Warning (which I forgot to put up earlier, sorry): Citrusy, lemony and suchlike stuff ahead. Cheese too, of course.

Rainbows And Cheese

"You're such a slut," Alois drawled, crawling between Claude's legs, over his crotch and abdomen and right up his chest as he climbed into bed with him that night. "You were dying to be fucked by Sebastian, weren't you?"

"Quite the opposite. I was attempting to fuck him," Claude replied complacently, enjoying the feeling of his little lover making his way up his body.

"But getting fucked by him was your other aim, if the first failed, wasn't it?" Alois asked, licking the spider demon's chin.


"You are a slut."

"Says the one more commonly associated with that label by his enemies," Claude said affectionately.

"Takes one to live with one for fifty years."


"So he was pretty damn good after all, huh?" Alois pouted.

Claude, poised between answering with the bare technical facts and fudging those facts a little for the sake of a deeper truth, came down on the side of the latter as he answered: "No one's as good as you in my book."

"Mmm... a slut with a smooth tongue," Alois purred, kissing Claude and preparing for an inventive session in bed, leaving him with only half a thought to spare for whether Ciel was getting on any better with Sebastian now.


In the other room, Luka burrowed into Hannah's breasts and asked sleepily: "D'you think Ciel is going to be happy now, Hannah?"

"I think he is, Luka," she smiled.

"And d'you think Sebastian's happy to be stuck with Ciel now?"

"I believe he's chuffed to bits about it."

"You did a good thing, sticking them together," the little one laughed merrily.

"It seems that I did."


"What are we supposed to be doing again?" Ciel asked doubtfully, as Sebastian dipped the silver fork back into the hellishly divine tiramisu.

He was seated on Sebastian's lap, while Sebastian was seated in his armchair, and the older devil was feeding him dessert.

"We're bonding, of course," his guardian answered, lifting the layers of cream-cheese goodness to Ciel's lips.

Ciel opened his mouth, accepted what was offered, and revelled in the taste of it for a good minute before he asked his next question: "So... why haven't we bonded before?"

"We've been wishing we were rid of each other for ninety-seven years. Why would we bond when we were each hoping the other would vaporise into the smoky ether of hell?"

Another spoonful was lifted to Ciel's lips to be consumed with the greatest appreciation.

"You do know I can feel your hard-on, don't you?" Ciel asked in a perfectly off-handed manner, licking the spoon quickly before Sebastian could lower it again.

"Does it bother you?" Sebastian asked.

"Should it?"

"That depends on what you might be expecting from it," the older one said.

"I don't know that I'm expecting anything from it."

"Oh," Sebastian sounded deflated. "You weren't impressed by my demonstration of dominance over Claude?"

"You were just showing off."

"I was proving that I was qualified to be your guardian and teacher, despite your reluctance to give me any credit."

"Your qualifications are fine," Ciel sighed. "I just didn't like anything you did to me before, because..."


Colouring a little, Ciel continued: "Because you didn't taste like you really liked me. Something was missing."

"I like you now," Sebastian assured him, feeding him the last forkful of tiramisu.

"I can tell," Ciel said after swallowing the mouthful of moist dessert. He then lay back against the armrest of the chair, stretching his legs over the other armrest, leaving his bottom planted on Sebastian's lap, and feeling very aware of the erection throbbing against his right hip.

"How can you tell?" Sebastian asked, putting the dessert plate down on the little table beside his armchair.

"By the fact that you have a raging hard-on even when I'm all togged out like this," Ciel answered, waving his colourful sock-ensconced feet in the air and looking down at the baby-pink T-shirt he was wearing – one with a saccharine illustrated image of a goofy spaniel-type dog licking the face of a dewy-eyed boy with an oversized head. "I would've thought my being dressed in garb of this sort would make you wilt for sure."

"It's what's inside that matters, isn't it?" Sebastian said, rather cheesily.

Ciel snorted. "I can't believe you said that with a straight face. You must have been watching too many advertisements on telly."

"I've been trying to take an interest in the things that interest you."

"I don't know if I should be pleased or concerned about that."

"Try being pleased with something I do for once this century," suggested the older devil, as he reached out for Ciel's left hand so he could examine the green plastic wristwatch with an illustration of a red crab on the dial, its pincers forming the hour and minute hands. The strap was decorated with cartoon seashells. "When did you buy this?"

"A few months ago. Do you like it?"

"I cannot say that I do for its own sake. However, if you like it, then I am happy that you are wearing it."

"To put that in normal English, it's the tackiest thing you've ever seen on me." Blue-red eyes glinted keenly.

"No, the tackiest thing I've ever seen on you was the Mickey Mouse cap with the ears."

"Ah. That."

"So tell me what you were thinking when you purchased this wristwatch."

"Uhm... I was thinking it looked cute, and I knew you would hate it, so that was a really good reason for buying it."

Sebastian studied his face curiously. "My hating it was a really good reason for buying it? Why would that be so?"

"Because I wanted to annoy you."

"What would annoying me achieve?" the older one asked.

"I wanted you to know that I wasn't happy."

Sebastian could feel that they were getting somewhere close to the root of the youngster's odd behaviour now. Containing his wild curiosity, he asked calmly: "What were you unhappy about?"

"The way things were."

"What, specifically, about the way things were?"

"You were keeping everything the same – dull and boring – as if you were trying to keep me the way I was when I was someone you wanted to have. Whereas I was trying to change myself, because I wanted to express that I was someone different now, and if you didn't like that, then it was too bad, because I was going to make damn sure you were going to have to put up with what you didn't like in the loudest, brightest, most colourful ways I could manage."

As Ciel spoke those thoughts from the deepest chambers of his mind, he too was experiencing a revelation of sorts, for he had never described his behaviour even to himself with such clarity.

"Well," Sebastian observed thoughtfully. "I now accept you as you are – in every way imaginable."

"Yes, I know."

"So can we agree that this wristwatch has done its work for the time being?"

Ciel looked into his garnet eyes, found no deception there, and nodded slowly, cautiously. Sebastian unstrapped the watch and put it on the side table.

"Now what about this T-shirt with the… charming… design?" the elder one inquired, one black fingernail tracing the slightly plasticky outline of the boy-and-dog graphic.

"The image reminded me of me with Sebastian the dog, so I really wanted it," Ciel said. "I also thought it would say to you that I'd not only changed into someone different from who you knew me as, but that I was ready to rediscover who I was from before we first met."

"I accept you as you are, as you were, and as you were even from before I knew you," Sebastian declared.

"So the T-shirt has done its job."

"It appears so," Sebastian remarked, carefully and skilfully peeling it off Ciel.

"You're good at removing clothes, aren't you?" Ciel observed.

"Hmm. What's the story behind this extremely faded pair of grey jeans?" he asked, tweaking the unevenly coloured fabric.

"They were already deliberately streaked and faded to begin with, but they were comfortable, and they fitted me. Their appearance and fit seemed to say to me that if I wore them, I'd be declaring that I wasn't perfect at all in your eyes any more, but that I didn't give a shit, because I was contented with myself as I had become."

"I see nothing wrong with you at all," Sebastian murmured, fingers already working on the brass button of those jeans.

He slipped the jeans off with a little cooperation from Ciel, and the youngster was now almost naked in his lap, wearing only a pair of cotton boxers with a repeating pattern of ice-cream cones all over them. Sebastian was tempted to analyse the ice-cream cones and move on to whipping off the boxers, but he refrained for the time being and eyed the rainbow socks instead.

"And these?" he asked, reaching out to hold one of Ciel's feet while scrutinising the eye-watering shades of bright yellow, scarlet, emerald, indigo, royal blue, a violet that was more like lavender, and tangerine.

"They're just cute," Ciel said. "I happen to like cute socks. Nothing profound behind that. Of course it always helped to know that you would detest them."

"May I take them off, then?"


Off went the socks, and finally, Sebastian was contemplating the ice-cream boxers. "What about these?" he asked softly.

"Sebastian," Ciel sighed.


"Stop faffing around with the pseudo-analysis and the psychobabble, and let's see what the hell you're made of – it's what's inside that counts, remember?"

Given the green light, Sebastian wasted no time getting to what was inside those boxers, peeling off that flimsy scrap of underwear, and rotating Ciel about on his lap so that the young one's head was on his guardian's knees, his bottom pressed against Sebastian's belly, his ankles hooked over Sebastian's shoulders.

"Let's see if things go any better this time than they did last time," Ciel proposed, sounding almost businesslike. "If it's no better this time round, I swear I'll go straight back to Claude and come up with a scheme that will end with him fucking you senseless."

"That is not going to happen, Ciel," Sebastian growled seductively before hoisting his ward's hips up to the level of his face and suckling the youngster's balls so perfectly that Ciel shut up at once before yielding in a short while to moans of pleasure, offering Sebastian far more enthusiastic Mmm-type purrs than he had ever given Alois. By the time Sebastian dipped his chin to press his crafty tongue to Ciel's smooth perineum, the young one was nearly incoherent with bliss.

Now Sebastian was ready to move on to the next phase. Carefully, so as not to jolt the one he was holding, he shifted forward slightly in order to start teasing Ciel's prick with his tongue. Ciel purred away as the pleasure increased, hardly noticing that his head, shoulders and arms had slid over Sebastian's knees, and he was practically hanging upside down, supported only by the older devil's strong hands holding his buttocks and hips. Neither did he notice that his spreading legs were slipping off Sebastian's shoulders and onto the crooks of his arms. He didn't care and scarcely registered the posture he was in, for Sebastian's lips and tongue and mouth were doing incredible things to his cock, sampling the weeping slit, circling the head, wrapping about his shaft. Ciel was already crying out at a moderate volume, awash in the sensations which promised so much more to come. On top of all that, he could literally feel, skin-to-skin, the affection and possessiveness communicating itself from every pore, every move and every sound from the devil who grasped him with his hands and mouth – and that made it all so good.

Then Sebastian's head began to move up and down, and Ciel clutched at the long thighs beneath the slope of his body, digging into the glossy fabric with his little black claws. Sebastian hummed softly around his ward's cock as the small nails pressed through the black leather and into his flesh – he liked the tiny pinpricks of pain he was getting from them. At the same time, his low hum sent intriguing vibrations through Ciel's shaft, causing him to moan louder and dig in harder as he pushed his hips upward to get as much of himself into the other's mouth as he could.

"My, aren't we eager?" Sebastian teased, stopping what he was doing and letting Ciel slip out past his lips. "Looks like you've shed a lot of your inhibitions since you went to stay with the spider and his pet Lhasa Apso. I should send you to them for sleepovers once in a while."

Ciel, suddenly finding himself bereft of the heat of that delicious mouth, lifted his head and neck to growl in frustration: "Stop talking and get on with it!"

"Hmm," Sebastian murmured mischievously. "I think we should have a bit more fun if we try it this way…"

So saying, he flipped Ciel over as if it were the easiest thing in the world to do, drawing a startled yelp from the smaller demon. Ciel was now face-down over his lap, his thighs parted on either side of Sebastian's own, feet bumping up against the back of the armchair. He growled at the unexpected change of position, pressed his hands to the floor, and tried to whip his head around to glare at his one-time butler.

"What's the meaning of th–" he began, only to cut his speech off when Sebastian shifted forward in the chair while simultaneously easing him down along his lap, until his upper body was resting chest-down against the older devil's shins. "Hey, what are you doing…?"

He gasped, and then inhaled sharply when Sebastian swiftly and very nimbly caught his saliva-coated prick right between his knees and held it there.

"Aaaaaa… Sebastian…" Ciel hissed nervously. "What the hell…?"

"Behave now, or I'll squeeze my knees together."

"Don't you dare, you bastard – don't you fucking dare… ah-h-h-"

Those wicked knees gripped his cock a little more tightly, and Ciel's breath issued forth in a stutter. He couldn't remove himself from the lap now that he was effectively trapped by one small but very sensitive part of his anatomy. As he considered his limited options, his sputtering plume of breath hitched sharply when he felt Sebastian prying into the crevice of his arse with the fingers of one hand, while those of the other hand lightly traced lines and circles on his scrotal sac. Those hands had very considerately rounded their usual sharp claws through magic into blunt nails so as not to inflict unnecessary harm on him.

The older demon had slicked the fingers of his prying hand with some moisture – whether it was saliva or some other diabolical substance Ciel had no idea, and he didn't care once the hand caressing his balls sent him into a tizzy with its gentle manipulations, and the tip of another finger pressed up against the tight opening between his nether cheeks, circling it with the clear intent of exploring further. His immediate instinct was to pull away as he had not gone quite so far even with Alois, but drawing away by pushing his hips into Sebastian's knees also meant that he was thrusting his prick between the pair of leather-clad joints that held him so snugly…

Damn, but that felt good.

Sebastian's probing finger, however, had followed his butt forward, and now that he wanted to pull back so as to thrust his cock forward again between those amazing knees, he found that he would be pushing himself back onto the finger.

Damn, damn, damn.

Gingerly, he inched back a fraction, easing his body over the very tip of Sebastian's extended finger, blushing as he did so. It was only a quarter-inch or so, hardly anything to fuss over, but the finger moved with him as he thrust forward, so that when he moved back again, he had to take in a little more of it. Perhaps if he'd still been human, he would have felt discomfort or even pain; but as a young devil, he had a resilient and extremely responsive body, and this was starting to feel pretty interesting.

"Do you like this?" Sebastian murmured, enjoying the view immensely.

"Mmm… you're not half-bad," Ciel muttered breathlessly.

Sebastian left off fondling his balls and smacked him once on the bottom, telling him: "No Faustus-style bullshit from you, now. I'm good at this and you know it."

"Ow!" Ciel protested uselessly against the single spank.

Sebastian slicked up another finger and introduced the double-tipped thickness to Ciel, who groaned with pleasure and mild tension as the sleek digits entered about an inch at the same time as he thrust forward. He was obliged to take in about an inch-and-a-half of them when he pushed back, and soon they had a good rhythm going, Ciel pounding the narrow gap between Sebastian's knees while working his nether orifice in and out over his fingers, and crying out as he shifted in each direction.

"You're almost there, Ciel," Sebastian whispered, feeling himself growing rock-hard as Ciel transferred his left hand from the floor to grip his guardian's left boot, giving himself more leverage and a change of angle. Sebastian took the opportunity to locate and caress the demon equivalent of the prostate gland within his ward, and the effect was instantaneous.

"Hah… ahhhhhhh…!" Ciel gasped, his cries growing frantic and higher in pitch, until he was thrusting at a furious speed, an alteration of pace which was at last capped by the expulsion of seed from his body right onto the floor, splattering over the sides of Sebastian's shiny boots.

He cried out twice more in vague tandem with a brace of slow thrusts between Sebastian's knees, then slumped limply over the older devil's long legs. Sebastian gently withdrew his fingers from him, shifted his knees to release his prick, and lifted Ciel back into a sitting position on his lap.

"That was really bloody good, you sick bastard," Ciel mumbled, tilting forward to rest his head on Sebastian's shoulder.

"I thought so too," came the smug response. "You certainly are less frigid than you used to be – I shall definitely arrange for more stays for you in the spider's household."

"I have a feeling he'd rather have you sleep over now, after that spectacle in the rock garden," Ciel slurred against Sebastian's neck.

"Well, he's not having me," the guardian said with absolute confidence. "But I think it's time for me to have you – properly. While you're right here on my lap."

Ciel drew back and peered down at Sebastian's crotch, which was bulging under the skintight leather.

"You'll have a job doing that, considering what you're wearing."

But Sebastian seemed unperturbed, and Ciel soon understood why when he leaned forward and said to him: "It won't be a problem. I've finally been won over by the all-essential zip fastener."

"No kidding."

"No. It's stitched invisibly into the fabric, but it's right… here."

Sebastian pinched something small between his thumb and forefinger, and a clean zippered line opened, all the way from his throat to between his legs. It released his erect member, which was of rather impressive girth, and Ciel's eyes widened.

"Oh…" the youngster whispered, not taking his eyes off it.

"Will this be a problem for you, Ciel?"

"N-no, I don't think so. But just one thing first, before we carry on..."

"What is it?" Sebastian asked, straining to proceed.

Ciel leaned over the side of the armchair and felt around for something on the floor, muttering: "I just want to see if it'll look any cuter with..."

The next moment, he popped upright again, flourishing one of the rainbow socks.

"...with this."

And without so much as a by-your-leave, Ciel slipped the colourful sock over Sebastian's cock, then sat back to admire the effect.

This time, Sebastian really wilted.


Later on in the night, Sebastian stirred in Ciel's bed and wrapped himself even more tightly around his ward, who was sound asleep. This was better than cats. The older devil smiled in contentment as he took a deep breath of the young one's scent – the real thing was here in his bed now, no more need to resort to pillow-sniffing.

His smile broadened when he thought of how his prick had deflated in reaction to its being clothed in rainbow hues. How Ciel had chuckled non-stop at that! Sebastian should have been annoyed, but instead of being angry, he found himself pleased to let him sit naked in his lap and laugh, for genuine laughter from the last Earl of Phantomhive had been a truly rare commodity since they had first met.

After indulging himself thoroughly in mirth at his guardian's expense, Ciel had recovered his composure, save for a hiccup or two, and quite diligently worked with his hands and mouth – as Alois had taught him on a few of the nights they had spent together – to bring Sebastian's wilted member back to full mast.

Then he had wrapped his arms around Sebastian's neck and let him push slowly and carefully into him until he felt completely filled up. After that, light upward thrusts from Sebastian matched by the rhythmic up-and-down motions of Ciel's slender hips had carried Sebastian to a tremendously satisfying climax, made all the better because Ciel, with that fresh round of stimulation, came a half-second later, completing their first real demonic bonding session. The young one had very naturally snuggled against his chest the moment he started feeling sleepy, and there in the armchair, they had napped with their arms wrapped around each other.

Upon waking from his nap, Sebastian had risen to his feet with a sleepy Ciel in his arms and carried him upstairs to his bedchamber. He had thought of taking Ciel to the master bedroom where he himself spent his resting hours, but decided at the last minute that the earl would probably feel more comfortable in his usual sleeping quarters.

So here they were now in the youngster's bedroom, surrounded by the cheerful garments that Ciel had finally dared to bring out of his closet and drawers. Sebastian shook his head in silence, wondering how he had ended up like this, sleeping with a cheeky little devil in a bedchamber littered with tacky clothes and accessories.

Hmm. Everything had to change at some point, didn't it, even for an immortal demon?

He gave the sleeping beauty beside him a kiss on the cheek, upon which it occurred to him that they had teased and petted and fucked, but they hadn't really kissed yet since they had returned together to the mansion earlier that day. It was kissing that had started all the recent trouble between them, and Sebastian wondered if there would be any improvement on that score in Ciel's opinion.

He didn't want to wake him right now, not when he looked so squeezable as he slept. He could wait.

In the meantime, he gazed around at the clothes hanging from every piece of furniture in the room and braced himself for the possibility that Ciel would never alter his weird taste in fashion. Maybe now that he had been accepted for what he was by his guardian, he would revert to his classic yet cutting-edge sartorial sense for which he had been much remarked in society in the Victorian era. Or perhaps he would remain stuck at the teenage phase for some time to come, with all its accompanying tastelessness.

Whatever happened, Sebastian would handle it as graciously as any well-bred devil could. Because it was what was inside that counted, even if it came attired in shocking rainbow hues. Speaking of which...

There were some pairs of socks on the table beside the bed, which Ciel had taken out a few hours ago to show to him. One of them was quite like the rainbow pair the earl had been wearing while he was fed his tiramisu in the armchair. Out of sheer curiosity, Sebastian reached out, picked up one half of the pair, and casually slipped it over his flaccid dick.

Now what in hell was so "cute" about that? He asked himself that question with a mental snort, looking at his dressed-up prick this way and that, and still not seeing anything lovable about it. Pricks should be bare when not sheathed by a lover's parts, proudly naked and undraped, glorious in their erect structure–

A most disrespectful guffaw interrupted his thoughts, and he whipped around to find Ciel, quite wide awake, laughing his head off all over again at the sight of his guardian contemplating a rainbow sock over his cock.

"It's entirely your fault, you know," Sebastian grumbled, whipping the sock off and tossing it across the room.

"You just couldn't resist it, could you?" Ciel howled.

"I'm sure you think it's terribly amusing," Sebastian huffed.

"I do," Ciel admitted, wiping the tears from his eyes with the back of his wrist. "That was a bloody priceless sight."

"If you say so," the older devil growled, pulling the younger one to him.

Ciel, still chuckling, circled Sebastian's neck with his arms again just like he had when they had had sex in the armchair. But this time, he pressed his mouth to Sebastian's, and tasted his lips, his tongue, the powerful scent of him.

"Mmm..." Ciel murmured against him at last, and this time Sebastian was sure the sound wasn't a judgemental "Hmm" in disguise.

The kiss went on for a gratifying length of time, till at last they drew apart, and the younger devil pronounced his verdict: "You're a really good kisser, Sebastian Michaelis."

"Why thank you, Ciel Phantomhive."

"I think I'll continue to take my lessons from you after all."

"I would be honoured to teach you all you want to learn, and more."

"I just wonder..." Ciel began.

"What?" Sebastian asked curiously.

"I wonder how you'll look with those Mickey Mouse ears on your head."

Sebastian blanched.

It would be all right, he told himself. It would all turn out sane and good and tasteful in the end, somehow. It had to. The youngster would grow out of this phase eventually – perhaps in about three hundred years, give or take a century...


Author's note: This is the point at which I feel this little story comes to a natural end. I shall in all likelihood leave it at this, unless I can think of a compelling reason to have another chapter. So if that doesn't happen, I'd like to thank you for reading it. I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I've enjoyed writing it!

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