It's a quiet night and there is not a sound throughout the Toffret's house. It's big and full of furniture, but has that empty feeling. The Toffret's arrive home from diner at a fancy restaurant. Mr. and Mrs. Toffret get out of the car along with their sophisticated, snobby and welled groomed son, as well as their under-appreciated daughter. She flashes her brother a glare of disgust, and goes straight up to her room. Her brother, James, walks into the house and starts to feel a pain in his mouth. His parents walk in and he starts to tell him about the pain in his mouth. His parents tell him to open his mouth and he reluctantly opens his mouth. All of the sudden he yells and his tongue falls out of his mouth and he cringes in pain.


Sam is sleeping peacefully not moving a muscle. at that moment a flash of memories from Hell flash through his dream and he starts having a fit in his sleep, getting tangled in his sheets. Dean looks over to see Sam having his fit with the pained look on his face and it almost reminds him of when he used to have nightmares about Jess. Dean walks over and shakes Sam awake. Sam wakes up with a gasp as though he were being choked.

"Sam. Sammy. It's okay, it's me."' Dean says giving him a reassuring squeeze on the shoulder.

"I take it I was having another nightmare?" Sam says looking at Dean with a sad expression.

"Ya, that's an understatement, come on, let's grab breakfast. I saw this one dinner with this hot waitress that I think was giving me a look." Dean says trying to cheer up Sam.

Sam checks them out while Dean packs there stuff up and puts it into the Impala. They get into the car and drive into to town to the dinner Dean was talking about. They drive in front and grab a paper as they go inside. The waitress seats Dean and Sam at a booth, and Dean winks as she goes to grab menus from the back. Dean smiles at Sam, but he seems to lost in his little world, thinking about something. Dean startles him by shaking his hand and giving him a funny look.

"You're thinking too hard about this, Einstein. Did you find anything while you were puzzling the great wonders of the universe, oh great exulted one." Dean says bowing in his seat, trying to cheer Sam up.

"If I'm the great exulted one, can I drive?" Sam says sheepishly.

"That's one thing I wouldn't let anyone do, not even a god." Dean serious, but slightly joking.

"Well I think I found something. James Toffret, after a dinner at a restaurant with his family and a few other people, they came home and he walked into the house just to have his tongue fall out. If that isn't a case I don't know what one is." Sam says partly laughing.

"Well I say we go talk to the family, and go from there." Dean says smiling.