"Lonely Women Do Make Good Lovers"

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Chapter 4: Bar Room Rumble

"Well...we're here...Ultra John's pool hall...the finest establishment..." Lightning said as escorted Anne Maria inside.

She couldn't believe this whole place looked more like an old Wild West saloon, except everything felt more high tech than usual. I mean, there was a whole collection of booze even she hadn't even seen. Anything from the usual beer, to every kind of tequila, whiskey, and even the old pina colada and the fruit flavored alcohol there was to shake a tail feather at. But either Lightning and Anne Maria weren't in the mood to drink.

"Well...looks alright...feels alright...I think this might work..." Anne Maria replied, being impressed by the atmosphere so far. As she was looking around...

...there seemed to be two patrons bursting out of the bathroom, fighting like two rabid dogs. Anne Maria was spooked like a little kitten and just leaped into Lightning's strong arms. The two men seemed to be fighting over which beer was theirs. This fight kept going on until the well-built bartender, Ultra John, which looked pretty 40-ish, finally broke up the fight between the two drunks.

"Hey, stop it already...if you two are gonna fight, I suggest you do it outside! I forbid any fight that goes on here, and in front of the pretty lady as well." Ultra John said to the two drunks who finally left to the back to the bar and settled the rest of the fight.

Anne Maria was finally relieved, but then soon noticed that Lightning is holding her in safety. When she looked at him, she felt a little blush come straight through her cheeks. She even caught off whiff of that sexy cologne that Lightning was sporting. Her heart just skipped a beat when she felt it.

"Damn...he smells good." she thought. Realizing her mistake, she let go of him gently, still feeling a little blush on her cheeks. Ultra John then turned to Lightning.

"Lightning, my man...how's the number #1 rookie doing in my bar so far?" he responded happily, knowing in his eyes, he was looking at a future MVP in the works.

"Not much, man. I figured I go joyriding just for the fun of it." Lightning said right to Ultra John, giving them a pat on the back. The bartender then looked right at Anne Maria, who was trying to get a little blush out of the way. "Hey...hot little number you got. Is she your sugar daddy or something?"

"Not really. This is Anne Maria, one of the contestants I met up on Revenge of the Island." Lightning responded, as he introduced him to the hot Jersey girl. Ultra John was impressed by her appearance.

"Really? It's nice to meet you! And here I thought you'd be with that skinny Mike kid." he smiled at her with such a warm handshake.

"Thanks...you've got a pretty warm grip yourself." she giggled, letting the blush go right away. The bartender took it very well.

"No drinks on us this time, me and the lady are gonna play a little pool if you don't mind." Lightning replied as he soon brought out a couple of pool sticks and the rest of the billiard balls.

"Sure. But hey, if you do decide to change your mind, all drinks you buy are all on the house." Ultra John spoke as he went back to his podium to serve a customer. Anne Maria soon went over to Lightning as he was busy polishing a pool cue.

"So...is that for me?"

"Well, it was gonna be mine, but I guess I can let you have this one. I'll see if I can find a song to play on the jukebox." Lightning spoke nicely as he gave Anne Maria the polished cue stick and went right over to the disco-styled jukebox. He then seems to feel disappointed. "Um, Anne Maria...there doesn't seem to be any techno in here for you."

"Oh...oh, well...just play anything, I wouldn't care." she said right to him, being bored and fiddling around with the cue stick. Lightning looked around for a good song, and his eyes bolted to a certain song that just felt so home. "I'm No Angel" by Gregg Allman was just that song.

"Okay, let's star-" he spoke as he turned around to face Anne Maria...who just happened to sunk in two balls. This was odd...how could she ever tell him she didn't know how to play when she already knew how? There was definitely a reason. "But I thought you..."

"That I didn't know how to play? It was already that simple." she spoke as she referred to the biker over there who set himself in the pool-ready stance. It was already certain that she learned so fast, firsthand. "So...you ready to play with me, big boy?"

Lightning displayed quite the flirtatious smirk. He knew that sweet talk wasn't gonna bring him down often.

"Mmmmmm...flirting won't get you anywhere..." he smiled devilishly as he grabbed a pool stick.

No I'm no angel
No I'm no stranger to the streets
I've got my label
So I won't crumble at your feet
And I know baby
So I've got scars upon my cheek
And I'm half crazy
Come on and love me baby

"All right, Anne Maria. Get ready to experience the power of greased Lightning!" He declared as he set himself in the pool-ready stance. He saw the perfect 4-ball as his target. He was like the single bolt of thunder waiting to strike down lethally.

He pushed his stick back in, and hit the white ball going right to the 4-Ball. But in unexpected fashion, the ball jumped into the green tile, not urging itself to get into the hole. Anne Maria saw this and just laughed her ass right off.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA! I guess the storm calmed down!" she laughed, making fun of the error that Lightning made. Of course, she didn't mean it exactly.

"Just an act of God. Just a little setback." Lightning said as he stepped aside, knowing it was now Anne Maria's turn.

So you find me hard to handle ... well ...I'm easier to hold
So you like my spurs that jingle
And I never leave you cold
So I might steal your diamonds ... I'll ... bring you back some gold
I'm no angel

She set herself into pool-stance position. Her eyes saw the two balls in target, the 8-ball and the 10-ball. Just like the heat-seeking Jersey missile that she was, she struck her poolstick hard, both knocking the 8-ball and the 10-ball right into the hole. Lightning couldn't exactly believe it.

"How do you like me now...?" Anne Maria said so seductively to him. Lightning saw through those seductive eyes that just spoke man-eater. He hated to admit it, but he just liked a woman who can compete to his kind. Anne Maria was definitely just that.

"You're really good..." he said so seductively as well.

No I'm no angel
No I'm no stranger to the dark
Let me rock your cradle
Let me start a fire with your spark
Oh come on baby
Come and let me show you my tattoo
Let me drive you crazy
Come on and love me baby

A few games later, Lightning was starting to lose at his own game. Somehow, he was just the guy who just only focused on winning. But since he was with the stunning jersey chick known as Anne Maria, he wouldn't mind one bit if he lost.

"Okay...I call this move right here, the Evel Knievel." she said to him as she brought out too pieces of tile which was made to look like mini-ramps. Anne Maria soon set herself up on pool-stance ready to strike. She just imagined the white ball as the late great Evel Knievel himself. She struck at it very hard, jumping over the row of balls and sinking the 4-ball. The only ball that eluded Lightning out of victory.

"Wow...you do really know your...stuff..." Lightning said right to her, but Anne Maria didn't notice that he was actually referring to her cleavage. That must be why he was looking at that fine cleavage while she was in the pool-ready stance.

So you don't give a darn about me
I never treat you bad
I won't ever lift a hand to hurt you and I'll always leave you glad
So I might steal your diamonds ... I'll... bring you back some gold
I'm no angel

"Hey, you rack up the next game, I gotta hit the bathroom." Lightning said to her as he put his pool stick away for a minute and hit the men's room.

While Anne Maria was busy lining up the balls in bowling-pin formation, a couple of bikers were busy checking the hot Jersey babe out. The way she was bending over with that fine ass of hers, these bikers were just nothing but perverts. They slowly got up their stools and went right to her. Anne Maria soon turned to the perverted bikers.

"Um...can I help you?"

"You look pretty hot. I never seen someone with such honkers like you." the biker said to her facedown. He had a black goatee, in which it looked quite similar to Alejandro, but only longer.

"Excuse me?" Anne Maria said, as her eyes bulged angrily feeling a little offended. The bartender, Ultra John, decided not to butt in, knowing that Anne Maria was capable of handling the situation.

"Oh, man...you are so hot...I'd bet you'll look real hot without your clothes on..." The large biker said looking at the Jersey girl with such lust. He even licked his lips at the front of her. She felt a little disgusted.

"You're such a perv-Hey, let go of my hair! You're hurting me!" She yelped helpless as the goatee-sporting biker decided to pull a tug of her beautiful hair. He lent out just an evil laugh to Anne Maria, who now felt a little afraid to say the least.

"Don't worry, little lady...I won't bite. Now...give me a kiss..." the biker said down to her smiling half-heartedly. Anne Mraia felt like she was gonna cringe from the waist down. She swore that she passed something else inside her as well.

But as the biker started to pucker up, someone tapped his shoulder from behind.

"Excuse me..."

"Yes?" the biker said turning over.

The figure just turned out to be Lightning as he took a beer bottle and broke it on his head, therefore letting Anne Maria's beautiful poufy hair go and ended up unconscious on the floor. All the bikers, in which there was 7 of them, all stood in fear. Anne Maria was just so relieved that Lightning came to her help just in time.

"You alright?" Lightning said, being a bit concerned.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Lightning, watch out!" Anne Maria shouted as a skinny biker charged after him, but to no avail. Lightning saw just in time and just flattened him with a hit to the skinny gut. He just went down just like the goatee-wearing biker did.

All the bikers stood in fear once again, but what Lightning just did to those two bikers just now, they weren't going away.

"Okay, boys, get them!" One of the bikers said out loud as Lightning and Anne Maria were about to be ready for a fight.

The other skinny biker decided to pull out a knife at Anne Maria, she saw this firsthand and dared to slash her one by one, but she wasn't affected. Luckily, she dodged the swipes, grabbed his arm and sent him tumbling. Not to mention, she ended up breaking the biker's arm as well. It was somehow Brock Lesnar-like.

Another biker, which he had a full grown beard all over his face decided to come at Lightning with his full grown leather-wearing fists. He threw out his fists, but Lightning evaded, and grabbed the pool stick just in time to beat the biker down with a feisty combo.

The two other bikers decided to go full-lunge on Anne Maria. They approached her slowly and smirking, thinking that this was gonna be easy. She soon noticed this and went down on the two bikers...only to perform a split/Johnny Cage-like style ball crunch into them. The two bikers definitely felt their voices reach Bee Gee-style proportions as they soon tripped and feel right on the floor. Anne Maria wasn't done yet with those two large bikers yet. She ended up performing a dragon stomp on both of them, Bruce Lee-style.

As the other biker looked in fear, Lightning and Anne Maria soon approached him cracking their knuckles, looking for the scared biker to give a beatdown to. Like the coward he was, he decided to run away...only to have collided with Ultra John's fist. Looks like the bartender still had extra fight left in him.

"Whoa! That was awesome!" Anne Maria replied, feeling impressed by the hit that Ultra John gave to the biker.

"Hey, I might be a retired boxer, but that doesn't mean that I still have a lot of fight left over in me." the bartender said as he went back to polishing a glass.

"That's impressive. Well, we gotta get going...sorry if we sorta broke your stuff." Lightning apologized to the bartender, not knowing that they did minor damage.

"That's quite alright. I got ya covered. You take care now." the bartender said to them as Lightning and Anne Maria left the bar only to realize that the damage would be coming out of the biker's wallets. Ultra John looked down on both of them angrily. "Well...you bikers know pretty damn well who's gonna pay for this..."

The bikers soon groaned in defeat, humiliation, and pain all rolled up in one.

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