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This is my first attempt at a fic that isnt Glee related!

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This is your life

She was awakened early that morning to the sound of her pager going off. It was so early that the morning light hadn't even thought about peeking through the curtains. Groaning as she rolled over, Arizona fumbled around on the nightstand for the source of the annoying high pitched beeping in hopes of silencing it. She eventually placed her hand on the small black box and lifted it over her eyes, barely opening them to see what was so important that she was being made to get up in the dark. However the three numbers that flashed along the tiny screen were enough to make her wide awake. 911. Sitting up, she threw the covers off of herself and stepped out of the security of her bed and into the cold of the darkened room. She heard Calliope stir next to her but the brunette didn't wake. Arizona was thankful seeing as her girlfriend had only been in for a few hours. She watched silently as Callie rolled onto her back and lifted an arm above her head, falling deeper into her well deserved sleep. Arizona smiled to herself and pushed the blonde hair from out of her eyes, walking around to the dresser and pulling out jeans and a shirt. She left a not for Callie so that she wouldn't worry when she woke up alone. Then, without even a shower or a cup of coffee, she was out of the door and on her way to the hospital.

She burst through the doors to the ER about ten minutes later, hers and Callie's apartment only being across the street, changed into her scrubs and ready for work. She saw the familiar faces of Owen Hunt, the on call trauma surgeon for the night, Miranda Bailey, Alex Karev, Lexie Grey and Jackson Avery along with a few assorted interns. 'Robbins.' Hunt called as he saw her coming, jogging over to him with Alex at his back.

'Owen,' She greeted, tying her hair up into a ponytail even though a few curly strands always managed to escape. 'What have we got?' She queried the page at three in the morning.

'Family of five in a small vehicle, rear left side collision with a food delivery truck.' He informed her, all of the surgeons going out into the waiting bay and getting ready for their patients arrival.

'Okay, so what do we know for sure?' Arizona asked, turning to Bailey who had a sad look on her face. 'Bailey, what?'

'Four of them are children.' Miranda informed her.

'Four?' Arizona repeated to make sure.

'Yeah, the paramedics called from the scene. Male driver, who we assume is the father. A teenage passenger in the front seat.' Owen gave her all the facts.

'And the three in the back?' Arizona looked at him with pleading eyes.

'All under the age of ten.' Alex finished for him.

'Well what were they doing driving around so early?' She wondered out loud.

'We don't know, we weren't told much. Only to be prepared.' Owen said, only breaking his eye contact with Arizona when the sound of sirens could be heard coming closer. 'Okay, I want Avery and Grey to take care of the father who will be in ambulance one. Karev and Bailey, ambulance two will be carrying the teenager and then Robbins.' He turned back to her and she nodded. She didn't need him to tell her that they would be taking care of the three young children, she only hoped that their injuries weren't that bad. 'Everyone take your interns with you, and interns,' He turned to them as they flocked in the background. 'Try and be useful, do not get in the way.' As soon as Owen had finished handing out orders the first of the ambulances came around the corner. It screeched to a halt next to the emergency room doors and immediately a paramedic pushed open the back. She pulled out a man on a stretcher and began talking as Avery and Lexie went over to them.

'Simon Walker, forty-nine, mild concussion with a severe laceration above his left eye. Conscious upon arrival but slightly panicked so we gave him morphine for the pain and to calm him down. No signs of further injury.' Said the paramedic.

'Thank you.' Owen walked up to her as Mr Walker was wheeled off by his doctors. 'Do you have any information on the other victims?'

'Only that Mr Walker is the most healthy.' She replied, Arizona's heart falling at the realisation that she had a good chance of loosing at least one child tonight. 'The truck struck the rear left of the car, Mr Walker being the furthest away from the impact and obviously the least at risk.'

'Okay,' Owen nodded, the paramedic getting back into her rig and heading off. No later than a few moments the second ambulance came speeding around the corner, the teenager. Bailey and Karev got in position as the doors opened and revealed another stretcher, this time occupied by a smaller person.

'Jamie Walker, fifteen, several large lacerations to the face and left arm. Stabilised in the field but hasn't re-gained consciousness.' The paramedic said as he got out of the rig. The boy was unconscious as Alex got to him, looking over the boy and seeing more injuries.

'What caused the damage to his leg?' Alex asked, lifting the blood soaked sheet that was covering him.

'It was crushed when the truck made impact, it swung around and basically bashed in the entire left side of the car.'

'Page Torres.' Owen ordered, seeing the severity of the boys leg wound, they needed the best.

'Okay, we're in bay three.' Karev informed Hunt as he and Bailey wheeled the boy through the hospital doors.

'Owen, she's had a long night, can't you get Sloan?' Arizona pleaded, wanting to make sure Callie wasn't over working herself. But before he could respond the third ambulance was stopped in front of them. Two paramedics got out with distressed looks on their faces as Owen and Arizona stepped up to the rig.

'What have we got?' Owen asked as the kids were pulled out of the ambulance.

'Natalie and Sarah Walker, eight year old twins. Natalie was on the left side of the car so suffered the worst of it. Unconscious at the scene, with multiple face, neck and arm lacerations. Possible crushed pelvis and left leg. Her abdomen was rigid upon exam. She coded once on route but we were able to revive her, pulse is weak but steady for the moment. Sarah was on the opposite side of the car. She has a severe concussion, broken right wrist from impact and neck and back strain from the force of the collision.' Arizona stopped and looked down at the twins. Both unconscious and fighting for their lives. Natalie's face was covered in blood and Arizona could barely tell where she was injured.

'Okay.' Owen said, breaking her out of her trance. 'I've paged Sloan and Sheppard and a heard of interns, we need all hands on deck and Robbins I need you to take care of the youngest one.'

'Yeah, okay.' Arizona nodded, swallowing harshly as she watched Owen wheel the twins away before turning her attention to the second paramedic who emerged from the ambulance. 'Oh my god.' She whispered as soon as she saw him, wheeling out a small gurney with a tiny body on it.

'Nicholas Walker, eighteen months old. He was in a car seat between the two girls.' The paramedic informed Arizona but she found that hard to believe. She had never seen so much blood on such a small child.

'Wasn't he strapped in?' She asked, not being able to take the panic out of her voice as she stepped up and looked over the tiny human.

'He was strapped into the car seat, but the car seat wasn't strapped into the car.'

'What?' Arizona looked away from the child and up to the paramedic, as much sadness in his eyes as there were in her own. What kind of parent forgets to strap their child safely into the car.

'He was gone when we got to the scene but we brought him back. He has a pulse, barely, massive head and abdominal injuries which caused him to code once more on the way over but he came back.'

'Erm, right.' Arizona acknowledged him but was trying to figure out what to look at first. There was so much blood. She wheeled the gurney through the doors with the help of her interns and saw April manning the pit. 'Kepner, Kepner I need you over here.' She shouted, wheeling the child into bay five with April running in behind her.

'Oh Jesus.' She said, covering her mouth with her hand as she watched the scene in front of her unfold. Arizona was covered in blood, and all of it from the small child on the table in front of her. The interns were trying their best to hook the child up to the machines but he was so tiny and it was hard for them all to manoeuvre at once.

'I know April but I need your hands. There's too much bleeding so I need you to help me locate the source.' Arizona ordered, the resident just standing there in shock. 'April!' Arizona shouted, snapping her out of it.

'Right, sorry, erm, okay..' She mumbled, moving towards the table and going over every inch of the child's body. He hadn't moved since Arizona had gotten her hands on him, the beeping of his heart monitor slowing as she frantically tried to stop all of the bleeders. April gently moved round to the back of his head and noticed a large amount of the blood was coming from there.

'Doctor Robbins.' She said nervously as Arizona joined her.

'Damn it, he's bleeding out too quickly.' She looked back up at April. 'Get Sheppard in here now.' She said, watching as Kepner hurried out of the doors to find the neurosurgeon. As soon as she did Nicholas flat-lined. 'No, no, damn it!' She shouted. Moving around to his side and started compressions. 'Come on, come on little man.' She pleaded. Her eyes filling with tears quickly as she realised there was nothing more she could do. Minutes passed as she tried everything she could to bring him back, but it was no use. She heard the doors open as April returned with Derek but she didn't look up. Most of the interns and nurses had stopped moving, only Arizona was left trying to resuscitate the child.

'Doctor Robbins.' April said gently, but the peds surgeon did not look up.

'Arizona.' Derek spoke softly, moving around to the other side of the room. He placed a hand on her shoulder but she didn't stop. 'Arizona, he's gone. You need to call it.' He said sadly.

'No, no I can't…' She whispered, focusing on counting in her head.

'Arizona, there are other children out there who need you. Sometimes you have to let them go.' He whispered, a tear falling over her cheek as he did so and she finally stopped. She looked up at the clock and wiped the tear from her face.

'Time of death, three twenty-seven am.' And with that she walked out of the room and back into the chaos.

'…This is yourself. Falling away. You reached for the sun. Afraid of the day. Quit counting your tears. You're here in the world. And this is your life….'