After they took a few breaths and calmed down after there almost tragic accident, they drove in the car not saying a word. Although Dean was pretty sure it was over, he kept glancing at Sam who was rubbing his sore eyes for the whole ride, only stopping to look up once and a while.

When they got to the motel, Dean went over to Sam's door to help him into the motel. Dean helped Sam up, only to have him snap back at Dean.

"I'm not blind! I can do it myself!" Sam says yanking his arm from Dean's hands. "I'm… I'm… I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to, just a little tired." Sam says looking into Dean's eyes with a look of guilt. "I didn't mean to snap at him, it wasn't his fault. He saved me." Sam thought to himself.

"Look man, I understand and it's okay. I'm sorry I treated you like a crippled, doubtfully, self-destructive person that can't do anything. Come on, let's go inside." Dean says walking ahead of Sam and opening the door. As soon as Sam walks in, behind Dean, he drops his bag at the base of the bed closest to the door and sits down on it with a look of forgiveness on both their faces. Dean walked over to Sam and with a comforting smile asked him "Can I take a look?" Hesitantly, Sam relaxed his face and opened his eyes, allowing Dean to look at them for damage.

"They're only slightly blood-shot, but other than that, they don't seem too damaged. Are you okay Sam? I understand if you're scared. You want to talk about it?" Dean says letting go of his face, comfortingly squeezing his shoulder.

"I'm fine Dean, just go to sleep." Sam says lying down in his bed, along with his shoes and jacket. Dean just gets up and takes off his shoes as he hears Sam quietly sobbing, but does not say a word as he slowly drifts into sleep.

Dean woke up and stretched his arms out as he climbed out of the bed. He looked over and saw Sam tossing and turning in his sleep as he was groaning and weeping in pain. Dean immediately got up, knowing exactly what was going on. "Not more nightmares" He thought as he walked over to Sam's bed. When he was at the head of Sam's bed, grabbed his shoulder and started shaking it, telling him to "get his lazy ass out of bed". When Sam didn't wake up, a sudden feeling of panic set in and Dean began completely shaking his whole body. Sam began to whimper as Dean stopped shaking him, so Dean sat there pleading him to wake up. And at that moment, Sam shot up screaming and panting.

"Sammy, calm down. It's me, it's Dean. You're alright." Dean says rubbing his shoulder comfortingly.

"You alright?" Dean asks as Sam nods his head.

"It was hell wasn't?" Dean asks looking him in the eyes.

"Look, I get that you're concerned, and thank you. But it's not like there's anything you can do. I'm just going to have to deal with it myself." Sam says as he gets off the bed and grabs clothes out of his duffel bag.

"Fine, but you know were going to have to go after that girl today, whether you like it or not." Dean says grabbing his clothes from his duffel bag. Sam walks out of the bathroom as Dean walks in and Sam puts his clothes into the duffel bag and grabs his gun to put into his pants waistband. Dean walks out and does the same and they start gathering there things, taking them to the car.

Lydia is up in her room gathering a few things; duct tape, gags and chloroform. She takes the chloroform and puts some on a rag. She then hides it in her pocket and makes her way down the stairs over to her mother in the kitchen. She quickly pulls it out and places the chloroformed cloth over her mother's mouth and slowly lowered her to the ground. She then snuck her way over to her father in the living room and tackles him knocking him out.

She starts grabbing her parents and typing them to the kitchen chairs as they start to regain consciousness. They start looking at her with confusion of what she's doing.

"Lydia, what are you doing this for?" Her mom asks as she looks around to find her husband tied to a chair as well.

"They are going to rise. They are going to help me, so that I'm never looked down at ever again." She says placing hex bags on their laps. "You, mother, will pay for all the times you commented on the way I smelled and you father, shall pay for never listening to me ever, for always listening to your son, who is now the laughing stock of the whole school." Lydia says chanting Latin over an alter cloth. All of the sudden her mother's nose starts bleeding as she screams and begs her to stop. She then shifts her gaze to her father and he screams as his ears start bleeding. Lydia then begins to chant Latin "praecipio tibi surgere facere facere divina chaos dolore dolorem" over and over again as her parents scream in pain.

Sam and Dean at that point burst into the door to witness her ritual.

"You're too late. I've made all the necessary sacrifices including your brother to help raise the 5 Demons to create the superhuman. Wait a minute, how can you still see. I have to stop the ritual." She says franticly looking through her things.

"We found your little hex bag in my car, so yeah, my brother can still see. And which demons

Is she exactly summoning?" Dean says looking over at Sam.

"She summoning the five demons of the sences: Audientes, Saporem, Tetigerit, Oculis and Odoratus. If possessing the same "meat suit", they create a superhuman, but she can't summon them All because you interfered with me."

At that point black smoke starts appearing from the alter cloth and starts possessing Lydia's Dad.

"Dean it's too late, look." Sam says pointing over to the demon.

"No, you were supposed to possess me. Help me." Lydia yells at The Demons.

"You do not get your prize, for you did not raise all of us. There is still one of us missing." The Demons claimed with a booming voice.

"I can get the last one, I just need more time." Lydia says as she goes over to the alter cloth.

"Sorry witch bitch, no more time for you." Dean says aiming and firing his gun at the witch's chest.

"Great Dean, now that we have gotten rid of the witch, what do you suggest about The Demons." Sam says walking beside him.

"Since she couldn't raise the one about eyesight, hopefully it can't see. That should be the leverage that we have for now." Sam says pointing to the eyes. At that point The Demons threw Sam and Dean against the wall with telekinesis and held them there. Dean looked over at Sam who was cringing in pain from hitting his head. Dean started praying to Castiel to reach them in time. Sam lets out a pained gasp as his lungs are being crushed by the demon. Dean looks helplessly over at Sam who gives him a look of fear with his "Puppy Dog Eyes", which pains Dean even more to bare. Castiel then appears beside the Demon, looking over at Dean and then the demon.

"Hey Cass, we could use a little help here." Dean gasps out as he struggles to move. As the demon is momentarily destracted by the presence of Castiel, Dean manages to get his hand around Ruby's knife and toss it to Castiel. Castiel caught the knife and threw the knife at the demons heart and walked over to Dean. Dean and Sam fall to the ground.

"Dean, are you alright?" Cas says going to help him up.

"I'm fine, go help Sam." Dean says brushing away Castiel's hand. Castiel walks over to Sam who is weezing and gasping on the ground. Castiel helps Sam onto his feet as Dean walks over.

"You okay?" Dean says helping Sam balance. Sam just nods his head and coughs a bit more.

"Cass, is the demon dead?" Dean asks looking over at it as he helps Sam out the door. Castiel walks over to the demon and looks it over.

"Yes, the demon is dead." Castiel says.

"Dean, I think I'm good now. Can I walk on my own? Look… I'm fine." Sam smiles and pushes Dean away a little. At that moment the witch jumps up and stabs Sam in the back with a knife. Sam looks down at the wound as blood drips from his lips. He looks over at Dean with a pained look in his eyes and calapses to his knees as he starts to bleed out. Dean looks at Sam in shock and raises his gun and fires it at the witch several times, before the witch drops dead. Dean runs over to Sam who is coughing up blood.

"Sam.. Sammy. You're going to be alright… You're going to be fine." Dean says assessing Sam's injury. Sam starts to drift off.

"No, don't you leave me you sonofabitch. I just got you back, I can't lose you again. We were just starting to be brothers again." Dean says on the verge of crying. Sam's body goes limp and Dean just looks at him in shock.

"Cas, come here and lay your hands on him… heal him… NOW!" Dean screams with tears in his eyes. Castiel leans over and places his hand on Sam's chest trying to heal him.

"I can't Dean. I can't bring him back." Castiel says looking sadly over at Dean.

"WELL WHY THE HELL NOT?" Dean yells as tears fall down his cheek.

"Because Raphael is holding him there. He's being kept prisoner."


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