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Underneath a Silver Moon


"I will never let you fall… I'll be there for you through it all…" Your Guardian Angel – The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Yugi tossed and turned on his bed, soft whimpers escaping his throat as the nightmare gripped his mind. A slight sheen of sweat covered his brow as he kicked out at an unseen assailant. The nightmare turned for the worse and he bolted upright with a soft cry of fright. His violet eyes looked around wildly in search of that which plagued his dreams, and upon recognizing his own bedroom, he slowly began to relax. His blankets were tangled around his ankles and he roughly kicked them off. Standing up shakily, he left his room and headed towards the bathroom. The last tendrils of fear gripped his heart as he stared at his reflection in the mirror.

Pale bruises were visible in the soft light and he winced as he ran a finger over a particularly bad one. Memories of Ushio pinning him down and hurting him filled his mind and he shuddered in fear. Rushing from the bathroom, he darted back to his own bedroom and quickly got changed. Scribbling a note for his grandfather, he grabbed his house keys and ran out of the house. He didn't have any real plan on where he was going, all he knew is he didn't want to fight the urge to run.

Tears streamed down his cheeks as he tripped and fell with a small cry onto the sidewalk. He wept as he got back up and continued running. His fear pushed him onward through Domino's streets until at last he reached the park. He disregarded the park time limits and ran through its darkened paths as sobs escaped his lungs. The trees were blurry through his tears and he darted off of the safety of the path through branches thick with leaves as he ran. Wood scraped against his bare arms like clawing fingers, but he ignored the pain. Breaking through the captivating branches, he abruptly stopped when he came to the edge of the lake.

He bent down and hugged his knees as he continued to cry; his fear and despair overwhelming him so much that he didn't hear the crack of a twig being snapped behind him. He was completely oblivious to everything around him thanks to his anguish. He almost didn't hear his name being called from behind him, "Yugi?"

In his fright, he whirled around to glimpse concerned ruby eyes before his footing failed him and he fell backwards towards the water. The lake was deep, even up to the shore, and he landed in the water with a large splash. He floundered in the water for moments, trying desperately to swim to the surface before he felt a hand grab his wrist and pull him into strong arms. The two surfaced and he coughed up the water he swallowed. Blinking water out of his eyes, he looked up at the one who rescued him as he asked, "Atem?"

"Are you okay?" the older boy's voice washed over him and he burst out into fresh tears as he clung to the other's soaked shirt. Atem awkwardly pulled him towards the shore and helped him climb out. He was barely out of the water himself when Yugi threw himself back at him, sobbing desperately into his chest. The two sat there with Atem whispering soft nonsense as the younger boy cried.

Eventually his tears dried up and he sat there, still in Atem's arms as he hiccupped softly. It was strange, but being around the other boy calmed his rattled nerves and he sagged against him. He hardly knew him and he knew people would freak if they knew he was willingly sitting in a witch's arms, but he didn't care. He felt safe. For the first time since waking up, he felt protected. Atem pulled back slightly to look down into weary eyes as he asked softly, "What are you doing out here, Yugi?"

"I had a nightmare," he said softly as he closed his eyes. He fought against the threatening memories of both his nightmare and what happened at the school, "I dreamt of what Ushio did to me and I couldn't stay home. I ran."

"It's going to be okay, Yugi," Atem whispered as he hugged the smaller boy. Hatred for Ushio welled up into his heart and he glared over Yugi's shoulder at a tree. He thanked every deity he knew that the bully was already in jail. If he wasn't… shaking his head softly, he continued, "Ushio is in jail, Yugi. He won't be able to hurt you ever again."

Yugi took deep breaths as Atem's words washed over him again. He repeated those words in his mind over and over again. Ushio would never be able to hurt him ever again. Relief flowed through him and he sagged, his forehead resting against Atem's chest. The older boy merely squeezed him softly once again as he said, "I thought it wasn't bothering you?"

"I thought so too, but…" he shook his head slightly. He wasn't as unaffected by it as he previously thought he was if a nightmare was enough to send him running from his own home. Granted, Ushio couldn't hurt him while he was home, but he still panicked at the thought of what happened. Sighing softly, he said, "I guess not."

"It's only natural," Atem said as Yugi pulled away from him and the two sat side by side next to the lake. Thankfully it was still summer time, so the night was warm and the breeze barely there. They were wet, but not cold, and that was a small miracle. Gazing across the lake, he continued, "You were almost raped and killed by him. I'm surprised it took this long for it to affect you."

"I was in shock," Yugi said softly, but not soft enough. Atem still heard him and nodded his head. It fit. Shock would keep him from feeling the panic and distress the entire ordeal put him through. It was a decision anyone would come to, especially with the way Yugi was acting. The two were silent for a moment before Yugi asked, "What are you doing out here?"

Atem tilted his head up and looked at the stars. Even though they were in the city, the stars were still rather bright. Of course, they were in the park surrounded by trees where no light was reaching them for the most part. His eyes searched for constellations that he could remember as he replied, "I had a gut feeling I should be here tonight, and I tend to listen to those kinds of things. It was probably a good thing, too."

Yugi nodded, accepting the reason for what it was. He had no reason to doubt Atem. That and being who the other was it didn't surprise him that he knew to be at the park right when Yugi was running through it. Perhaps it was being a witch that let Atem know all of that, he thought. Frowning softly, he asked, "But how did you find me?"

"I was just inside the park when I saw you running and followed. Figured there was probably a good reason why you suddenly decided to go for a fast pace, panicked run in the middle of the night," he replied with a shrug. He actually was standing next to one of his favorite trees, an old oak when he saw Yugi run past as if he were being chased. He gave no thought to it when he took off at a run and followed the younger boy through the dense trees to the lake. The only thing he slightly regretted was scaring the poor kid into falling into the lake. He didn't mean to do that.

Yugi looked up at the sky and watched the twinkling stars for a moment. Several thoughts whirled around in his mind as he watched them twinkle in and out of sight, but there was always one that stayed in the forefront of his mind. He finally decided to voice it out loud, realizing that the only way he was going to figure the answer out was to ask, "Why do I feel safe with you? We hardly know one another."

Atem didn't say anything for several moments. He pondered the question with a seriousness that to anyone else his age would be completely out of character. But then again, he wasn't quite like everyone else his age. He gazed out over the dark waters of the lake, the stars and distant city lights reflecting off of its shimmering surface. There was no easy answer to Yugi's question. How was he supposed to explain something that he himself didn't quite understand? Sighing softly, he replied, "I'm not sure, Yugi. Why am I fascinated with you? We've spent every year since Elementary school going to the same place day after day, hardly speaking a word to each other. Yet now here we are."

Yugi nodded his head as he looked down at the ground near his feet. It wasn't hard to understand what Atem was trying to say. The two knew of each other's existence for many years, and yet it took an act that Ushio did to get them to talk more than just a couple of words to each other. He couldn't understand why now all of a sudden that this was happening. He couldn't explain the curiosity that he felt whenever he was around him. The need to know more about the one who saved him, to hear his voice and to feel his touch…

Turning his head, he gazed at Atem as he stared out at the lake. The wind ruffled through the branches above their heads and he watched as it stirred the tri-colored hair of the one he was watching… so very similar and yet so vastly different. He was the softness to Atem's harshness. Where his hair was gentle, tamed, and amethyst in nature, Atem's seemed more striking, wild, and crimson. Without realizing it, his hand reached out and gently threaded his fingers into the other's hair, marveling at the softness he felt.

Atem turned his head and gazed at Yugi at the touch. He felt like he was going to drown in that intense gaze as it held his own, and the younger one shivered softly as he whispered into the quietness of the night, "What is this, Atem? What's happening?"

"I don't know," came the immediate, hushed response. It seemed the quietness of the night and the conversation they were having was affecting them both. Neither boy wanted to break the powerful spell they were feeling at the moment. Atem's hand came up and brushed over Yugi's pale cheek as he murmured, "Does it scare you?"

Yugi didn't say anything as he leaned into the other's touch. He still couldn't explain why or how this was happening, but the connection was too strong. He wanted to know what this was, to explore what was happening between them. Things like Atem's reputation and lack of friends suddenly seemed trivial in light of what he was feeling at that moment. His eyes stayed locked on the other's as he whispered, "Yes… but I know you won't hurt me. You'll keep me safe."

"Always," Atem vowed, not knowing just how much he would come to mean those words in the future. In the few short days since that incident, Yugi had become precious to him and there was no way he was going to let the smaller one come to harm if he could help it. He would do whatever it took to keep Yugi safe… and that was a vow he made not just in word, but with his whole heart.

If he had known then what was to come in the future, he might not have made that vow so easily. After all, magick works in baffling ways and sometimes… sometimes it took what you meant with all of your heart and made it real… and that was the most beautiful and dangerous part about magick. It could work for you… and sometimes against you.

The watch on Atem's wrist broke through the enchantment they found themselves wrapped in as it beeped and both boys snapped their gazes to his wrist. 1 a.m. read clearly on the face and Yugi gave a small sigh as he let his hand slowly slid from the other's hair with a small whisper, "I should go home… it's very late."

Atem nodded his head as he dropped his hand from Yugi's face and slowly stood up. Despite the watch beeping and breaking them out of their intense stare, the spell they felt themselves under seemed to continue even just a little bit as he held his hand out to the smaller one and murmured softly, "I'll walk you home."

Yugi gave him a small smile as he slid his hand into the other's and allowed himself to be pulled up. He wasn't able to explain it, but whatever it was that was happening between them… he didn't want it to end. It just felt so right. He didn't even blink when Atem let go of his hand and instead wrapped his arm around his shoulders, leading him back up to the path from the lake and out of the park. The walk home was relatively silent, but it wasn't uncomfortable. Both boys were content to just enjoy the small contact and the quietness of the early morning hours. It wasn't long before they reached the game shop and the two turned to face each other as they smiled a little awkwardly.

"Say, do you know the arcade a couple of streets over? It's next to the burger place," Atem said as his hand slid down to catch Yugi's in his own, his thumb brushing over the back of the other's hand. He briefly marveled at how silky Yugi's skin felt to the touch as he waited for him to reply.

"Of course," Yugi said with an eager smile on his face. He loved going to both places. Of course, he usually ended up going alone since his only friend wasn't really into playing games and rarely did they have time to go have a burger together, even though he offered plenty of times to play. He nodded his head as he said, "I go to both places a lot."

"Why don't we meet there around 4 tomorrow after school lets out? That way I can show you where I live and we can talk, perhaps play another game of duel monsters…" Atem's voice held a hopeful note as he tilted his head, a golden lock of hair slipping across his face as he gazed down at Yugi, eyes pleading for him to say yes.

"I would love that," Yugi said quietly, a light blush gracing his cheeks. It sounded like a date in his mind, but he knew they were just meeting up as friends… that still came across as weird to him, them being friends. The two were opposites in most ways, and yet despite that they seemed to get along better than he had with anyone before. Swallowing his nervousness, he stood up on his tip toes and pressed a kiss to Atem's cheek as he whispered before darting inside the game shop, "Good night, Atem…"

Atem stood there for several moments with his hand pressed to his cheek as he stared dazed at the closed door. He wasn't expecting that and the blush that flushed his face was rather dark He looked down at the ground with a silly smile on his face before turning around as he murmured softly before walking off into the night, "Good night… Yugi."

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