XCOM: UFO Defence

Chapter 1

Geneva, Switzerland

December 10th, 2011

The cold wind roared across the lake, leaving little comfort for the two men walking along the street. As cold as it was, they showed no signs of discomfort, having greater worries on their minds.

The man in the dark grey jacket pulled a cigarette out of his front coat pocket, offering one to the other person walking with him. His fingers tingling from the cold, he pulled out his lighter, and lit the cigarette, taking a long drag.

"So I hear the negotiations are winding up among the diplomats, and that an agreement will be reached by the end of the night." Taking another drag of his cigarette, he looked towards the night sky.

"Your correct, the council has agreed that major co-operation is required for this problem we are facing. It has been agreed that they will pool together finances, as well as material goods to support the agency."

The man with the cigarette nodded in approval. "Amazing how these countries, some of them old enemies, were able to agree to this. Surely disagreements may arise?" Finishing his cigarette, he tossed it to the ground, stubbing it out with his shoe.

"If the nation on the council is unhappy with progress, they may pull out at any time. Of course, if this unit is successful, surely they will give more to match their success." The man then offered his hand to the one with the cigarette. "Congratulations Mr. Williams, you are now the Director of XCOM, mankinds first hope of saviour from the extraterrestrial threat."

Pulling out another cigarette, he let out a laugh. "Just what I always dreamed of."