,,So, Freddie, how are enjoying this?"

Freddie said only simple :,,Good."

The prostitute, what was laying by his right side started to kiss him on lips, nose, forehead and neck. Frederick was just staring on the ceiling. He wasn´t thinking about this situation, when he is laying in bed with one blonde good-looking prostitute he found in a bar this night. He was thinking on one brunette woman from land of goulash and sausages, from land, where ,,daddy" is ,,apukad" and ,,egészségedre" means ,,cheers". And from this land, injured by the USSR and communism, came the woman who changed his life. Florence Vassy. He loved her - but he hated her as well. She was there. Yesterday, she was still there. Day before yesterday she was his chess second. And day before day before yesterday, she was his mistress. And now she has gone. Without any warnings she is on another place than by his side. She was there for seven years, and Freddie didn´t think she will go away once.

,,Oh, Freddie, you are not looking at me," said the prostitute. ,,Look at me. You want me, don´t you? You paid me, didn´t you? Or are you so drunk?"

,,I am not drunk…" In fact, he was. He wanted to forget, that his whole life has changed. He lost his title. His mistress and second has gone. He has nothing more than chess.

,,Do you like me, Freddie? Do you really like me? Am I beautiful?" asked the prostitute and she started to undress herself.

,,You are so beautiful," said Frederick. ,,You are so beautiful and I love you. I love you…"

,,Oh, you are the first man who ever said me this! I don´t know, if you can love me, you know me only for one hour." He buried his face into the pillow.

,,I love you. I love you. I love you," he says, still again. He never told Florence how much he loves her – and probably he will never have a chance to do it. He had to tell it her. He had to tell it her, and she will never leave him ,,I love you," he whispered. ,,I love you, my Florence."

,,And you said you are not drunk!" the prostitute laughed. ,,You even forgot my name – I am not Florence, I´m Erin!"

,,I love you, Florence," said Freddie again, and tears ran down his cheeks and they fell on the pillow.

He felt like a pawn, who can do a lot of things. Who had a lot of chances. Who can even change into a rook or a bishop or any figurine he wants. But he cannot go back.