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"Bye Alfred!" 9 year old Richard Grayson said jumping out of the black limo and ran toward Gotham Academy.

"Good day, Master Richard!" Alfred called pulling the limo away from the curb and out of sight.

Dick took a deep breathe, and exhaled slowly. He has been going to this school for almost 2 months now and he liked all of his classes...except...

"Hey! Grayson!" yelled a voice.

Dick groaned. Great... He thought. Him again..He had hoped that he wasn't here today..Why doesn't he find someone his own age to torment?

"What do you want Christine?" he said annoyed already. This guy has been tormenting him ever since he started this school.

"Watch your tone Grayson!" hissed Jack Christine angrily, giving Dick's shoulder a shove.

Normally if that happened Dick would regain his footing in a matter of seconds. But Christine caught him off guard, causing Dick to fall face first on the cement.

Specks of red liquid came from his chin and cheeks, he wiped it away. He turned over. And gave Christine the most deadly Bat-glare he could muster.

Christine scoffed at him. "You think just cuz ya live with the richest man in Gotham, that ya are high and mighty and that you can do whatevea ya want?" taking a step toward Dick.

Can't this guy just leave me alone?

"Well ya know what? My old man's a mobster, and he knows people in high place that will take care of ya and ya dad Grayson, if ya keep thinkin your the best"

I haven't thought that in my life! Dick thought angrily. And having a mobster for a dad is something to be proud of?

Suddenly he felt Christine pick him up by the collar of his shirt. "Why you little brat!" Christine growled. Throwing him back to the ground.

"Don't ya dare talk about my dad that way!" the 15 year old shouted

The Boy Wonder's head hit the cement. Oops... He groaned, he hadn't meant to say that out loud.

"Just cuz ya live in Wayne's house, doesn't mean he cares about you, he'll probably will leave ya as soon as he gets bored with ya or something bad will happen ta him!" Christine laughed

Anger took over Dick's body. "Shut up! That's not true!" he yelled

Christine laughed, and turn around and walked into the school with all the other kids. The young hero sat on the black cement, as his fellow classmates walked past him.

It's not true! Dick thought. His father did care for him, he's shown that on several occastions. Christine is wrong! He told himself, his eyes sight becoming misty.

When everyone finally went inside the school. Dick slowly got up, he knew that if he went in that Christine would torture him for the rest of the day, since the guy had all of his classes.

He wiped away the blood and tears from his face, then turned on his heels and fasted walked down the street.

The Boy Wonder needed to clear his head. And he knew excatly where to go...

Bruce Wayne sat at his desk at Wayne Tower going over paper work of ideas of new products that needed his aproval. He rubbed his eyes, 3 hours of paper work and he still had two more stacks to go through!

Bruce lend back in his chair, closing his eyes. At least he had something to look forward to when he got home. He smiled, seeing his son would always make him feel better after a hard day as Bruce Wayne or Batman.

And since he hasn't been around lately, whether at Wayne Tower or on missions for the League. He was happy he would be able to spend some time with his son, he owed it to Dick.

Ring Ring Ring! went his office phone.

Bruce, opening his eyes picked up his phone. "Hello?" he said

"Mr. Wayne?" asked a voice

"Yes? Who is this?"

"I must apologize for calling you so early. But this is Johnathon Jones the principle of Gotham Academy, and I have to inform you that Richard is not here at school...Is he sick?"

"What? No.. he's fine, my friend, Alfred dropped him off at school" Bruce said matter-of-factly.

"Well he's not here now...I'm concerned Bruce, Of the short time Richard has been here he has never done this... Is everything alright at home?" Johnathon asked suspicious

Bruce knew that tone of voice, its a tone that said I-don't-trust-you. "Yes, everything is fine..." he answered rather rudely, but not caring, Why were people asking him that lately?

"Did anyone see him leave the school yard, by any chance?" Bruce asked Johnathon

"No, no one saw him leave or go in the school. There was an incident outside, but from what our top student Jack Christine told us, Richard was no where the incident" Jones explained

Christine... Why does that name sound familiar? Bruce thought. He knew that name, but couldn't put his finger on it.

"Thank you for telling me Johnathon, I'll go and look for him right now" The Billionaire said to the principle, as he began to put down the phone.

"Mr. Wayne! I must tell you that even though that Richard was not near the fight, some students did say that he seemed very upset when they walked past him."

That comment pulled at Bruce's heart, he was in concern-father-protective-mode in an instant.

"Thank you" finally putting the phone down.

The Dark Knight let his composure fall at last. He breathed in deeply, as his whole body shook. Alright... Think Bruce... Putting his head in his hands. Where would he go? Seeing as his ward was only 9 years old, there wasn't a place in Gotham Dick could go on his own, even as Robin, unless Bruce knew about it, because even in the day time...Gotham was still dangerous.

He racked his brain, to think where Dick might have gone... There was no where Dick would have gone...not on his own- Wait... Getting up quickly, running out of his office down the hall and outside into the sunny, cold morning of Gotham...

There was one place Dick might be at... Not even bothering to get in his car as he sprinted down the street.

I hope I'm right...

Dick took a deep breathe, taking in the morning air of Gotham Park, as he tried to calm himself while he sat under a tree. The Park was filled with the smell of dew and fresh cut grass, there were also chess boards set everywhere, as the old cititzens of Gotham were playing their morning rounds of chess.

He and Bruce use to come here and play chess, usually with each other, and sometimes with other people, only if Bruce said it was okay, and to stay where he could see him.

But that was before Dick started school, since then he has never gotten a chance to come here, until today that is.

Dick looked around the park sadly. He missed the times he and Bruce would sit at one of those tables and his father would pretend to lose at least one match to spear Dick's pride, though The Boy Wonder ever did mind that he lost every match to Bruce, he just love that he got to spend time with his dad in such a peaceful place, even if it wasn't at night...

"Just cuz ya live in Wayne's house, doesn't mean he cares about you!" Christine's voice echoed in his head, Dick snapped his eyes closed, bitting his botton lip.

"He'll probably will leave ya as soon as he gets bored with ya or something bad will happen ta him!" Christine's laughter stuck in his head, along with the joy of tormenting Dick on his face as he walked away...

Shut up! Dick told the voice of Christine and the voices of the crowd of kids that saw what happened angrily, putting his hands on his temples...

All those kids did nothing to help Dick... All they did do was whisper and stare at him as they walked by...

"I feel bad for the kid..."

"Why? It's his own fault, he shouldn't have antaginized Jack!"

"Yeah...I guess"

"Do you think we should do something?"

"Nah...It's better not to get in the middle of this.."

"Hmph! Serves the kid right! He should know better than to bad mouth someones parents!"

"The kid keeps that attiude up he's gonna fine Mr. Wayne not around any more!"

"Shut up!" Dick whispered. Their all lying! He screamed to himself. Bruce would never leave me!

Why should he care what they all thought of him? Who he was in the past, and who he is now... He was Robin, The Boy Wonder, the hero that busted his butt trying to make sure that they are all safe in their beds at night from the villains that haunt these streets...

Those kids...judging him before even getting to know him? The looks he sometime got as he walked Gotham Academy halls for the last 2 months... He pretended not to notice, thoses looks of pity, of judgement, of distgust... The whispers they thought Dick couldn't hear as they judge him and Bruce, and everything his father did for him. He wanted to scream at them to leave him alone!

Why can't just leave me and Bruce alone? Why couldn't they keep their comments to themselves? Or to have the common sense to not talk about him when he was there?

Dick hugged his legs to his chest, as his body began to shake uncontrollably... He winced as the salty tears that fell from his eyes stun the still bloodly scraps on his face. Then he felt a arm around his shoulder...

He sighed quietly...


The young hero knew his father would find him here.. He wanted Bruce to find him here... To show how much Dick missed this place, how much he missed him...

He sniffed and turned his head away from Bruce... Ashamed of himself... Though he missed this place, he knew when he left the school and came here, that his father wouldn't be happy with him... He probably will be grounded from patrol for a while. Dick was shocked when he felt Bruce start rubbing his arm with his hand.

That one motion, that one act of comfort, Bruce always would do to help calm Dick down, made the Boy Wonder break down completely. He turned, and wrapped his arms around his father's waist, he buried his scraped face into his father work shirt, and let a broken sob escape his lips, he closed his eyes, his fingers clinching to Bruce's jacket for dear life.

Bruce's arms went around Dick protectivly, running a hand threw his son's hair..As he began to rock them back and forth. This only made Dick cling to his father even more, he knew that Bruce would never leave him willingly, but Dick couldn't help but think that, there will be a day that something might happen to Bruce.

And when that day comes, what will he do then? What will become of the people of Gotham when the Dark Knight finally falls? He sobbed harder into the only adult that has ever loved him as much as his parents did...

"D-Daddy..." he sobbed completly broken. Please...Don't leave me...

The Caped Crusador's arms tightened around his son, his fatherly instinct going into over drive. He began to rub circles on Dick's back.

"Son? What's wrong?" he whispered gently

Another broken sob came from Dick. It tore at Bruce's heart, his son's grip on his jacket was to a point where it would leave holes in the material.

Bruce looked down at his son and noticed for the first time since he arrived here that Dick's face was scraped badly. He was immediately angry, not at Dick, but at the person who hurt his boy.

He removed his right hand from his son's back and cupped Dick's chin softly, and pulled his face upward to get a better look at the young hero. His little birds face was all scratch up, almost like he'd fallen somewhere.

The Boy Wonder opened his eyes and meet his father's. There was so much pain in the boys eyes. He has never know another boy that has had that same pain in his eyes...except himself. It made the Dark Knight crush his son into him, he wanted to shield him from the pain he felt.

After a few minutes, Dick's sobs went to soft cries, he hiccuped, as buried he face deeper into Bruce's chest.

Bruce put his chin on Dick's head. Bruce sighed, "Your principle called my office...He said that you weren't at school... He said that there was an incident with two boys in the school yard...One was named Jack Christine?" he whispered gently. Johnathon had never said who was involved in the fight but he had an idea that this Christine kid was.

Dick stiffened in Bruce arms at the mention of that name, but remained silent. "He s-said that i-if i keep up th-thinking that I'm be-better than everyone he w-would send his mob-mobster father after y-you!" he hiccuped as he stared sobbing again.

"H-He said that s-something bad would hap-happen to you!" his body shaking, he clung to Bruce, scared to death he might disappear any second.

"Please, Don't leave me..too" he sobbed clearly but brokenly

Bruce heart was ripped out as Dick told him what happened...He hugged his son lovingly.

"Shhh...Dickie. I'm here now, your daddy's here now, Everything's alright" he whispered gently, placing a kiss on his son's forehead, as he rock them back and forth once more.

Then finally after a few more minutes went by, Dick began to calm down, his sobs went to silent tears, but still hugged he father tightly.

"I love you, dad" he said tiredly, he was exhausted, emotionally and physically.

"I love you too, son. So very very much." Bruce said he looked down and saw that his little bird was asleep in his arms. He called Alfred and told them where they both were, he carefully layed Dick and himself on the cool, wet grass underneath them, resting his chin on Dick head again, closing his eyes.

The Caped Crusador then waited patiently for Alfred to come pick them up...

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