Enter the Shattered Universe – Warmonger

Written by: Specter06


I do not own, any of the original Titan A.E. characters nor the Titan universe. Those are all the property of 20th Century Fox. The ideas of most of the other universes are also property of their original creators. This story is based on both real facts, from the Titan A.E. movie and novels and fan-based creations I once found lingering around on the internet. These fan-based facts like species, races and planets are not my property, belong to their original creators and were once used in fanfictions and roleplay back in 2000. I want to thank the people whoever they are for their contribution to the underdeveloped Titan A.E. universe. I have the deepest respect for their creations and I don't want to misuse them by claiming them as my own.

The views expressed in the interviews and commentary are solely those of the individuals providing them and do not reflect the opinions of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, its parent affiliate or subsidiary companies.

A word from the Author:

Figured it was time to do another one of these again. For most people an adventure as huge as this is a once in a lifetime experience. Lucky for me it wasn't, though now at the end of it I don't consider myself lucky anymore. Lucky is not the word for it. After everything that happened my opinion changed completely. I was there when people slowly started losing hope, fearing it wouldn't end until everything was destroyed. I've documented it all of course. That's my job as a reporter and a writer. The Titan A.E. universe is still like a piece of Swiss cheese, riddled with holes leading to other dimensions and realities. The things we could discover and learn while exploring these alternate realities... There's just no word for it. The possibilities are endless. If there wasn't so much hate and fear for everything that's different in the galaxy, they could've started already. But me? I'm just writing and carefully following everything that happens, interviewing people and filing every event. Some of the interviews, taken on three different worlds are on the following pages.