his innocent looking eyes were pale blond bangs that contrasted greatly to the majority of his jet black hair with astonishing purple tips. The color and shape of his hair as well as his eyes was completely normal, yet most people thought he dyed his hair and wore contacts. He was shorter than people normally were for his age, which only made things worse. He was 17, but looked like he was merely 12. He prayed to every god he knew that he wouldn't be noticed at least until he made it to his seat. He'd be safe there if he could only make it. Glancing around fearfully, he noticed that no one was paying attention to him and he darted towards his desk in the corner of the room.

Upon reaching the desk without being noticed, he breathed a sigh of relief and plopped down. Resting his face in his hands, he willed his body to stop shaking. Every day it was the same routine. Slip into the room, slide along the wall, dart to his desk. If he was lucky, no one would notice. If he wasn't, the most he prayed would happen was somebody tripped him. More often than not, though, someone would trip him and then kick his books so they scattered all over the place. Today was one of his lucky days, it seemed. A hush fell over the classroom, but Yugi didn't bother looking up. It happened every day, so it wasn't something unusual. The reason for the sudden hush was Atem Raziel, Yugi's "look-a-like." Atem was the school's outcast. He stood a few inches taller than Yugi, but was still shorter than normal. He had sharp blood-red eyes that seemed infinitely wiser than should be for his age. His hair was the same spiky multi-colored style as Yugi's, but instead of purple tips, his were a deep crimson color. He didn't speak very often, but when he had to, his voice was a silky baritone.

He was also a witch.

Or so people said. Yugi didn't really believe it. Granted, he couldn't really prove that he wasn't, but witches were something from fairytales. They didn't exist in his mind and so he didn't believe that Atem was one. Regardless of what he believed, the rest of the school was convinced of Atem's supposed witch status, and as a result, the older boy had even less friends than Yugi did. Which, suffice to say, was none, since Yugi only had one person he could call a friend. The teacher walked into the room and started talking, ending Yugi's internal thoughts. The small boy sighed and turned his attention out the window. If he was lucky, he'd escape unscathed today and make it home in one piece.

The last bell of the day rang and Yugi scrambled out of his seat. Zigzagging through the crowd of students, he reached his locker and quickly opened it. Throwing his books inside and grabbing what he needed, he slammed it shut and took off at a fast run. If he was able to get out of the school by the time the bullies reached the front door…

"Hey Yugi," a sickly sweet voice called to him and Yugi's heart froze in his chest in fear. Standing right next to the door was possibly the biggest bully in the school. Ushio. Yugi looked around frantically for an escape route, but the wall of students behind him kept bumping into him, pushing him towards Ushio. He had just made up his mind to try and duck under Ushio and escape through the doors, when two big meaty hands grabbed his jacket and lifted him up off the ground. He squirmed in Ushio's grip, trying fruitlessly to get away. Ushio merely tightened his grip and continued speaking, "You and I need to have a little talk, wimp. And I know the perfect place to talk."

Yugi fought down the whimper that threatened to escape his throat and doubled his efforts to get away. Ushio grabbed his wrists and dragged him out of the school and behind it, near the gym. Yugi struggled the entire way, fear making him stronger than he usually was, but not strong enough to get away from the giant bully. Ushio released him and threw him up against the wall, knocking the air out of Yugi's lungs, making him cough in an attempt to regain his breath. Pain seared up the back of his head where it came in contact with the harsh bricks of the building. He reached up and gently prodded the area to check for blood. When his hand came back clean, he thanked any deity he could for that small miracle. Glancing around nervously, he tried to figure out a way that he could get away from Ushio, but before he could even try, Ushio wrapped his hand around Yugi's neck and held him in place. Yugi looked up at him, his eyes full of fear, as Ushio grinned maliciously down at him and said, "What's the matter, Yugi? Afraid?"

He slowly started to squeeze Yugi's neck, strangling him. Yugi's hands flew up to scratch uselessly at Ushio's hands as he choked for air. Ushio gave out a twisted laugh, "Did you forget, wimp? I told you to have the money for me today. I don't see you with any money, so I'm going to assume you don't have any. I think that means you deserve a beating, don't you think, Yugi?"

The lack of oxygen made Yugi's movements slow and uncontrolled. Ushio didn't bother waiting for an answer to either of his questions. Instead, he released Yugi's throat and punched him in the stomach. Yugi doubled over and coughed hard, blood splattering against Ushio's shoes as he struggled to breath in air. Ushio glared down in disgust at his shoes before grabbing the back of Yugi's neck and pushing him hard down onto the ground, crushing Yugi's face into the cement. Yugi struggled as much as he could, but his brain was still trying to get oxygen, so his movements were sluggish. Ushio grabbed a fist full of his hair and yanked him up before punching Yugi in the face. Blood splattered against the wall as Yugi's head snapped around from the force and he fought not to lose consciousness. Ushio shoved him into the wall face first, holding him there by the back of his head as he said darkly, "These were a very good pair of shoes. I should kill you for getting blood on them. You know, I think I will. First you don't bring me my money, and then you get blood on my shoes."

He released Yugi, who slumped to the ground, panting hard as he looked blearily up at Ushio. His mind processed what Ushio was saying, but the panic didn't hit him until a few seconds later. Curling up into a ball, he stared fearfully up at the bully, who was grinning down at him. Yugi's eyes widened even more when Ushio leered at him and said, "I might let you live… if you give me a good enough reason to. And I think using your body any way I want would be a very good reason."

Yugi whimpered and shakily stood up as he backed up against the wall. Ushio reached for him and he tried to duck under the brute's arms and run away. He moved too slow and Ushio caught him around his waist, throwing him to the ground. Yugi struggled as Ushio straddled his hips and pinned his wrists above his head. He turned his head to the side when Ushio leaned down next to his face. The bully's breath reeked of alcohol as he licked up Yugi's neck, his hands pulling at Yugi's clothes. Tears leaked down Yugi's face as he lashed out with his legs, not phasing Ushio at all. The bully's hand tore open Yugi's shirt and made their way down to his pants, roughly tearing the button open as he tried to reach into the smaller one's pants.

"Leave him alone!"

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