Yes I know that Jayfeather don't like Ivypool. This is a crack parring, that came into mind when I read a Dovewing x Lionblaze fanfic. I also saw a Ivypool x Lionblaze story, so why not Jayfeather x Ivypool?


Ivypool's POV

Ivypool was lying in the sun, she had become a new warrior four sunrises ago, along with her sister Dovewing. In that time there was a gathering, Ivypool couldn't have gone because of the wounds she had gotten from her training in The Dark Forest. But when Dovewing came back she had told her what happened. To Ivypool dismay her sister had gotten back together with Tigerheart a warrior from ShadowClan. It seem odd that Dovewing would say that Ivypool is betraying there clanmates when she is not only seeing a cat from a different clan but give away where Jayfeather keep his medicines, like cat-mint. That was when Ivypool went to put a stop to it then a ShadowClan patrol had seen her and toke her back to camp. ThunderClan had to give ShadowClan some cat-mint to get her back, something she knew Jayfeather wouldn't like. So she went out to hunt to make up for the herbs the clan had to give away to get her back. Ivypool knew that Jayfeather was still angry with her for it, but part of her felt like it was torn apart. She knew she felt something for the grumpy medicine cat. She had never told anyone, not even her sister Dovewing. She knew that the dark gray she-cat would call her a mouse-brain for falling for the medicine cat. Ivypool sighed and got to her paws, she needed to go for a walk.