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Chapter 2

Bruce Wayne walked the halls of Gotham Academy later the following evening. Since it was 3:00 the halls of the school were empty, and quiet. This was good because he wanted a quiet conversation with Johnathon without any interruptions. His footsteps echoed on the shiny, mable white floor, as he turned the corner and toward the door that had the words "principle" written on the glass covered window. He knocked once-

"Come in" said a voice

Bruce pushed the door open. "Hello Johnathon" and walked over to the man's neatly organized desk

"Ah! Bruce , I thought that I might see you here sooner or later, Did you find Richard?" Jones asked as he shook Bruce's hand and sat back onto his black leather chair.

"Yes, I found him, He was very upset" Bruce said sitting down on one of the stiff guest chairs, putting his hands on his lap.

"Well that is what most of the kids told me, and I'm glad that he is alright" said Johnathon with a smile.

Bruce frowned. Unconvinced that this guy really cared, "May I ask you something?" he said in the most polite way possible.

"Certainly" Jones said gesturing Bruce to go ahead and ask his question.

"What do you know about Jack Christine?"

Johnathon eyes widened, clearly that wasn't the question he thought Bruce would ask. He stared at Wayne for a moment-

"Well...He is 15, has top grades in classes, polite to all the teachers... Why do you ask?" Jones said slowly

"And his parents?" Bruce asked ignoring Jones question

Johnathon sighed. Taking off his round glasses, and cleaning them with his tie. "His mother died when he was 2 years old, and his father as I remember Jack saying to me, 'Has his own business of making money' I believe his name is Austin Glen Christine" he told Bruce, getting up and moving over to the other side of his office.

"As I recall, You and Austin, knew each other well? You both were classmates growing up?"

"I really don't remember my classmates when I was a child" Bruce answered a matter-of-factly, he didn't really pay any attention to the kids in his class, he was to busy grieving over what had happened to his parents.

"If you saw his face then maybe...Ah ha! Here it is!" announced Johnathon, pulling a book from a dark oak book-shelf, he sat back down and turned a few pages of the book-

"Oh, There he is! Austin Christine!" Jones said, giving the book to the Dark Knight. He then noticed that it was a year book, a year book of his classmates and himself when they were all young and innocent. And two rows down-

Bruce's eyes widened in complete shock. At the 14 year old boy with the blond hair, and the croaked pretend grin on his face. No...It can't be the same guy? He thought hopefully. Now he knew why that last name sounded familiar... Austin Christine was the boy-

"I can see that by your expression that you remember him? Are you shocked at how different you both looked then to what you do now?" the principle asked

He did look different back then, he was smaller, his face was slimmer, paler, his smile was fake, angry, and stiff. His body was skinny, what really got his attention were his eyes...His deep green eyes, were not filled with happiness and love like a normal boy at that age should have, but completely broken, and so full of sadness. Just like Dick's were-

Dick...He suddenly remembered why he was here. He was here for Dick, his son, not to stroll down his unhappy childhood.

He got up quickly. Handing the year book back to Jones. "Thank you Johnathon, for your help" he said walking toward the door-

"Of course Bruce, I just hope that everything is going alright at home" the man said behind The Caped Crusader.

Bruce stopped abruptly, clinching his fists. Why were so many people asking that? Did no one trust him with parenting Dick? The Billionaire shook his head mentally. I'll deal with this later...

"Good-bye, Mr. Jones." Bruce said gritting his teeth, walking out of the office with out waiting for a reply.

He sat down in his car, and finally let a deep, rigid sigh escape from him. Alright... he got some information about this kid, he was not a 'top student' as the teacher at that school thought him to be, or at least he didn't get that way on his own, it was so obvious that he had paid or scared other kids into doing his homework... He was the kid of Austin Glen Christine after all...

Bruce groaned loudly. Austin... He hadn't thought of that guy in years. Sure there were tons of mobsters in Gotham, but never did he think that he actually knew one of them from his childhood.

He pinched the bridge of his nose. Did Austin hate him that much? That he would make his kid bully Dick? Well not anymore... Bruce thought. Time to dig a little deeper in Austin Christine life...

Bruce started researching Austin as soon as he got back to Wayne Manor. He pulled up his file: Current Age 33, single father died at age 9, in and out of foster care since age 9 and prison since age 19, Children: one male, name Jack Tyler Christine.

"Good evening Master Bruce" said a polite voice

"Hello Alfred" Bruce said not taking his eyes off his computer.

He stopped typing. Turned his chair around to face Alfred. "How's-?"

"Master Dick is, at the moment asleep, he has been in and out of sleep since you left, he has been asking for you sir" the man said cutting Bruce off.

The Dark Knight nodded, then went back to typing. There was nothing but the sound tap tap noises as Bruce pounded the computer keys, as it echoed off the cave walls.

"Your search for information on Austin Christine is going well, I hope?"

"I can't believe myself Alfred" he stopped typing again. "Austin's father died at age nine, he was in and out of foster care even before we meet at school and been in prison several times...He's childhood was just as bad as mine was."

"And what do I do, I bully him for years until I graduated, I tormented him every day...I was no better to Austin then, than Jack is to Dick now."

"Master Bruce, you mustn't blame yourself for the way you treated this man...You were going through a tough time, you did not know how to act around people, after that night. The way you treated him may not have been the right way to help you grieve, but how his life turned out was not your fault" Alfred said to him

"But it is Alfred, As I grew up, I had you and Leslie to care for me, while he had no one, my life got a little better over the years, while his just kept getting worse" Bruce sighed. The guy is a mobster, he's killed people for money, and drugs...I didn't help either, I made growing up worse for this guy...

"Do you remember the last time I bullied him?" he asked

Alfred stayed silent, telling Bruce to continue. "It was when I was 16, I was walking up the streets one night and I found myself in Crime Alley..." he trailed off, Alfred put a hand on his shoulder.

He cleared his throat. "And when I looked up I saw Austin making his way down Crime Alley as well. I watched as he kicked an empty soda can right near the place where they... Where it happened... And I thought How dare he! How dare he dishonor them, How dare he dishonor the place where I last stood with them, happy and loved! That is when I went after him..." Bruce trailed off as he remembered...

"Christine!" he remembered yelling angrily at the 14 year old boy a couple feet in front of him.

Christine looked up, immediately scared, he tried to run but the kid tripped over his own feet. Bruce was looking down at the kid in a matter of minutes.

Austin looked at him, eyes pleading. But he just scoffed and began hitting, kicking and throwing the boy into stuff. Christine cried out pleas, begging Bruce to stop, but he didn't.

Bruce remembered how much he hated the kid at that moment. He never hated anyone else in his life, except the man that was responsible for the death of his parents, the man that was never brought to justice.

"And I just left him there...He was in the hospital for months Alfred! I did that to him! And at the time I didn't care at all! God, no wonder he hates me...I tortured him into going down the wrong path..." he said finally, so ashamed of himself. He was the reason why Dick was in pain so much. If I hadn't bullied Austin back then... His kid wouldn't be doing it to Dick now...

"You had nothing to with the out come of his life, he chose his own path Master Bruce, just as you have choosen yours" his well dressed guardian said.

He's right... a little voice said in the back of his head. But now Dick is the one hurting...well no more...I need to make this right... He thought, getting up from his chair.

"I have somethings to take care of, Alfred would-?" Bruce began

"I will look after Master Dick until you return sir"

Bruce nodded once, and left.

Four hours later Bruce was in front of his son's closed door. Alfred said that Dick was fine, but he just needed to see him. He walked into Dick's room, his son was asleep, not peacefully but asleep nonetheless.

He then heard Dick whimper, He moved and knelt beside his son, instantly concerned.

"Bruce..." his little bird cried softly, tears falling out his tightly closed eyes.

The Billionaire ran his hand through Dick's hair. his scraped face filled with so much pain. "Dick...it's okay son" he whispered gently wiping his son's tears away.

Dick's eyes snapped open. He sat up, confused, and upset. He looked around and saw his father by his bedside.

The Boy Wonder's bottom lip trembled as fresh tears fell down his cheeks. Bruce's heart broke when he saw the sadness and fear in his son's face. He wrapped his arms around the boy, his son doing the same.

Dick cried and his body shook just as it did at the park hours ago. "Daddy..." he sobbed, never wanting to let go.

"Shh it okay Dickie bird...I'm okay, Shhh" Bruce said comfortly as he began rocking his son, rubbing soothing circles on his back.

The Dark Knights throat grew a lump. He swallowed hard. God I did this...It's my fault he's hurting so much! Dickie I'm so so sorry... He thought.

"B-Bruce?" Dick hiccuped, concerned as he looked at his father

Bruce then realized that he was shaking uncontrollably. "Dick...I'm so sorry, so so sorry..." he repeated outloud.

"This is my fault...I'm the reason why-..."

"Dad, What you did to Mr. Christine has nothing to do with how Jack treats me now" Dick said his tears gone from his face, instantly forgetting his own pain, as he smiled for the first time this whole day,

"How do you-?"

"I kinda-sorta bugged the Cave, and heard everything you and Alfred were saying..." Dick answered honestly

"You bugged the Batcave?" Bruce asked

"I bugged the Batcave.." his son repeated

Bruce crushed his bird to his chest, he grinned as he hugged Dick to him. God how he loved his son!

"Your not mad?" The Boy Wonder asked, confused

"Never! Dick, I could never be mad at you! I love you so much son" Bruce said as his gave his son a kiss on the top of his head. They sat on the floor, hugging each other in silence then-

"So what were the 'things' that you needed to take care of?"

Bruce laughed. "You'll see when you go to school"

Dick looked at him, scared. "Don't worry I'll be going with you" Bruce reassured him, the young hero nodded-


Dick held on to his father's hand as they walked to Gotham Academy the next day. He was scared out of his mind! He didn't want to see Christine so soon...

He looked up at Bruce- who smiled as he knelt down. "Don't worry Dick. I'll be right here, even after you walk into school" as his father ruffled his black hair.

The young hero gave him a skeptical look, but nodded and slowly walked into the school with the other kids...And immediately all the kids were talking at once-

"Did ya hear the news?"

"Jack Christine is no longer here in Gotham City!"

"Are ya sure? What happened?"

" Well apparently Mr. Wayne sent Jack's father, money and a private ticket of this horrible place"

"And he just took it?"

"Well that's surprising! Considering how much Christine's father hated him. How much did he give him?" one kid had asked

"About 6,000!"

"Well if a guy offered you 6,000 dollars, wouldn't you take it? Even if you hated him?"

"How do you know all of this?"

"My mom is a co-worker of Bruce Wayne! Duh!"

"That's very nice of him!"

"Now Jack and his dad are living out in the country unknown to anyone so that his dad's buddies don't come looking for him!"

Dick listen to the gossip in disbelieve... He didn't have to deal with Jack anymore? His dad did all this for him? He grinned wildly, and ran toward the entrance doors. And true to his word, Bruce was still kneeling in the same spot he was in, when Dick walked away.

His grin grew as he stared at the man. Tears of pure happiness ran down his young face. skipping two steps at a time, he ran into his father's waiting arms.

Bruce hugged him lovingly and chuckled. "You did all this for me?" The young hero asked

"A little for me too. I wanted to apologize to Austin for the way that I treated him when I was young. I figured getting him out of the city he hated so much was the best thing, But all of my thoughts as I did all of this, were for you Dick!" Bruce said smiling, as he wiped away some of Dick's tears.

The Boy Wonder grinned, and hugged his father once again. "I love you, dad!" he said into Bruce's neck.

The Caped Crusader smiled. "I love you too Dickie, so so much" he said as he place his chin on top of Dick's head.

"Sooo you ready to go back inside?" Bruce asked still holding him after a minute went by.

Dick looked at him quickly. "No!" he said horrified he didn't want to leave his father now!

Bruce laughed. Scooping his son in his arms. "Well then I know one place we could go" he said standing up.

Dick gave him the biggest, happiest smile, that Bruce thought he would burst. His son nodded several times. Then father and son started walking down the street toward Gotham Park.

There will be a day where his father won't be around anymore...but that day won't happen for a long, long time, Dick would make sure of it. He is going to make every moment with Bruce, (rather it be as himself or Robin) count.

Cause no matter what any one said, he loved his father dearly. Just as Bruce loved him, and no one, no one would be able to change that...

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