"Lonely Women Do Make Good Lovers"

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Disclaimer: I do not own the Total Drama series. This takes place several years after Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, and this is my first fic featuring the new characters. First of all, it's all about Anne Maria and Lightning, two of my new favorite characters. All of these chapters will focus on one date. Enjoy.

Chapter 1: Just An Ordinary Day

"Geez...what a life I lived so far..."

The voice was heard as a certain Jersey Girl sat among a bar looking a bit tired after a very long day. No one knew what she was basically up to so far.

Those sad eyes of hers which covered that breathless purple eye shadow that she possessed, a very sexy busty figure, and a caring smile that could melt a guy's heart even a mile away. The look on her face just said it all. Just nothing but rejection and depression all rolled up into one. She was just like this after the season had ended very long ago.

Quite frankly, it turned out to be Anne Maria, one of the most prettiest ladies ever to step onto the face of this earth. Or perhaps, that's how she looked at it. She had a hard time finding the right guy who would just share her interests really much. There just happened to be Mike, the first guy that she liked. Of course, she really didn't know that their secret relationship was hurting another one of her teammates, Zoey. But as fate knew it, Anne Maria just seemed to forget all about him. Not to mention, he just acted stone cold weird.

Next man that was fresh across her mind was Ezekiel. The way that Ezekiel was trying to make only one perverted move on her and giving her all these expensive gifts, including one hell of a pricey diamond. She was a little bit flattered to say the least, but just not too much. This was just gift enough to make her quit the show entirely. They seemed to be dating at first, but Ezekiel just seemed to forget her anyway. He didn't even call or write, not to mention, reach her on facebook. She felt like she was just pushed aside.

This made Anne Maria depressed as hell simply put it.

But she just had to move on without Mike or Ezekiel destroying her thoughts.

It wasn't until Anne Maria had enough money to move into a fancy apartment in the hills of Jersey, where she wouldn't be disturbed from all the raucous small talk that felt all around her. She just had to put on the bravest face she had. But unfortunately, just not too brave just to make her happy. Having to live a life without love made her lonely as she could be.

But that all changed when someone stepped back into her life.

This all started when Anne Maria was busy as hell trying to search all over her text messages. Not even one guy responded right to her with such a compliment. She had now turned 21 years old, and she still looked her prettiest as when she stepped into the island. But with every passing moment, her beauty just seemed to fade away, almost. One of the bartenders, Mr. Creighton, soon approached her.

"Busy looking through the old phone I see. I know what it feels like..." Mr. Creighton replied as he was busy shining up a glass. He was pretty much a guy in his late 30's. The bartender knew he was just concerned for her and such.

"You don't get it...that's like the seventh guy who stood me up. I swear...I'm getting a little sick and tired of being the other girl aside. A little wine on the rocks please." she said acting so fed up and putting her phone away.

"Sure. Besides, I've known your father ever since the Gulf War, and not once in his life, when he was your age, no one had the decency to stand your father out in the middle of his dates." Mr. Creighton replied, as he brought out the bottle of his finest wine coolers and poured a glass for Anne Maria.

"Yep, go to dad that killed me." Anne Maria replied as she took her drink, which happened to be a strawberry wine cooler, and took a sip.

Meanwhile, her right ear soon listened to a report on ESPN so far. The screen showed Erin Andrews with a certain someone from her past.

"Thanks for the report Chris, with me right now is perhaps one of the hottest running-backs and maybe one of the hottest prospects ever to enter the NFL Draft. I'm talking about "Lightning" Lewis Stevenston, which he just appears to just be pumped as ever. Just how exactly pumped are you?' Erin said right to the energetic athlete.

"Are you kidding, I'm just pumped as ever! I just signed myself a 5.5 million contract to any team who drafts me in the first round! I'm so pumped that Lightning feels like he's on Cloud Nine tonight, baby! So anyone who's watching this at home, you better be prepared...because when thunder rolls, Lightning strikes! Sh-lightning!"

"Well, you definitely are a delight. I hope everyone in the NFL will be watching you the first time you step into a field. You have any idea which team you may be playing on?" Erin asked Lightning once again.

"I think I see myself as one of those Minnesota Vikings, but I feel comfortable being in the mighty San Diego Chargers! And with my skills and tendency, I can easily make them go to the Super Bowl faster than overnight delivery, baby!" Lightning exclaimed in glory.

"Well, let's just hope that happens. And that's message enough for me. Back to you, Chris." Erin said right to the camera. Mr. Creighton let out one hell of a chuckle. Anne Maria was just a little too factoid from this.

"Now there's a guy who tells it what it is. He fast, he's quick, and he knows how to get the ladies to get to him. Which reminds me...how come you never came attracted to him in the first place? Somehow, when I watch your show, you always seem to be hanging around with that scrawny Mike kid for God-knows-what." Mr. Creighton said right to her, shining another glass.

"Well, Mr. Creighton...don't get me the wrong way. Lightning's a pretty handsome guy and he's good-looking and all, not to mention a little cocky...but I sorta have my limits with guys, you know what I'm sayin'? Plus, me and Mike are just friends. Sure it was just a little crush, but that's all over now. Sometimes, it's just logical for me to move on now. Besides, I can get any man I can just get my beautiful hands on. It's simple as that." Anne Maria spoke again as she took another sip of her strawberry wine cooler.

"I guess I won't blame you for that. After all, it's your life and I can't get in the way of love. Besides, if you we're actually with Lightning instead of those arrogant guys who stood you up for no reason whatsoever, you might actually feel something from him." the bartender said once again as he started to put up the shot glasses.

"Yeah...but I'm pretty sure that's the wine coolers talking and all. Oh, I gotta go to the bathroom so bad...can you hold my drink for me, just in case that no one steals it?" Anne Maria replied as her voice of tone started to panic, therefore leaving her seat on her way to the bathroom. The bartender agreed to have no one take her drink.

She happened to make it just in time. However, only 20 minutes had passed, and Anne Maria had finally made it out of the bathroom unscathed.

"Ohhhhhhh...man. I'm starting to feel woozy now..." she spoke like she was feeling drunk. Of course, she just had one drink of her wine cooler, which didn't make her drunk enough. Just sitting on a toilet made her whole body lazy.

As she was about feet away from the hallway, she just happened to get knocked down lightly by a bathroom door, basically from the men's room.

"Ooof!" she yelped as Anne Maria fell right on her Jersey ass like a pillow. The man soon noticed her like this and immediately offered his hand to her. Of course, it bothered that she didn't even looked who offered to help her up.

"Holy crap, I am so sorry, I didn't see you there! Please apologize, I don't pay attention to what I do." the male's voice crept on her ears. It just sounded so smooth, so enlightened, and just so cocky. Although, not a little too cocky.

"It's okay. You didn't mean it..." Anne Maria replied as the male figure offered her hand and got the Jersey chick right back on her feet. "Thanks..."

"No problem, Anne Maria. I do what I can to help." he said once again as she finally opened her eyes. When she did, Anne Maria's heart just skipped a beat. The figure had a bolt around his neck, a football jersey with the number 1, and those killer platinum earrings he had around his ears. The figure smiled aright at her as if he hadn't seen her around for several years or so. Her voice now seemed to come out of her irresistable lips.

"Lightning?" she replied.

Wow...this is gonna turn into something interesting...

How will their encounter be like? Will it go very well?

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